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Found 2 results

  1. I just managed to claw my way up to 20,250 steel on the day the coal/steel coupon refreshed, and it costs exactly that to get the Plymouth. It's been quite the climb, given that I haven't played any significant ranked and no Clan Battles at all since I got the Black, about 18 months ago (just before it was announced she was being pulled). It's all been done with dailies and snowflakes. I could get her right now. On the other hand, I recently bought the Tiger '59, which should at least temporarily sate my itch for a smoke-radar ship to hunt bots with. You see, a few weeks ago I watched THIS: ...and while I don't see eye to eye with PQ on many issues, I had to admit that he has a point. The major question I have to ask with respect to my French captains is... does the Bourgogne really do what it does that much better than the Jean Bart? (The fact that they are at different tiers is not as relevant to me as to others.) And do I need a premium Super-Alsace when I already have a premium Alsace, albeit in another nation (pan-Asian Wujing)? So now I'm going to do my best to sit on my hands until snowflake season in the hope of broadening my options. Substantially. Meanwhile, I know that if WG decides to yank the Plymouth, I can bite the bullet and get her if I really feel the itch.