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Found 1 result

  1. This is just my opinion and suggestions for the current Ranked Battles, First and foremost, we need a system that limit's the " new kid on the block " meaning a player that has never played a Tier VIII as of yet in the game and maybe only has Tier VI ships from buying a Premium Tier VIII ship and then trying to play Ranked Battles with other players that may have or have not ever played in Ranked. Second, just because a player is at Rank 15 and has 200 battles under his or her belt does not make them a complement to a team in Ranked Battles. Third, Make a player earn the right and grind to play in Tier VIII or even Tier 9 Ranked Battles. That goes for Clan Battles as well, too many potatoe players. It get's really discouraging to play Ranked when you win one battle and lose the next 5 because of players. Thanks