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Found 9 results

  1. NoZoupForYou

    Pommern Final Review

    She's getting a lot of undeserved hate in my opinion. I find her to be a fun brawler. Good armor. Torps. Its like Tirpitz and FDG had a cousin.
  2. Yesterday's news said "last chance to obtain the Pomm & Loewen" that it won't be available after Sept 4... but it isn't 100% clear if that's just from the sale, or from the Armory too. No reply from @Hapa_Fodder yet for an official word on the thread about it... does anyone know for sure?
  3. TheGreatBlasto

    Pommern: Buy or Pass?

    This is an indepth look at the Pomeranian. It's probably the best review of it. While it sounds like it might be a fun ship to play, it's extremely limited in what it can do. In a nutshell, you have to invest everything you have in terms of upgrades and captain skills into maximizing the secondary. IOW, you are sacrificing everything else including the big guns. The problem is that you can sink her as long as you stay out of secondary range. HE CAs and CLs are particularly effective at burning them to the waterline based on my experience. So at this point I'm thinking of passing on her despite my love for brawlers. (I have Biz, Tirp, Mass, and Georgia, and four Russkie BBs) Anyhoo, take a look at the video if you're sitting on the fence.
  4. You've all seen this, right? I mean it's under the German Carriers Part 2. I do strive to complete these types of missions within the game. It provides impetus to play the game. Now I know you want to sell things... but mixing in mission component/step/whatever into the midst of a campaign for german carriers is well, really pushing it. Sure, you can call it whatever you want, but please avoid this in the future, 'kay? Cause like it or not, from my point of view, it's comes across as a "let's get those completionists with this one..." It grates on my nerves - yes, it does. I will NOT buy the ship just to complete this step. Nope.
  5. I write this because I just had a interesting battle which makes me confusing about what is the HP pool that Pommern's torp tube has. in this PvE battle, in the first wave attack from a Minotaur, my left torp tube gone, and I am really sure I just catch 1-2 shells from Minotaur bot. the standard AP damage of Minotaur is 3200, so which means my Pommern's torp tube HP pool is less than 6400. I am sure I have modification and skill to prevent torp tube damage, which means the base HP pool of Pommern's torp tube base is about 4000 or less! so here is the question: Pommern's torp tube hp pool even cannot take 2 shells (maybe 1 shells) of Minotaur, Is this a hp pool bug? or it's just has such low hp pool and make it such easy to be destroyed? if it is how it design, is this a kind of balance? My coal and those who bought it for real money just cost resource for this!? 20200814_191533_PGSB509-Pommern_47_Sleeping_Giant HP_Pool_of_TorpTube.wowsreplay
  6. What I mean is it's amazing how quickly you can burn her down with a cruiser. The trick is stay out side her secondary range. Since most people are now onto this the Pommerns don't last very long in most games. Little Known Fact: Pommern is German for "Pomeranian" which was Adolph Hitler's favorite breed of dog.
  7. Recent reviews of the tier 9 Pommern are mostly positive and claim that it is a fun ship. On the other hand, there are numerous threads complaining about how the same tier FDG sucks and is a pain to grind to GK. Judging by stats, Pommern seems to just be an FDG with similar armor, lower health, more but smaller guns, and some torpedoes. Both are close range brawlers with excellent secondaries and hydro. What makes the Pommern so much better than the FDG?
  8. Slava: Pommern: Speaking from statistical empiricism, when a ship is first released, she tends to attract the most enthusiastic players. These players have above-average gaming skills. For instance, Jean Bart had 111k damage/match on the first day of release in NA live server, which is 140% of her current 80k damage/match. If the 140% multiplier holds, then we can expect Slava's damage/match to converge towards 106k/1.4=76k, and Pommern's, 83k/1.4=59k. That said, based on my own opinion, Slava's current stats are already experiencing a saturated clientele effect, and is unlikely to revert to "the mean" so much. It may converge around 95k~100k instead. Meanwhile, Pommern is available for cash, Coal, and Doubloons, so her stats may actually revert as heavily as the Jean Bart, resulting in the 59k damage/match similar to that of the Tech Tree FdG.
  9. Since there's barely any worthwhile video on Pommern and how she handles, and a lot of questions on the forums on how the ship performs, here's a first impressions video on the ship and if it's worth the while. Hopefully it clears up some things for potential buyers.