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Found 3 results

  1. Wargaming is ignoring a potentially huge marketing segment are we are all suffering as a result. It costs a lot of money for Wargaming to attract new players; and, they are doing little or nothing to retain them. I have seen most new players quit and never return long before they reach 200 battles. New players are the lifeblood of this game; and, there seems to be little or no real attention paid to getting them invested and interested in learning more on the road to becoming a long term player. I have already suggested that newer players should be encouraged to join clans for training and better indoctrination into the game. This gets players invested into a community that can help them develop faster and with a better appreciation of the game and its elements. What about having a form of clan battles that is just for the lower tiers and restricted to players that have not reached level 15? Just spitballing here...but new players that stick around are getting pretty scarce. If Wargaming continues to ignore it our just throw out vague marketing blurbs it is unlikely this trend will change. Wargaming...we all know you crave money...there is money here...come to the potential revenue...you can do it!!!
  2. Anyone got any ideas on how to improve new player retention? Post them here. I've put in more hours in this game than perhaps any other game I've played but I'm not even sure I would recommend it to people (not without warning them of its flaws). This fact is something I find a bit sad, but I don't think WG can or wants to fix most of what I think is wrong enough with the game that it makes me hesitant to recommend it. However, there is one thing WG could easily fix if they wanted to: Make captain skill resets cost nothing, next to nothing (like 15k silver per point), or cost nothing but you can only do it so many times (so a 24-hour countdown timer begins when one commander gets his skills reset, and you can't hit the 'redistribute' button again until the timer reaches zero, and the timer is located on the 'redistribute' button, which is now greyed out). Why do this? Because it's not always obvious that Last Stand is a mandatory skill for DDs, or that BB players that like to rush in should have taken Fire Prevention before CE, or that CE is almost always a required skill, etc. Experienced players, and new players that do their research watching youtube guides can figure this out, but not all new players will have this level of dedication to learning how to play this game. The penalty for making a bad commander build can be serious; you can win a 10-point commander on a mission and make him useless by accident, and the only people who can fix this mistake are the ones with 19-pt commanders that can farm elite commander xp. Or people that are willing to spend doubloons. Being forced to pay real money to buy doubloons to fix a simple mistake like this will not make this game popular with newcomers. This is also part of the reason why I don't want to recommend this game to people; because if they get into it and make this kind of mistake, then they're just [edited]. There's basically no way to fix it.
  3. Having completed the 2 year anniversary missions, I have to question the gifts. Free perma-camo is great, but for tier 8's? The supercontainers for tier 10s owned along with 1000's of battles played flags really narrows down the field. Tier 5 or 6 gifts would have been more attainable for newer players. I don't see how this event helps grow the player base.