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Found 4 results

  1. Darkshadow86

    United CV Community

    Anecdote: I've been silently looking around the forum for a bit, and I've noticed a pattern. That a lot of boisterous players see the CVs and either scream boogyman or a grim reaper. Which, to me, was confusing. I would look onto the cv forum to see what this "boogeyman" player base was, and it was a bunch of people who're are along the lines of "wargaming changed strafing planes by 1.3% this means that..." that isn't the warmongering tribe, I was lead to believe exists. That had made me ponder a genius idea. The Idea: We as a small CV community should come together, and find out what makes people so scared and distrustful of CVs, analyze, maximize whatever is the cause for such a legendary folktale and use it to prop up CV players. Let's find what people hate, maybe its a certain strike strategy, or a specific form of attack that is always successful, or it could even be a certain time frame to where a CV becomes 80% safe yet still a gigantic threat to the enemy team, by maybe rushing close to an island for a quick plane recovery and fast strike time. I don't know, but that is what we're all here to find out. So let's share common stories, most known rants about CVs, complaints and turn them to our advantage. Let this be the forum hub that becomes a hive of information and helpful advice for fellow CV players. Together, we can become the threat that they all perceive us to be. Rebuttal: Some people may say, "what do you know? You only have 1,000 battles. You will learn more through playing the game." That's the beauty of this post, this isn't about me sharing what I know with others, but the CV community coming together to share everything they know to become a more compacted and stronger community. Less every CV player for themselves, and instead every CV player, let's make this work together. Entirely unrelated Rebuttal: My battles are also low since I'm focusing on getting my degree in a few months, graduating, and hopefully joining the airforce OTS. Why do I care: Cause I get tired of seeing unneeded hate on a community that doesn't even deserve it. So, we may as well make what they hate our strengths. Key Points: Let's work as a community. Use their anger to make our community stronger. Grow as a community. Share as a community. Combat hate as a community by using knowledge instead of flinging it back. Most people who dislike CVs don't even play them.
  2. Before anyone dismisses this as the usual DMG saturation... I provided the replay... You been advised (in other words, I am excluding DMG saturation in this case)... I'll keep it short without leaving out any value details... I am in a Kami in a tier 7 match, towards the end of the match... I torp a BB... I die... Boring so far I know... That is the summery of the battle... The details are as follows... Launch a full Kami salvo at the tier 7 BB (the new green Luigi Pasta BBs)... They all land.... He is still alive... How is that possible ??? I've watch the replay like 5 times already and the torps were spread out to not trigger DMG saturation.. Kami torps hit like a Russian horse... Sink any BB in its tier range usually, within 5 shots... This left me baffled, so I look at the Replay... In any other tier 7 BB, its a DEV strike... My theory ??? Power creep... Force by the "population and popularity" statistic variable explanation, from the RU Summit of 2019. How would you make BB popular with this variable ???A plausable explination would be By taking away the fear of the common threats they will face... Making torps DMG hit like pillow fists rather then an explosive ordnance. This is detrimental to the current DD (especially torp DDs). It reduces them to "PT Boats" then actual Destroyers... Here is the evidence collected... I even went to the training room to test my theory (or my frustration depending on your POV)on tier 7 BBs. Test subject of my theory... The Match in question. Time stamp on the replay The 7 min to 6:20 mark of the match. 20210312_215242_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay (No longer works due to the patch change). BTW The next patch is ready for advance DL RIGHT NOW! GL and HF
  3. This is not a CV whine complaint, but more of a discussion/reflection. IMO, CVs have to much disproportional influence, due to power creep of CVs. Because of this, it has changed the rules of engagement for certain ship sizes... As promised, I present a replay to one of many battles reflecting this aspect of the game.... I repeat the words of Mighty Jingles... "If a CV is caught not paying attention, sleeping or out of position... Why is it the DD driver have to be punished and not rewarded, by not being able to sink the CV or down his planes ?" Many will adapt to the change... But it doesn't mean, its fun or have justified disdain for the class. This is not only in the low and mid tiers, upper tiers its the same situation but more intensified. 20200606_233718_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay Remember, the replay will expire when the new patch comes into affect... If you have recording software you can post it again if you like. GL/HF
  4. anonym_auUiRfWCi1jI

    French Battleship Napoleon

    http://www.cityofart...leon_toulon.jpg (French Battleship Napoleon, 1852 portrait) The first purpose-built steam-powered battleship in the world, also known as "ships of the line", or commonly the "line of battle" would eventually be abridged to the now familiar "battleship". Severely frightened, the British Admiralty responded with major building of their own battleship to answer the French innovations. Career: Namesake: Napoleon I of France Ordered: 1847 Builder: Toulon Laid down: 1848 Launched: 1850 Commissioned: 1852 Struck: 1876 Specifications: Length: 234'5" Beam: 64'1" Draft: 24'6" Displacement: 5,120 tons Armament: 56 x 30-pdr 8 x 8.7" 14 x 6.4" muzzle-loading guns Hull construction: Pine and oaken plank on oak frame Iron bracing and transverse fasteners Propulsion: 2-cyl Indret geared engine (574 ihp) Shafted single screw Sale rig: Full 3-mast ship rig Maximum speed: 12.1 kts. Crew: 392 Endurance: 3 months worth of food 9 days worth of coal at full-speed Additional Ships: 8 more were built between 1851 and 1861. Steam Engines in a Wooden Battleship? The cutaway plan (Below) depicts how machinery was distributed in the bowels of a huge man-o'-war in the early days of steam. Those manning these boilers, known as engine room "monkeys" remained at the bottom of the shipboard hierarchy well into the 20th century. The Black Gang formed a kind of under-class in naval ships in those days, even the engineering officers being encouraged to form fraternities of their own and not to mingle with the deck officers. http://www.cityofart...r_louis_xiv.jpg