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Found 1 result

  1. First off, this isn't a balance idea to CVs: I don't want to get into whether CVs are balanced or not, and it shouldn't be relevant to this idea. We currently have a few play styles for the CVs, and this will be a new one that maybe the French CVs can have. My understanding for the current CV national flavors are as follows: USN - Typical planes that specialize in DoT damage IJN - Typical planes that specialize in alpha strike damage RN - Slow, tanky planes that specialize in DoTs KM - Fast planes that specialize in fast strikes My idea is to have a nation with fast (maybe tanky?) planes (I'm thinking KM speed and USN health), but few of them (in the air, the hangar size would still be normal). Give them enough planes for a single attack run, and a couple extra for any that get shot down. Seeing as the French have fast ships, it wouldn't surprise me if WG decided to give them fast planes as well, but rather than following the Germans with their fast attacks, this could allow them to strike higher AA ships without worrying as much about losing 12 planes. An example of the squadron size and number of planes per attack is as follows (I don't play CV that much, so the numbers might be a bit high?) T4 - 2 in squad, 1 per attack - 1 in squad reserve T6 - 3 is squad, 2 per attack - 1 in squad reserve T8 - 5 in squad, 3 per attack - 2 in squad reserve T10 - 6 in squad, 4 per attack - 2 in squad reserve Squadrons of 8 planes means striking a high AA ship can result in losing 8 planes. You can either drop a few attacks before engaging (so there's less planes to lose), or to can attack other targets. However, a squadron of 6 planes (4 for an attack, 2 as replacements) would mean losing a whole squadron isn't the end of the world, you have plenty more in the CV: you have less to lose in the strike. The draw back of this is you need a new squadron after every attack, but having a longer lasting engine boost would mitigate this problem. Another perk of this system for surface ships is that you're able to shoot down planes in the initial strike, so instead of you shooting down 4 planes in the initial attack and 4 still making it to attack you (because there are 8 more planes in the squadron), you can shoot down 4 planes and 2 only making it to attack you. The CV still does damage, and will have more planes to attack with shortly, but you at least feel like you fended off an attack better than you normally would. Pros: - Smaller squadron means it's easier to dodge flak - Losing a whole squadron isn't the end of the world - Attacking higher AA ships isn't as detrimental - Really fast planes Cons: - Won't always have a full attack wave for your initial run - Only get 1 attack per squadron - More time spent flying from your carrier - Can't do much if your CV is sunk Hopefully I explained the idea well enough... I'd like to hear feedback about whether you think this would work, if you'd like it or not, etc.. I think this would be a neat style to play style since it makes risking your planes less impactful (unless you keep striking high AA ships each run).