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Found 1 result

  1. Lately in every single battle random i get into battles with team that has less then 1000 battles and most haven't even surpassed 200 just played a battle and the other side only had 1player with 351 battles and my team had 5 players below 300 how do u call this fair where the rest of my team suffers with your MATCH MAKING [edited] this is fair far for the guys getting frustrated with the supper NEW BEE'S ...you stated a whole ago that players with less then 80 battles would not be put with players with more i think you should make that at least 1000 battles so many of us are not get so frustrated with the SUPER POTATOES players that run to the back of the maps and don't help the team !!!!!!! check the states of said game of all players and you will see AND a note to ranked battles what is with the AFK players all of a sudden getting involved in the battle with 2 min left my first five battles at least 1 AFK player for half the battle and even see 2 that come in half way though time to start banning people that would be the same as a clan battle have have of your team deciding to though the game some they can hurt there clan rating because they are leaving to go somewhere else 20201224_145845_PRSC606-Admiral-Makarov_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay