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Found 16 results

  1. Simple question, simple answer. You may express the detailed reasons for your vote below.
  2. With 0.8.0, my dynamic crosshair stopped working. I get a scale, but the scale is fixed and doesn't change with distance. I note that all the dynamic crosshairs disappeared from 0.8 Aslain's pack. A new one has appeared but it merely changes the scale color. I've run repair. The Hotfix dropped. Still neither a fix nor an acknowledgement of a problem. Someone mentioned that theirs is working. What's the extent of this problem. How many are seeing it, or not? Did you have a problem before 0.8? Edit: Added a question about the target lock bugs.
  3. Carrier_Lexington

    CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    So, in anticipation of the upcoming CV rework, I've posted a poll for things I've seen discussed on the forums to see what you all want. Please, vote honestly as to where your opinion lies, and, if you want, post explanations/discussions/questions in the comments.
  4. There isn't a current poll up so I made one. Did my best to cover any player sentiment. Plus bacon!
  5. TitanAxios

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    The purpose of this poll is to gauge the community's response to the CV re-work in the 8.0 patch. Feel free to post feedback/comments on the CV re-work.
  6. It's been barely a week, yet with the amount that the CV rework has been discussed, it feels much longer. A common theme in many threads is how the game is bleeding players and how many people abstain from it. Others suggest a more patient path of giving WG some time to see the outcome of the rework, based on the reasoning that game balance will normalize in time and stop being in a state of flux. A question however remains. Provided WG is able to complete and present a satisfactory product that conforms to the aims they themselves set when starting with the rework, how long would you be willing to wait? While there is no guarantee that the final product will be necessarily good, in the end the playerbase is the lifeblood of the game so it should at least be acceptable by the majority. In this case and for the sake of simplicity time will be measured in monthly patches since this is where most of the changes will be located. Personally one part of me is pretty impatient and pessimistic. Another however wants to give WG some more time to develop their product and see where it goes from there. Looking forward to your opinions and a civil discussion .
  7. Kongo_Pride

    CV Poll Topic

    Feel free to fill in the questions/poll. Point is to provide data/feedback to WG/WoWS staff on where folks stand. If you have additional comments you would like to make such as; The CV work is great, but the change to Concealment/Gunnery Bloom should not have been included in such a game altering patch, add that as well. Thanks, and best of luck everyone! <edit> One of my questions disappeared completely. Weird. <edit>Added more options to Q2/3
  8. Xidax_Gamer

    Your outlook on stats?

    I'm a total potato, and I know it without the need for a spread sheet. I never even look at my own stats, much less anybody else's. You can't stat-shame someone who doesn't GAF. On the other hand, a lot of gamers live and die for status, bragging rights, etc. That's cool, if that's what floats your boat. Then there are the analysts, scrutinizing the minutia for arcane wisdom. How do you feel about it?
  9. ViirtualSenpai

    Stalingrad: Hot or Not?

    Keep it civil, I want to see what the public thinks of this new Balans Bote. Remember, we're all entitled to our opinions. But if you have one, back it up with proof. Thanks guys!
  10. legoboy0401

    New Control Suggestion

    I can't tell you how many times I'm in a Cruiser that has torpedoes in special covered areas, and I get them knocked out by a stray HE shell, only to find that the only reason that they were knocked out is because they were out (not in the stored position, even though I was firing my guns, NOT the torps, at the time, and I hadn't used them a single time the entire match), and thus were more vulnerable. Why can't we control this? It's frustrating. I want to be able to keep them in the stored(I.E, protected) position UNTIL when I actually want to use them! It's just such a waste. If you can't keep them in the stored position, and thus more safe from enemy fire, what's the point of having them covered in the first place? If you can't keep them in the stored position, of what good is it to you? You might as well have unprotected ones, which generally have better arcs anyway! Is this just a nit-picky personal preference of mine, or do you guys experience this problem as well? As always, comments are appreciated, and I look forward to your feedback! Also, there is a poll to answer this question as well. - Regards, Legoboy0401
  11. New one: current one (Obviously): older version: and the Oldest one: witch one is the best in your Opinion?
  12. Which ships are you hoping to purchase from the Premium Shop? Poll closes on 7/26/18 at 12:01am #rockthevote
  13. Commissar_Carl

    What Class do you Main?

    Just wanted to get a feel from the community as to what class of ship they like to play most and if most players "Main" a certain class. I have a bit of a theory that I want to get data on.
  14. Here you will find a poll regarding premium/permanent camouflages. Leave your thoughts below! I’d also like to add several open questions for the discussion: Would you change the perks of Tiers IV-IX camouflages to be in accordance with the benefits of Tier X camos and each tier’s economy? What are your thoughts regarding the benefits of Tier X camos? Are there any permanent camouflages you don’t like aesthetically? Which ones? Thank you for your time. ”Ad Astra Per Aspera” Phantom out.
  15. When the Arsenal, along with the new Coal and Steel currencies, is introduced the primary way to obtain coal or steel will be through daily containers. In order to do this, one of the three 'reward' slots will be given over to them. That means giving up 1/3 of your current container rewards in favor of coal/steel. [** see below] Do you think it is/will be worth it? Or bacon? Edit: ** That may over-state the effect on Containers. " Coal will drop from daily containers with a specific chance and will replace the contents of one of the three slots. Alternatively, it can drop from the Try Your Luck containers. " Apparently it will appear in one of the three slots, but at a random chance. So let this be a referendum on whether the new Arsenal has value for you.