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Found 2 results

  1. Give them a separate consumable slot for DFAA. is is a much more comprehensive way to address the power creep they have experienced than buffing their reload, and makes them actually viable as AA cruisers again.
  2. I made a post about a week ago regarding the power balance of tier 10 DD, specifically asking for changes to Daring and Haragumo. It seems Daring has been adjusted, and I’m hopeful that Haragumo will see changes as well soon. As I’ve continued my grind on Grozovoi legendary mod I’ve learned how to play it much more effectively and I’ve realized how powerful the heal is for this DD. This got me thinking, maybe the key to balancing high tier DD is to give them all a heal. When high tier cruisers were struggling you recognized it and gave them all a heal. This was an excellent decision and really helped revitalize high tier cruiser gameplay. I think it could do the same for destroyers. Now I understand gearing and shima are very popular, so it might not seem like they need any help. I am just thinking ahead. The powerful gunboats: groz, Daring, and Haragumo are going to become more popular and could be the clear favorites in competitive environments. This will force the gearing, yy, shima, and even z52 to play more passive. What I really like about the heal on a DD is it allows you to play a bit more aggressive, and it really makes playing them more fun. It also makes them slightly more forgiving. Currently a gearing, if caught in the open near one of the “big 3”, will be lucky to survive, and if it does survive it will be forced to play very passive. With a heal, the gearing can continue to play as a DD should, on the front lines. Anyway, just wanted to share this. I hope you consider it for future adjustments to the game. Sorry if this seems a bit fragmented, im typing this on my phone while at work. :)