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Found 21 results

  1. Does anyone know what the story is on the Sailing vessel in the Rio de Janeiro port? WG's art department is very good with little details and I'd be surprised if that is just some random graphic.
  2. This is my armoury, premium shop, Recruiting station, naval battles etc etc. for the last few patches, starting in May 2022. I had 0 issued with the In game browser before that, though i have heard of others having trouble over the years. I have disabled hardware acceleration, i have played with my DNS servers, and nothing fixes permanently. I opened a ticket with wargaming, and documented the issue with them, and did the dns and hardware acceleration thing with them again, and no change, or so i thought. But, it starts working now and again. sometimes for days at a time. but then it stops. and i go through all the magical changes , i also clear game cache and verify files etc. here is what i have noticed: if my game session goes on long enough, i haven't counted specific time, or number of games yet, to see if there's any consistency, but eventually, if i am logged in enough or play enough games, it starts to work. So, what is happening? I have read for years of complaints about slow port performance some people have, or in game browser issues that i have never had until this summer, and no setting seems to "fix it" but it i hang out long enough it starts to work. My guess, theres a file like a style sheet or something that gets corrupted and for some reason the game client cannot clear and fetch a new one properly, but if given enough time, or some process aligns it manages to clear and reload itself? but, its just a guess. i just know that a long talked about issue has finally hit me and the fact it works sometimes and not others is even more annoying than if it was permanently broken. I'm looking for feedback, from potential workarounds/fixes ( other than using my desktop web browser), any talk from teh devs about the issue that i did not find on this forum on my own. anything. thanks all
  3. I believe the fastest and easiest way to see and change the Economic Bonuses applied to a ship is from the new Economic Bonuses entry under the captain/ship summary in port. Here I've attached a screenshot of the system comparing two ships: For V. Cuniberti on the left there are Economic Bonuses applied. For Asashio in the center there are also Economic Bonuses. But which bonuses are using up Economy Boosters? That's not shown. Experienced players will see Asashio is a premium ship and assume the bonuses are derived from there. Great job! But if additional Economy bonuses are enabled on a premium ship it's still unclear which bonuses are due to premium status and which are from boosters. In the left most image I applied a border around the bonuses derived from boosters. Bonuses have color coding (gray, green, blue, red) for worst to best. Having an indicator like this makes it apparent when a bonus is applied without needing to check another screen before each battle.
  4. Because this bridge looks familiar: Also, the KMS Tirpitz in the background is quite noticeable from Himmelsdorf Hill.


    It was my understanding that if I researched Khabarovsk but did not actually purchase her that she would land in my port for free after the latest patch. (11.0) For good measure I also researched but did not purchase F Schulz. The patch is now installed and I am running 11.0 and no ships. Also, supposedly, Agincourt is supposed to be available for doubloons in the Armory as of the 11.0 patch? According to SLM on youtube? I don't see her in my armory for doubloons or anything else for that matter. What am I missing? Thank you, Jason
  6. _Rule_Britannia


    is there any possible way to remove this ship from my port? i was given it and I don't want it, i would rather have the port slot
  7. So I just got my new EVGA 3090 FTW3 hybrid in on RMA to replace my old one that was bricked by a power spike in wold of warships port after there latest bug update. Took the old card out put the new card in played some total war warhammer 2 just fine to make sure it works . Booted up world of warships just out of curiosity because “ I wouldn’t get a card with bad internals on a 1500$+ GPU a second time right” Nope as soon as the game loads into the port power spike. the game fried my second 3090 this is not a coincidence something it’s terribly wrong with the current build of the game
  8. I think it would be very cool if you could see the warships that your division mates have picked next to your ship in your port. Every player would see their division mates in their own port. You would also be able to see their signals, flags, and camouflages. Just a thought, I'm sure you guys can improve upon the idea.
  9. After the game was updated, I haven't been able to view the news feed from the port screen. I assumed this was temporary and would fix by itself, but it hasn't. I'm using the Steam version, and I've already tried the following: Verified integrity of files. Deleted mods. Deleted preferences.xml Allowed the .exe through Windows Firewall Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, and I don't know what to do. PS: I didn't make a support ticket. I don't think this is worth wasting their time if it's something that can be easily fixed on my end, and I just don't know how. EDIT: I'm in the NA server.
  10. World of Warships suggestions for consistency and ease of use: In the Armory, if I select, for instance, COMMANDERS and then select a commander, there is a <- Back in the top left corner which returns me back to the Armory. In the Armory, the ESC X is in the right corner to return to Port so I have to go from top Left to top Right with mouse to return to Armory with the mouse which is awkward. · SUGGESTION: put a <- Back or <- Port in the top left corner of each screen. I learned when the Memory Leak issue arose in 9.2.0 that many of the screens in the Port are really internal browser pages (Armory, Clan pages, Naval Battles, Tech Tree, and so on), · SUGGESTION: Where appropriate, enable the two Internet Back keystrokes (ALT+Left Arrow or BACKSPACE) so that I can use the additional button(s) on my mouse (which is Internet Back in Chrome, IE, Firefox) so I can just hit that button to navigate back to the previous screen or back to the Port.
  11. Levits

    Morse Code in Premium Port?

    So, I was just looking at my ships in the premium port and noticed something that kinda drew all of my attention away from them. In the port, there is a little light off to the left of the screen (Starboard side of the ships as they are facing you). It sits on top of a warehouse/building in the back and keeps flashing. But not just continuous, repetitive flashes. It's got long and short flashes and pauses between them. The more I stared at it the more I started thinking it's a little odd that the Devs would have it follow such a strange pattern. Being no good at Morse code, if anyone would like to translate the flashes, I'm overly curious if it's some kind of message or just something thrown in there to toy with me lol. I've tried to play around at translating but... "unknown letter/s", D,I,V,I,I doesn't make much sense to me either.
  12. Hi Weegee, can we get the ability to custom order our ships? It would work like this: So now, the ships will be ordered Nation -> Type -> Tier. For example, if you have a Yamato, Benson, Texas, and Iowa, the ships would be ordered Yamato, Benson, Texas, then Iowa, whereas before (if your display order was Nation, at least) it would be Yamato, Texas, Benson, and Iowa, which is, at least to me, not very neat and orderly. If you toggle "Recent Battle" it would order it in the ship you played last, like it does now, and overrides the other settings when active Also, while I'm here, can we remove the yellow discount tags that you get when in a clan? As can be seen larger tech trees, it starts to look very messy. On a somewhat unrelated note, did you know that clicking on the different nations in the tech tree tab will play a little jingle that's different for different nations, and even ports? For example, in the Philippines port, the Pan-Asian tree plays a gong. I don't know how long that feature has been there, but I just found out and it blew my mind. Back on topic, can we be able to reorder our ships how we want? Sincerely, A player with OCD
  13. So, now that we know that there is some sort of a hidden code or puzzle/easter egg on the new port, are there any people or groups of people trying to decode or solve the puzzle? If so, I would love to try to organize a discord or help other groups in order to solve this thing ASAP!
  14. MrSecondaries

    Port: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

    Just a suggestion for a future port. I'd really love to have the port of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA. I'd be cool to see Battleship Row back in its hay day prior to being attacked.
  15. A list of suggestions that would make things better in port, with missions, and with ships. Port: Display current ping in port, next to "players online" in the ESC menu if a spot is needed. Change "Combat Missions" button to a dropdown or popup menu, instead of going straight to "Events" -- no one needs to see Events dozens of times every time they play. Eliminate the "jump to far left" behavior in the ship carousel that occurs when marking or unmarking a ship Primary, coming out of some mission screens, etc -- it doesn't serve any purpose. Missions: Give players the ability to dismiss missions they have no interest in. This would eliminate the need for "opt in" missions, and would allow players to remove clutter and noise if they're not interested in things like the "Ships for Clan Battles" missions, Space Battles missions, other events and specials, etc. Ships: "Send to Scrapyard" option on special event ships like Space, Clan Battles "temps", etc, for those players who have no interest in those ships or events -- would just remove those ships. "Mothball fleet" for ships the player wants to keep but doesn't want in their main carousel -- see, the Dreadnought. I don't want to sell it and end up with another one later, but I don't want to see the useless hulk every time I play. Anyone else have suggestions along these lines? I'm sure I'm forgetting something I intended to add to this list.
  16. I'm not sure if I missed the information or not, but I don't know if it says anywhere whether the port is just here temporarily for the collab. Hopefully it can stay permanently. I really like this new port, lol. Pretty please, WG?
  17. WG, I am a model ship builder and personally would rather see my "collection" of ships in a sort of display or glass case view instead of an arcade port. Would'nt it make more sense to have a collection view? Would it encourage "collections" or "collectors"? Maybe even a choice of designing it? Museum view? You would be able to put your historical videos and ship history incorporated into it. This would give me a way to look at my ships close up in detail in a case or a shelf. I would be able to stand back maybe walk around my ships on display or see them on a shelf instead of this lame carousel.......blaa. Just an idea
  18. I have my Twitch account linked to my Login for Wargaming, am a Twitch Prime member, yet the port is still grayed out. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to link something in addition?
  19. Hey WG, can we have a way to dismiss missions? I have zero interest in any of the Twilight games, really hate them. Also, missions involving CVs I dont want either, I don't play them. They are just clutter I have to scroll through to find my progress on missions that I like. Can we just put a button on them to dismiss them?
  20. Hi all, Question and maybe support. Im not sure so I will ask the question first. In the past I have been able to purchase ships from the port with my gold. The only reason I buy it. Today I've been trying to purchase the Enterprise but the system gives an error everytime and says try again later. Will I've tried for several hours now and no luck. Is this a bug, is purchasing ships with gold disallowed now? Thank you for your time and replies. Tarran61
  21. Several of us have suggested a mothball fleet for ships we no longer play. I have a whole slew of T5s and T6s I don't play because WG destroyed those tiers by restricting the T4 MM, and T8s I dont play because I dont uptier well in them. I also have a slew of T3s and T2s I never play. Certain oddballs, like Blys, I have retired. Why not simply add a DESIGNATE MOTHBALLED to the menu that comes up when you right-click on a ship? The one that has SET AS PRIMARY SHIP, MODULES, SELL SHIP, etc. Then you could just add a filter to the port for MOTHBALLED SHIPS and when that is checked, you would not be able to see the ships in port, which would vastly reduce scrolling time for those of us with many ships in port.