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Found 10 results

  1. I have always enjoyed playing this game with the carriers. However, they have become no fun and if you want to continue to give back large amounts of credits you won, then buy a carrier. They have included a service fee of about 240,000 credits for each battle and then on top of that, they add in fees for replacing lost planes and other stuff. Has anyone won any positive credits. Even with premium play its a joke. Imagine someone trying to get ahead without having premium play. I have sent in many responses to how unfair these carriers are and I get these ridiculous responses telling that i can add all this upgrades. How the hell can you add upgrades when you continue to go backwards in credits. Even in the public test arena, where you can add every upgrade, you lose all your plans before you can even get close to making an attack. As the previous post said , death to the aircraft carriers. As much as I wish that was not the case, but it is true. I sold all mine. No fun anymore. What do you say if you read this. Let me hear your comments.
  2. It has come to the WG's attention that there is (was) a tactic where Hakuryu could endlessly spam torpedo bombers and rack up very high damage very quickly with minimal losses. The hotfix has stamped out this strategy hard, but I don't fully think it is the right way to go. Sure, the strategy could be a bit overpowered at times and must be very frustrating for BB players, seeing as there is a very significant drop in BB players I see in randoms now, but it was sort of the Hakuryu's thing, a strategy that actually worked most of the time. One of the goals of the rework was to make CVs more noob friendly, and they initially succeeded. But stamping out this strategy completely I feel hurts the big picture too much. It just takes it to the other extreme, where AA on all ships is extremely powerful, torpedo bombers are much more tedious now and you will have lots of difficulty trying to get even over 100k damage in a game now. The huge nerf to the aiming reticle time makes it very hard to hit anything combined with your planes being shredded by even a single cruiser. It's kinda sad as seeing someone get so much damage with a strategy that continuously worked gave me hope that the CVs would not be completely useless in this rework, but alas now they are mere support ships basically. I feel this strategy should retain it's effectiveness, but should just get some minor adjustments. The aiming reticle should be normal again, AA damage should be toned down a bit, and for heaven's sake that nerf to the F spam just makes all the planes die immediately when they try to retreat. I feel there are better ways to combat this, without just removing the effectiveness completely. CVs historically were very powerful ships, and in wows they should not just be mere support vessels, but have real attacking power like battleships and cruisers do. The main problem seems to be that WG goes too extreme with each of these changes, if the CVs are too powerful, immediately make them super weak and buff the AA so that it shreds everything. A little more balance would go a long way here.
  3. buck_013

    CV Rework Feedback

    With the updated CVs and what appear to be unlimited planes, the game, well for lack of a better word, SUCKS. DDs, CAs, and BBs are not set up or i should say the mods etc are not structured to allow for the best performance of the ships against so many PLANES. Please do something to balance the game. Give the non CVs radar controlled guns so you set it on target and it shoots at that target and this needs to be per gun. Well you see how stupid that sounds you would need a ships crew to run the ships, oh wait, that is were WOW is heading. I haveenjoyed the game but am playing less and less. Wish I did not get the one year premium. Waste of money as the game is not fun anymore. Planes to the left of me, planes to the right of me, planes everywhere with bomps, trops and rockets and I cannot shot them down. And if I shot a 100 or 200 down they just keep coming. Not right. Who else is feed up?
  4. Going world of warplanes 2.0 is fine, I just need to switch ships to planes to play the game !
  5. LowSpeed_US

    FPS drops

    To cut the the chase. FPS drops are significant when enemy planes are rendered around your ship. I've noticed 25-35+ FPS drops. This mostly occurs when there are more than 1 squadron around you (friendly or enemy). Pre- 0.8.0 patch this was bearable manageable, now it's giving me down to mid 20 FPS in peak moments in battles.
  6. But rather, the choice of aircraft the carriers carry. When we look at the plane stats, many of them are game numbers like HP and plane restoration time which can be changed at Wargaming's leisure. We can see this with Lexington's Helldivers as both the TB and DB Helldivers have different numbers. The Avenger torpedo bomber appears on exactly one ship, Lexington, and as a stock plane. The same goes for the famous F6F Hellcat and several others. The issue is also present with Japanese CVs, as the D3A Val isn't even available on the Shokaku anymore, only on Ryujo as a stock plane. The Hakuryu looks like a mess, with Reppus doubling as dive bombers, and still having the twin-engine fighters as fantasy carrier planes. With the new CV rework, we will be seeing the planes up close in our control way more than we ever did before patch 0.8.0, so I feel having the appropriate aircraft on CVs is important to the enjoyment. Since most plane stats aren't rigidly historical, they can be changed to balance planes for their appropriate tiers. What kinda gets me is most of the CVs had all their proper aircraft before the rework, so I don't see why it was necessary to move so many of them around.
  7. kukailimoku

    AA to strong for CV play?

    Hello all, An opinion question: At what tier do we think the Ack-Ack of the ships become too high for effective (i.e. fun) play of carrier strike aircraft? A different way to ask the same question: What AA value of ships is the cut-off between pretty fun to torp the enemy and dammit-all-my-planes-get-shot-down-before-the-drop-point ? Already in my VI Ryujo I'm finding matches where I find many ships are likely to shot down most of my planes before I can release ordnance. In more then a few MMs I'll find that I can really only realistically hope to attack a couple/three CAs or CLs - anything else is likely to shot the kr@p outta my planes. (of course DDs aren't a AA threat and I guess I could chase those around with my planes, but its also stupidly hard to get mucho hits on those, as well as a "waste" of CV power to target DDs). So I'm asking this question of the community's opinion because I'm at the decision point on whether or not to buy CVs above VI. Seems like a lot of grinding/credits wasted on something that might only be intense frustration as I watch two sorties of my planes evaporate. Are higher tier planes able to better absorb (in proportion!) the higher tier ack-ack? Seems to me that ack-ack increase each tier is pulling out ahead in front of planes' robustness. Your thoughts???
  8. jags_domain

    Idea for planes?

    WG can you change the formation of the planes. You have a v formation but planes dont fly that way. If you make it an inverted V by pitting the point in the front it would be real. Also with the DB they need to be flyong above 10k feet. And then DB started there attack run they would roll upside down then begin there dive. If you do it your way the piloit would red out. Thiz will make game play different betweeb DB and TB. As it stands right now they look the same. Also there has to be nave point for the ship and pmanes. We cant see how I get my plane here or there. We need to be able to send our planes were we won't. Also I would really like some to type of fighter combat.
  9. Florendo19

    Is AA worth it?

    So I had played several games with defensive AA equipped on my Gearing when I decided to switch to engine boost because I was not seeing any CVs and I wanted to be able to run away from radar and catch other ships if I needed to. The first game I get a two CV game where I get perma spotted and swarmed by planes. In the end I was Auto drop torped in smoke after trying to dodge all the enemy dive bombers and torps, getting my engine killed twice, and not to mention the ever present hail of enemy shells from 6 reds. If one were to look at my stats, they would see that the most planes I have shot down in my Gearing is 7. That was this game. I would like to say I lasted longer than I should have but I still didn't last very long. My question is, should I equip defensive AA knowing that I normally run DDs with AA off and that it is only useful when facing planes or should I equip engine boost so I can improve my positioning while being more vulnerable to airstrikes?
  10. I propose in the very near future that cyclones curtail all aircraft operations. Why? It really is reasonable to request this for a number of reasons. The winds aloft and cloud cover of even the mildest "cyclone" would prove too much for effective air operations. Even if they were able to fly and attack surface ships, you know those ships are going to be really, really tough to see let alone hit as most likely the waters aren't gonna be glass smooth. Any large munitions dropped (torpedoes, bombs) would be affected by the winds and rains. Yes, I know this is an arcade game, not a simulator. So instead of calling it a cyclone, call it a tropical depression or simply a storm. Otherwise, the planes need to be forced back to their ships for recovery until the storm passes. The only other thing about this that irritates is this: a carrier's planes have the upper hand to attack you because you cannot see them until they are practically in your face. IF the weather conditions are that bad, they could not be flying. I think what I'm saying is I'd like it to be a bit more realistic because as it is now, it's a field day for the carriers... who wouldn't launch in the first place.