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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been grinding the seattle for a little now and I struggle with positioning in her. I know I am supposed to "hump" islands but I find that in order to get to islands close enough to do damage to the enemy at high tiers where range is so great I often will get detected and then be walloped for half at least half my health. I dont want to move up to Wooster until I feel like I am better with the seattle as I dont want to be a drag on my team. PS I felt much more comfortable being able to position and causing damage to other ships in Helena (which i love so much) and Cleveland. I'm pretty sure this has to do with them being smaller hull ships and that the ships I faced had less armor so the 152s had more bounce to the ounce. Any tips would be greatly helpful I just dont seem to do as well in her on the TX maps. Thanks
  2. mark_in_missouri


    Where is the best place to sail when escorting a ship. WG has has become harsher about colliding w/ your allies however its still useful for cruisers to help protect BB & CVs from enemy aircraft/ DD. I seldom division w/ other ships but just pick out an allied BB or CV that's pretty much by themselves and has weak AA thus communication is very limited to non-existent.