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Found 1 result

  1. Our team: Independence, Zuiho, Arizona (me), 2 Bayerns, Mutsu, New York, Nurnberg, Budyonny, Graf Spee, Omaha, JianWei Enemy team: Independence, Zuiho, 2 Bayerns, New Mexico, Mutsu, Bretagne, Molotov, Pensacola, De Grasse, Konigsberg, T-22 Map/Mode: Strait, Domination So most team's plans for playing Strait, especially when it's Domination, involves either pushing both flanks or one flank's ships heading to the other side in order to bring overwhelming force down onto a single flank before mopping up. This time, however, both flanks try to reinforce each other, resulting in a massive traffic jam in the cluster of islands on the west side of B. Consequently, only three ships—the Jianwei, the New York, and me—are even trying to contest the caps. By the 7 minute mark: our Independence had died from a snipe by the enemy Independence with only 2 plane kills and 77 base xp our Omaha had gotten nuked less than 3 minutes in and came out with <180 base xp our New York has fled to go join the rest of the team, leaving me and the JianWei alone to cap B and C everyone else is camped behind islands, incapable of defending the caps So you'd think the enemy team has an easy time ahead of them, right? Just cap A and C (and kill me in the process), maybe try to cap B, and generally just wait for the points to come in while our team camps behind the islands. Nope! Instead, they decide to push, which ends badly for them. The Pensacola and T-22 rush our team's cluster and get predictably sunk, followed shortly by the De Grasse. Their New Mexico gets sunk by one of our Bayerns before the Bayern itself, having been left isolated in B, is destroyed One of their Bayerns gets stuck bow-on reversing with our remaining cruisers focusing him and me on his broadside, and dies as a result The OTHER enemy Bayern accidentally gives broadside to me at 2 km (it would seem he thought I'd be too far around the island to fire on him), allowing me to wipe out 60% of his HP in a single broadside salvo Our JianWei defends C to the death, killing the enemy Molotov and scaring the rest of the enemy team at C (Bretagne, Konigsberg, and Mutsu) away from the cap At this point, our team finally comes out from behind the island cluster and begins attacking. Thanks to their not pushing when they had the chance, I finally get support from our team's Mutsu, who helps our New York kill the second enemy Bayern (but not enough to save the New York) The enemy Mutsu, apparently afraid of showing broadside to our Mutsu, allows me to sink him with 3 citadel hits (and despite the enemy Independence making me eat two torpedoes) The enemy Konigsberg apparently thinks that sitting still will somehow make me miss, and gets sunk for it The Bretagne went east to try and protect their carriers, but doesn't accomplish much At this point, the match is clearly over, as our team finishes off the Bretagne but amazingly lets the enemy Independence slip away from the cluster of islands he was in, albeit at 2k health. Too bad for the Indy (who was pretty darn good, earning >1.1k base xp and 32 planes shot down on a loss), his flight only resulted in him sailing within 8 km of me, so I put him out of his misery. The final enemy ship, the Zuiho, manages to scamper out of detection range with less than 4k health remaining and survives to the end of the match. A [edited]show from the beginning to the end. Replay/Screenshots: 20180625_163938_PASB506-Arizona-1941_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay