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Found 4 results

  1. The_Canadian_Sniper_V2

    Hi I need some help

    I am a WoWs Blitz player, and if you didn't know, WoWs Blitz players get access to a free starter pack when you download WoWs on the PC. The bundle contains HMS Dreadnought, IJN Katori, HMAS Vampire, 2500 doubloons, 30 days of premium and a commander with 6 skill points for each ship. So I downloaded the game, but I didn't receive my starter pack! I logged off the game then logged back on, but still nothing! I am a new player and have never previously played WoWs on PC, so I should be 100% elligible for this bundle! Screenshots are at the bottom of my post. Could someone help me out? I don't know how to bill a ticket at customer service, if I've done something wrong or if I've missed something, please let me know! I really only downloaded the game because this pack convinced me the game was well worth it, even though I would have bad graphics (I have a bad PC) and that I could potentially lag (hasn't happened yet). So if anyone knows something about this or if they have advice for me, or even have experienced the same problem, please let me know (sorry for the spam)!
  2. Riikishay

    Z-52 needs a buff

    Plain and simple, the Z-52 is in a very akward state in the game as of right now. With the addition of the Daring, the Z-52 has no unique trait besides fast loading torps. And with the new flooding mechanic, those torps got HEAVILY nerfed. Even though they reload fast, they are close to the worst torps in the game. Concealment is mediocre, guns are mediocre, speed is mediocre, large size...etc. I mean where does this ship really stand out? Hydro? That's very situational and almost useless with all the radar ships. Fast torp reload? its a total of 8 torps that do very little damage? The Z-52 is a tier 9 ship in its current state. What are all your thoughts??? The fact it has the lowest damage of all DD's with the fastest torp reload is proof enough wargaming needs to examine and buff the Z-52
  3. Can I get a battleship count please?
  4. i don't know where to post this and im sure nothing can be done but, earlier i choose to get a resource container but it gave me a super container. Thinking, cool im going to get alot of resources but it gave me camo. There is nothing wrong with the camo its good and looks good but i was wondering if you could just take the 50 camos and my free xp and just give me 56,770 coal. List of reasons why: 1. Please Video: https://streamable.com/rq297