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Found 1 result

  1. FirstDayAdmiral

    Why I love the game

    I have made enough posts that most know I am about keeping things fun and positive. I see negativity so I am going to add some positives and see if you relate. Heres my top 10 1. Even if you don't like some things about the ships, the matches are always fun because of the challenge. There's always room to improve. There's always a new style to try. Never-ending goal setting. 2. Content added regularly. I love the rate at which we get content. I myself enjoy ship releases and seeing what the art department comes up with. 3. The graphics for this age of a game is amazing. 4. Meeting new people. There might be a hub of trolls here. But in-game generally the chat is friendly and people are complimenting each other. I meet new people all the time and these typically are genuinely good people. WoWs draws a good quality player base. 5. Huge variety of ships to play or unlock 6. a Large number of free items given out. 3 free containers a day, combat missions, promo codes, free event bundles, hot pockets, and Capri suns. 7. In my opinion the perfect mix of simulation and arcade. You would not be here if the gameplay wasn't very addicting. The challenge brings a lot of smart strong-willed players. The funny part is, when you bring so many alphas together there will always be headbutting.For the most part, it's just the type of player that gets drawn to WoWs. Competitive, Strong-willed, Goal-oriented, Ambitious, I could go on. 8. Flags. I don't understand why. But the event flags I am nuts for. I love collecting flags lol. 9. I love the collections with the descriptions. WG works extremely hard to help you immerse into your favorite ships. Posting historical material/videos and explaining in massive detail the rich history of the real ships. What other company does that? 10. There's always a new challenge ahead. You have to adapt. Ships change, skills change, the list goes on. And I love that challenge.