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Found 9 results

  1. Help! How to Play the Blyskawica

    Hey guys, after a series of fruitless battles I am at a loss of how to play the Blyskawica. I bought her during winter break for the stealth firing, in which I did okay. And after focusing on bbs and IJN dds I came back to her this month. However, I am at a loss as to how to utilize her guns especially now that the stealth firing has been removed. So I ask the community of experts for help Actually I dont know how to play her at all anymore. Whenever I come up against a dd, whether if I spot em first or not, I cant trade dmg. Hell, I have sailed angled against IJN broadside dds and received more dmg, my guns and my ship just dont turn quick enough to trade shots. Plus whenever I get hit multiple modules break, so the minute Im outa smoke, Im dead. I have never had the same experience in my IJN or USN lines. Im just wondering if I need to change the playstyle of this ship to a more supporting position. Should I always be second in cap? or Not near cap at all, camping like 10 km back? What should I do if I accidentally charged against (theoretically same-tier) dds? They all have more torps than me, and besides the USSR line, can turn and accelerate much faster. Thanks,
  2. Polish Destroyer Line

    I have been doing a little research into polish destroyers in WWII and the 50s. I think there is real potential for a complete Destroyer tree in WOWs in the future. This way the Blysk wouldn't be alone . So far this is as far as I have gotten just some basic Wikipedia articles but there is definitely potential there. I would love for some of you to help me create a complete list that is properly aranged to propose to WG. I know they dont always listen to us, but it is worth a shot.
  3. Blyskawica-Still the best buy?

    Needless to say, Blyskawica is a very versatile and competent destroyer, and she's very much desired. However, facing several options, I wonder if she is still the best choice. I have enough resources to acquire Leningrad, Blyskawica and Hatsuharu. My playstyle if mid-long range artillery annoyence, late game close range surprises and destroyer duals. Any suggestions?
  4. Halp. Watched Jingles video of the USN Sims and the polish ship, I am leaning in the Sims but I am torn because both are fine but I can only get one and I am unsure of what I would be more successful in of the two as far as DD goes. Any good guides to compare the two?
  5. Was really enjoying the new national voiceovers in 0.5.8 until I sailed my Blyskawica and heard the old English voice. I know she's the only Polish ship in the game but surely you could've gone to the trouble of recording those couple dozen lines in Polish as well? I don't see the point in adding some of the nations while snubbing others. It was a nice idea that should be fully realized. P.S. I don't have, or know anyone who has, either of the Pan-Asian ships to know if they received their own national voiceovers either. If not, I'd suggest they get one as well.
  6. 5.3 update, how will you retrain?

    So I pilot a wide range of Destroyers, from gunboats to torp boats. Recently I decided that I have more fun with gunboats than torp boats, but I have a lot more experience in torp boats and with the 5.3 patch I may have to give the torpedo flingers a shot again. I'm thinking that survivability expert will be a key skill for dd at t4 but I could be wrong about this. Kagero has about 15k health, if she had say 18600 or so it would significantly improve her odds against a like tiered dd in a shoot out. However Fubuki would benefit even more so, as she only has 12,600 hp, if she had 15,800 that would make her borderline sturdy and a fantastic torp boat to boot. Blyskawica would benifit less I think as she is alreay a sturdy 15,500 for T7 and would gain 2800hp, still at 18,300 hp she would be nearly as formidable as a light cruiser for taking hits. All that said I think that different ships might have different training ideals. For Japanese line I think that Mutsuki to Shimakaze will want to get the new torpedo acceleration skill, losing 20% range for 5 more knots would be huge for most of those ships and almost over powered on Fubuki and Shimakaze. However Blyska and the Russian dd's won't want to get torp acceleration I think, even though it would help them for up close destroyer torp fights. I think my Blyska would be trained with the basic fire training, situational awareness, expert marksman, superintendent, advanced firing training and demolition expert, with no changes except mayybbe trading demo expert for surviveability expert. I am undecided on this one but it makes some sense to me. Fubuki would have situational awareness, torpedo armament expertise, torpedo acceleration, survivability expert and concealment. That would make her training a lot different but it feels right to me. I currently run advanced firing training though and I might miss that extra gun range. Will see. Also I think my Kagero will likely match Fubuki's training. What are your all thoughts with the upcoming changes? How do you plan on training differently, if at all?
  7. Best Blyskawicca games.

    Hey all, post your best games with your Blyska. I can't stop loving this ship since I got her. Its funny because originally I didn't see the point in her, but she is my favorite destroyer now! I began a T9 game tonight and thought I would have next to no impact on the game as a T7 destroyer. However decided I would follow my destroyer captain instincts and cap and defend points which DD seem to excel at. Usually in Blyska I am focused on setting fires, but on this map I did great as a capper. On a glacier filled map I capped B then headed to cap A. Japanese cruiser Mogami headed me off though and I ran away SE while launching torps at her, while requesting help from a friendly Pensacola and CV to protect me. I scored one hit with my third salvo of Torpedos on Mogami and the Pensacola started firing on Mogami. At this time I figured the Mogami had bigger troubles on its hands and perhaps unwisely opened fire on the cruiser with my 7x 120mm cannons. I set a few fires and distracted her, but she returned fire and hit me quite hard. Thankfully the Pensacola saved my tail and I could keep sailing and cap A. Our friendly CV found an AFK Fubuki which it sunk. I had the option of firing on it but decided it was not worth potentially giving my position away and felt like our CV had earned the kill. However at this time another Fubuki destroyer had been sighted 12k away from our carrier which was 30k from my position. I decided to protect the CV, engine boosting and heading back at 42 knots. I closed to about 9k and angled all 7 of my guns to fire on the Fubuki to get the first shot off. She never had a chance, three volleys later the Fubuki was down and the carrier was safe. That was the end of the match. I did very little damage, but because of the two important caps and the damage ratio that I did on the ships it netted me top score. it is interesting to note that the Blyska is more than a gunboat, she is a fast interceptor! It was a fun match because I was rescued by the Pensa, and later I was able to rescue the CV. A pretty cool team work match.
  8. Happy New Year! Yesterday I purchased the Blyskawica and while it is still available for sale I thought that I would share my opinion on the ship. Feel free to check out my review, and let me know what you think!
  9. Merry Christmas, Captains! WG decided to do us a solid this Christmas morning and release the Polish DD Blyskawica! Through just two games here are my quick initial impressions. Pros: -Fast for a bigger DD. 39.1 knots without boost or speed flag. -8km torpedoes, with 7.5km detection range, with decent damage of 14,400. -7 guns spread through 4 turrets with a very good field of fire means its easy to have most if not all guns on target. -15,500 hp -Faster turret rotation than I expected and a decent reload time -120mm guns means lower detection, and 12km base range, which with AFT will easily allow stealth firing. -Awesome looking permanent camouflage. Cons: -120mm guns means low alpha damage, low AP penetraation, and longer flight time. EDIT: AP on this ship is a strange beast. Seems to be ineffective on cruisers, but the last game I was in I was rolling 2500 damage salvoes on a New Mexico with AP, so that'll need some testing to figure out. HE was almost all 0 damage hits on the superstructure. -Horrible torpedo firing arc. Almost need to be broadside to the target. -slow rudder shift time (Benefits greatly from module upgrade). -Lousy AA even for a DD means circling fighters will be a pain. Quick impressions are, I love this ship. It will benefit MASSIVELY from having a fully skilled Captain, though. With AFT to stealth fire, and demo expert to bring your fire chance up to 11% this ship will be a flamethrower. Or, you can get concealment expert and have very legitimate stealth torp capabilities. What say you all about the newest addition?