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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not new to the game, persay, I used to play a number of years ago until they patched out the ability for tier 4/5 carriers to use manual drop/strafe. I never found out why, but ever since then I've been unable to find a good tutorial explaining how to play the carriers well without using these abilities. In particular, Japanese carriers. I haven't gone down the American carrier line quite yet, I'm slowly and very frustratingly trying to grind through the Wyoming as I really don't like playing BBs. My impression of them though is that they are much better for the dumb automatic fire system as they have more torpedoes and although I presume they do less damage, when you have the spread for the Zuiho using the crappy automatic drop sustem, well, some hits are better than literally dropping 8 torps and only hitting one somehow despite dropping in such a way to try and maximize hits Another problem I've been having has been how to fight American fighters. I can't understand how I'm supposed to fight against 6 enemy fighters when I only have four, and despite the fact I've invested in skills/upgrades/flags to try and increase fighter damage and HP, I haven't been able to have superior fighters. I've lost a number of fights that are 4v3 or 4v4 versus a Bogue or another Zuiho. Do these skills make a difference or no? It doesn't seem to have done very much for me. I've attempted to bait them either over friendly ships to try and tip the scale or bait them with torpedo bombers but neither have worked. The only time it's worked is if the enemy CV is distracted by something else, but if he's paying even a semblance of attention to what's happening they just don't fall for it. I know I could have killed hundreds of fighter squadrons by now if I could manually strafe... It's painful to watch an enemy fighter group get juust close enough to be hit by a quick strafe... If I could actually freaking strafe, but no, I can't. It's frustrating. The final problem I've run into is the actual automatic drop system itself - half of the time it seems to want to fight me than try to help. I've had instances where I want a squadron to drop torpedoes running along a coastline to a beached enemy ship - but the autodrop wants to send in the bombers at some odd of strange angle that wouldn't result in nearly as many hits if he just turned slightly. I have to struggle with the autodrop system as it constantly shifts and changes around for no apparent reason, essentially chasing the drop reticle so I can set up a drop that I actually want to do, not what the game thinks is best even though the enemy could just press E twice and literally avoid every single torpedo dropped. I guess this mostly seems like me complaining but, I don't really get how I'm supposed to fight against an American carrier which can field more planes than me in a match. From what I've seen the quality of the planes is meaningless, and the quantity is all that really matters. I've never seen four fighters win against five and sometimes they seem to have difficulty against just three. This problem has been something I've been having trouble with for years now and is easily the main reason I haven't played a ton. I cant figure out or find a guide on how to play my highest tiered ship in my port and I genuinely do not enjoy playing the vast majority of other ships I have, as tier 2/3 teams are... well... There's nothing quite as infuriating as losing what feels like every other match, in which we lose five ships, enemy team caps all points, and they don't lose a single ship, winning with 1000 points reached. But I suppose that's something else entirely. So, how am I supposed to beat enemy CVs? Is there a 200IQ strat involving losing all my torpedo bombers so the enemy CV thinks I suck and thus falls for all my bait traps and I reverse the situation on them by sneaking up behind them and ramming them or something? Sarcasm aside though feedback would be appreciated. If I can find a way to actually play CVs and enjoy playing them, then WoWs would become a much more appealing game to play outside of co-op or operations, in the rare case they accept a tier 5 CV.