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Found 1 result

  1. dEsTurbed1

    You never know....

    So after I died in battle, I switched to a surving Georgia. He was kiting away from a Pommern with a Georgia & another Pommern off his left 45°. Basically being last of 3 he was screwed. As I watched i noticed his secondaries not firing despite being 9.5 from trailing Pommern. So I made a comment in chat, that since his secondaries weren't firing, he was doing Georgia all wrong... After a couple back n forth, nice ones, he asked if we could pm after match. Being my day off and allways ready to match whits n parrier if needed, I said sure got all day... ..... Come to find out he just bought it yesterday and is fairly new player that needed some help.. After 15 minutes he was glad I helped with information and recommendations of a Flanu captain build video.... SO YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR HELP IS NEEDED or WANTED....