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Found 28 results

  1. I had a good game but the opposing Halland? Dang, 98 planes shot down!! That is the most I have ever seen shot down by any ship. I know she is a good AA ship but I am nearly speechless. Last time I saw that ship she was on the other side of the map within striking distance of our CV. Our CV finally got her but it took her out of the fight, for nearly the entire battle, getting her. I'm just not sure if that is good or bad. The Halland did sink one of ours but was made irrelevant after that and our CV's kill was the Halland leaving her unable to attack others, or provide air cover, after the first few minutes.
  2. Every day that I play with aircraft carriers, I suffer from not being able to get close to the ships I attack. Anti-aircraft are very powerful, compared to very weak aircraft. To make matters worse, the latest modifications empowered antiaircraft in cruisers and destroyers, and impoverished fighter attacks. Regrettable.
  3. Cada día que juego con portaaviones, sufro el no poder acercarme a los barcos que ataco. Los antiaéreos son poderosísimos, en comparación con aviones muy débiles. Para peor, las últimas modificaciones empoderaron antiaéreos en cruceros y destructores, y empobrecieron los ataques con cazas. Lamentable
  4. This is to add the @Snargfargle Original post with Evidence of a match of zombie planes (dead players) doing a lot of DMG.. Here https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/247684-zombie-planes-game-pieces-vs-game-piece-ordnance/?tab=comments#comment-5624726 This request is not Intended for CM ( @Boggzy @Maredraco) though they should chime in at their weekly meeting with Ev1n Who hates getting forum page ... This is intended for Sub_Oct (game policy related)... I know he has kept his promise to treat CVs with child size gloves.. But enough is enough...Change the policy on CVs planes...This is to much. My recommendation is as follows... Change the planes parameters/classification to Ship's ordnance, not a continuation of the CV ship themselves.. By this I mean change of policy at the policy level so that these issues do not show up in Development nor in Q/A stage of production. That way everyone from Dept head down, follow the guidelines by the policy. Fix the AA mechanic! Stop treating CVs with kids size gloves... This should be fair not one sided... OR Only give CV planes one pass only once the CV is sunk. Again Policy changed to Ordnance... CVs planes are Ordnance. Thus if the ship is sunk planes only have one attack pass like everyone else. The following is the evidence to which IMO, would make anyone mad... It shows how much WG have gone to protect the planes of CV players, instead of treating them as ordnance... The FDR did OVER 65k DMG, take away 8k of that ( because he was alive at the time)... OVER 55k DMG after he was dead... Not only did he do so much DMG... But spotted our DD with his dead planes.. Our DD dead moments after... He (red CV) was dead for OVER 3 min and still did DMG AND influenced the match... 3 MINUTES! No other class has that luxury at high tier... This do not exist at low or mid tier.. This should anger every player in a match that a dead player gets to out DMG him... The very sad part of this exchange??? Dead player Does more 60k DMG/influence in a match then I, did with my AA... Took out our DD (w/spotting) My final results... 19k Plane DMG.. That is 1/3 less then what he did... 2 planes downed... This was IMO, the ultimate reason players' have a high disdain for the CV class. Replay of this battle is available upon request.. TY NP33
  5. "A ship's a fool to fight a fort"- Horatio Nelson OK, how about airplanes? Forts currently only exist in the Scenarios game mode. However, Wargaming has tested new game modes in the past, and a LONG time ago forts could be seen in Random & Co-Op as part of a sub-mode called "Bastion." In this thread I'll be discussing available types of ordnance & the 2 fort models, then asking the community what is the best way to neutralize them using a plane. There are 4 kinds of forts in-game, but you can only play against half(as of July 2020). The forts don't have any consumables, but only one fire can be set at a time. Adolfkanone H39: These have a turret mounting a 406mm cannon. They have mediocre traverse speed, a long reload, have no AA guns, and fire AP. They can be a pain to hit because they are thinner than bomb reticles & are often overshot by missiles. The gaps in attack runs by fighters are also a problem. Entrance Fort: These usually have their back to a mountain with all guns pointing outward. These have a powerful AA battery of four 88mm Flak 18 & three 20mm Flakvierling. Anti-ship armament consists of 3 German 150mm cannons, which have a quick traverse, mediocre reload, and fire HE. Beware the 45 degree fillet near the roof when using AP ordnance. Now onto the ordnance. High-explosive bombs(precision bombing) delivered from dive-bombers used by the Americans & Junkers 87C Stuka can set a fire mass: 500 pounds High-explosive bombs(carpet bombing) delivered in groups by level bombers used by the British, Dutch, and the American TB2D Skypirate can set a fire mass: varies from 30-220 pounds High-explosive missiles delivered in a combination strafing-rocket launch attack used by the Americans, Japanese, British, and Soviets can set a fire Armor-piercing missiles delivered in a combination strafing-rocket launch attack used by the Germans have a 12 kilometer range when launched from high altitude Armor-piercing bombs delivered by dive-bombers used by the Germans & Japanese mass: 548-683 pounds I am not someone to tell you which of these you should be using, since I haven't played them all. In my experience: AP bombs do a reasonable amount of damage to forts, but not nearly as much as other types. The thickness of forts' concrete walls must not be even, since AP missiles have an awful tendency to shatter or even ricochet. The upper fillet of an Entrance Fort is trollish too. So is the turret of the Adolfkanone. For a while, Japanese HE missiles had mediocre performance against these. But somewhere in the timeline, the A6M2 Reisen got a huge buff, and can reliably take off over half an Entrance Fort's HP with one strike. Use dive-bombers when attacking an Adolfkanone. If you use missiles or carpet bombers, much of your ordnance will land outside the target area. Now I'm asking the community to go and bring their preferences & results. I need information on carpet bombers, American HE missiles, and German HE bombs. ♦ @ObiphanKenobi should this be moved to "Game Guides and Tutorials"?
  6. RedBellyBlackSnake

    AA instantaneous damage

    I usually wait for planes to come into range of my AA before I turn on priority sector. This applied instantaneous damage to the planes. My question: "Has instantaneous damage been taken away?" I don't see it in the AA stats of ships anymore. I would like to know if it still works, because it determines how I will use my AA. If there is no instantaneous damage anymore, then I will probably turn on my priority sector a little earlier.
  7. I believe there are many discussions about how dead eye influenced the current gaming experience. In the description of dead eye, it mentions any visible hostile ships within the detection range could disable the dead eye. So can planes from CV or even fighters be considered as hostile targets instead of ships only? Would it stop players heavily depending on the dead eye skill? Would it make the game more engaging?
  8. I am not going to suggest a solution (that is up for the DEVs), I am going to complain about the zombie planes attacking ships, after the said ship out smarted/sunk the CV driver... Not only CVs are so disproportionate in DMG dealing (against small/medium ships), even when they're sunk by smart plays.. They still find a way with zombie planes to retaliate against the person who sunk them (by hovering over them for what seems like forever, or dropping a consumable to pinpoint the location of the said ship)... IMO, IF a CV is sunk by any ship class.. He shouldn't be able to retaliate against said player... Its over at that point... Replay instructions... Fast forward to the red CV's sinking. Press play and enjoy 20201018_225113_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  9. I think that the USS Tangier (AV-8) would be a good addition to the game as a tier IV-V carrier. It has excellent history being one of, if not the first ship to open fire at Pearl Harbor, thanks to the decisions of his captain, Clifton Sprague, of Battle off Samar fame. Not only that but her aircraft fought off a surprise attack by 7 Japanese aircraft on their routine search mission. It could operate easily as a carrier, since the only difference between a normal carrier and a seaplane carrier is that seaplane carriers launch aircraft from catapults or beside the ship instead of on a flight deck. I believe that this launch area problem could be easily solved. Aircraft: Bombers: Squadron: 2 PBY-5a Catalina, Attack group: 1 PBY-5a equipped with 4 500 lb bombs dropped in the British Fashion. Torpedo Bombers: 2 PBY-5a Catalina, Attack group: 1 PBY-5a equipped with 2 Mk 8 Torpedo ASW: 4 OS2U Kingfisher ASW aircraft Fighters: N/A AA: 4 3 in/50 AAA guns 8 .50 AA guns Main Battery: 1 5/51 cannon After Action Report from Pearl Harbor: https://www.history.navy.mil/research/archives/digitized-collections/action-reports/wwii-pearl-harbor-attack/ships-s-z/uss-tangier-av-8-action-report.html
  10. USS_Bacon

    Fighter Planes

    AI Fighter planes are already pretty good. If there are incoming torpedo bombers, and the ai fighter fails you, you are dead. That is why you should be able to manually control fighter planes. This is for all ship types with fighter planes.
  11. Knowing of course those who hate CV will be sure to chime in with all type of chatty banter, seriously WG/WoWS - this thing is turning into a steaming pile. Let's talk about the interaction of planes to mouse control - or really, the lack thereof. Let me first qualify myself though. Average player sometimes gets lucky. Have ground my way through IJN, USN, RN carriers to include all tiers including T10. Played a few games in them. Nothing spectacular but I do get lucky sometimes. Now back to the Rhein If she is an example of just how borked the planes will perform at T6, 8 and 10 then you aren't gonna draw many folks to them. IMO. The planes fly as if every pilot is drunk, not allowing for any precise control a "real" aircraft would allow, let alone compared to other national ships. Rocket planes - yuck. I want to point out I CANNOT SEE THE ***N RETICLE PLASTERED ON THE OCEAN IN ALMOST ANY LIGHTING CONDITIONS. IT'S HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I've asked and asked and asked some more for the ability to chose our Carriers' reticle color and brightness (BOLD). Nothing. IMO the more you "upgrade" your wonderous lighting effects, the worse it has become. Have I ranted enough about those two things? Let me TL;DR. Fix Rhein's flight controls and the reticle. tia
  12. Admiral_Bingo

    So fighter planes...

    Just popped into Ranked Sprint with my Implacable after getting the hang of it in randoms. I found out to my horror that whenever it comes to facing a CV with more planes per squadron (Enterprise for example), their fighters usually render my efforts to support friendly ships useless. Here's how it usually goes. 1. Enemy CV is approaching friendly DD with rocket planes. 2. I quickly drop fighters to support friendly BB/DD before the rocket planes arrive. 3. Rocket planes drop off a fighter and go away for a while. 4. Enemy fighter planes wipe out mine because it has a larger squadron. 5. Enemy CV then feasts on the DD/BB without any additional aa assistance from my fighters. This seems really frustrating to me because it basically makes my efforts to support my friendlies totally useless. At the end of the game, I had a bunch of angry players complaining that I didn't give aa support even though all aa support I was able to give by fighters was being blown out of the air by enemy fighters. I'm not sure if this is an issue with my tactics/gameplay or a flaw with the game mechanic with fighters in general but I like to hear what thoughts you guys might have. I feel that its quite unfair that just because a CV has a larger squadron, it will definitely blow yours out of the sky. Again I'm not sure this is some balance issue or its just me doing it wrong.
  13. I ask CV players, do you think the best CV players in game get the most salt. The bad one just play tier 4 CV. Do you roll your eyes when players say CV are easy and have everlasting fighters. Do you love the salt playing a CV. Because it always are fault win or lose. CV mains do you feel like your in your own click, the other players just don't understand us. Do you love troll ships? Well subs be the new troll. If so well you play it.
  14. I'm not sure where to report this and I could not find a way to put in a ticket regarding this, but the dive bombers on Ryujo carry no ammo underneath their wings. Instead, their AP bombs are attached to the white colored rocket planes (along with the rockets). Can someone in the graphics department fix this? Here are some screenshots to show what I am talking about: Where are the AP bombs? There should be one big one. Here are the rocket planes with rockets and... an AP bomb also or an extra gas tank? I think it is an AP bomb and it was moved to the wrong plane a few months ago. Does anyone know who might be the right person to contact about this? Thanks!
  15. Yesterday when attacking an enemy ship my planes were shot down before getting a shot off. One of those planes crashed into the target ship's port side at the intersection of deck and bridge. The plane exploded into a large fireball but did no damage. This should have caused significant damage since the crashing plane would still be laden with Avgas and rockets, bombs or torpedoes. @Kami I realize kamikaze suicide attacks aren't allowed but once the plane is dead the player has no control of it. In which case if that plane crashes into any ship enemy or ally or any destructible ground target that ship or target should be damaged. That damage should be commensurate with the planes fuel and weapons load. Fuel should cause a fire. Bombs and torpedoes penetration and blast damage. The this is a game not a combat simulator argument carries no weight here since near misses can damage/sink a DD and rounds fired before the ship or plane is destroyed still hit or miss the target or travel on until hitting an island or reach maximum range.
  16. StevebDancer

    CV Rework needed.

    I will break this down in to B# for bugs, P# for problems, S# for possible solutions.. These are all for CVs, here we go. -B1 CVs and planes do not reduce viability in cyclones. they stay the same.. (you know how to fix this). -B2 CVs can not tell when a ship hits AA consumable.. we just loose our planes.. -S1 a green area shows up for the ships AA range when they hit their AA consumable. -P1 CVs are dropping fighters everywhere, let me explain I had a CV drop a fighter squadron inside my CV's detection but out side my AA just to spot me, they do that for BBs too, and DDs.. 2nd they drop fighters right in front of my squadron or just out side my fighter squadron to kill my fighters or planes I am flying. This is very annoying.. -S1 when a CV player fly's with in 2-3km of a ally ship and is pointed at the ally. they press fighter squadron key and those fighters act like a catapult fighter for that ship. no dropping out side of that. so they can only be dropped on ally ships. If key is pressed outside of that a error message in chat shows up "must be with in 3 km and pointing at ally to use fighter squadron" -S2 fighter squadron can not spot ships.. -P2 CV being up tiered.. as you can tell by your data those CV run out of planes quick and don't do much damage at all. this must be balanced out some how.. -P3 What is the % of ships that are AA spec'ed. this means you do not have good skills that are used instead of AA skills.. please replace give good skills at tier 3 and 4. -P4 What is the purpose of giving a CV better maneuverability for hall upgrade, it is useless. give it something it can use. -S1 when hall is upgraded make CVs detection drop a bit instead of rudder shift. -S2 give CVs 1 extra plane for each type of squadron instead of rudder shift. -S3 slightly faster replenish of planes of each type of squadron, instead of rudder shift. -B3 Sling shot attacks that by pass most of the damage of ships AA.. where they time when to drop 1 set of bomb then use the invalienability to get close to a ship with good AA to drop on them with out loosing planes. -S1 increase time before ship can go back into a attack run after dropping ordinance would fix this.. -S2 take away the Invalienabiiity after the drop.. -P5 Flack clouds do tons of damage to all planes.. and makes complete walls of flack Which you can't avoid.. Flack clouds either land in front or on your planes.. -S1 all flack clouds explode randomly with in their range.. NOT JUST IN FRONT. -S2 shrink flack clouds so they are smaller then they could be easier to dodge and randomly in range of shell.
  17. Ok, WG I see you are trying to balance CVs but I feel you are not doing a good job.. I think you have to be more extreme. Here are a few ideas and will make a poll on it.. - 1st fighter squadrons dropped off of planes in flight have to be on ships and they follow that ship for their duration. (fixes issue of planes dropping on enemy DDs like radar.) - 2nd take that old skill you had about planes HP changes per tier of enemy CV. this is how it works: - Option 1 - Takes average tier of ships in match and if it is .75 to 1.24 tier more then CV's tier, the planes get a 10% bonus to health. if more then 1.25 higher then CV's tier it get a 18-22% boost to health. for slower speed and higher AA damages by ships. - Option 2 - Takes average tier of all ships in match and take # - CV tier then multiply it by .165. That number would be bonus health to all planes on CV.. if average is below CV's teir no change. - Option 3 - CV planes or ships in game DPS changes to what planes it is shooting at.. so a T7 ship shoot at a T6 would shoot at a penalty. and a T5 ship shooting at a T6 CV would get a boost.. the farther the tiers away from CV the more penalty or boost. this balances the planes and the ships.. - 3rd reduce number of attacks per squadron to 2 from 3 and take 3rd squardon of HP and add it to the planes of the 1st and 2nd.. - 4th reduce spotting distance of DDs by another 20-30% and no fighter spotting except by ship fighter (meaning no dropping fighters on a spot to continue spotting) - 5th This should be a given if planes are over a person concealed in smoke then the undetected planes can still be heard over the smoke. so they know the planes are waiting for the DD.... - 6th when AA consumable it hit the circle that where the drop will happen will double. this is a benefit for ships with AA and also tells CV driver AA was hit and need to back off or not do as much damage and loose more planes... Because we can not tell when AA is hit or not. also the ship should be green as if the ship dropped a fighter.. - 7th when a plane is shot down in a run to drop bombs/ missles/ torps. That plane is NOT replaced... it is a bonus to the ship for shooting down the plane.. so it might be 1 less bomb/ torp/ rocket or more but for someone who put in the captain skill and/or consumable. it would pay off. - 8th when a plane drops its load then view point slides right up to planes flying over head and that fixes slight shot of invulnerability. - 9th AA Flack puffs are shot in the sectors you have it but they need to explode at different ranges NOT ALWAYS IN FRONT.. as they fly through that zone they explode randomly in the front/ middle/ and far part of zone.. so flack clouds will have depth.. including direct hits on planes(like ships have detonations). will make it easier but detonations of planes can happen.. if you have ideas please type them down and work this out..
  18. Mr_Suds

    AA Theory Craft

    Hey all, Just curious what the community thinks is the better skill for anti-air (if you can only take one) AFT or MFAA?
  19. Okay, compared to the overall massive balance issues, this is minor. But it is seriously annoying that with the focus shifted to planes as if they were our ships, that there are details about placement and all that are just completely botched and I can't fathom a reason why. For Starters "Lexington" and it's planes - Wargaming mounting of HVAR rockets - The worst part being if you look - the actual mount for the rocket is there on the wings. Which is where an HVAR rocket should be mounted. That is the proper instillation of HVAR's here. Then you have the SB2C DB's - I haven't gotten quite a good enough shot to confirm they are in fact 1000 lb M-65 GP bombs - but that part is somewhat irrelevant because the SB2C wing hardpoints for bombs were rated only for 500 lb bombs, the 1000 lb bombs would have been carried in the internal bay. And for the guy who wants to say "But Tiny Tim's weigh more and were carried like that" It used a different mount, and the weight distribution is different. Actually surprised the Corsairs with Tiny Tim's are actually right. Seeing the count of rockets on the F4U at tier 9 - already know it's wrong simply on count, and I'd take a guess that the 2 center mounts are used like above. But then we have this - the F8F Not the greatest shot I know - but the obvious center mount rocket is obvious unlike the extra rocket jammed on to the port wing more or less clipping with the inboard most rocket. Forgoing the fact the F8F was limited to 4, and there are plenty of aircraft options in the attack role that could carry 10 and that applies even to the F4U at 9, hell, the AD-1 you already have at 9 has the hard points for it, you haphazardly jammed 1 in and the other is mounted wrong - really, really wrong. Personally I say remove it for a plane that could carry that many or change the distribution of rockets and aircraft to match, but could you not at least go with a more believable and logical 5 per wing? No picture at the moment, brought it up elsewhere - Saipan's Tiny Tim's - the center mounting is wrong, didn't carry 3, just go to 3 planes with 2 rockets - it's fair on Lexatoga, and I will gladly trade the extra 3x2 for 2x3 as a Saipan owner. Granted at this point I don't think 3x3 would really put it over the top either cause it's not exactly stellar and still just puts it on par with Lex and still the same number of rockets. Also no picture at the moment but unless something changed - IJN torpedoes have the wrong stabilizer for single engine planes. The Box Type in this link is what was used for single engine planes - like the B5N. Those are the immediate glaring ones that have really kinda bothered me as it is from the start (The Lexington ones kinda put me over as I decided to take the Halloween camo off finally after wondering why I could only see 3 rockets per wing), aside from other certain ones pertaining to Kaga's uptiering. Something that would be a nice touch though would actually to also have right squadron markings, or closer, tied to the ships and planes. Especially if say we added a couple of the Essex classes, the other Yorktowns, etc. In Lexington by which I mean Saratoga's case while she never had Corsairs, These were the markings for the F6F fighters Saratoga had in February 1945. The current marking are, somewhat ironically given I'm the guy who's suggested it as a premium without them, the markings of F4U's of USS Shangri-La. You wanna focus this game play around the planes - fine. But then at the very least as much care and detail should be applied to their appearance and all as any ship in the game because especially with the longer flight times were going to be spending a lot of time looking at them. And while I'm sure say a Colorado player would appreciate the extra barrel per turret in terms of damage increase would be distracted and possibly annoyed by it being mounted on the roof of the turret if they weren't going after it cause history. This is arguably my biggest gripe with the rework - the seeming lack of care about CV's, their history, and details like any of the other 3 classes. Removing odd tiers, Kaga, and some of these feel like forcing ships to fit something easy for you guys, screw history and all that.
  20. Russel_Heinowski

    the new cv air planes suck

    is it just me or do the the Cv Air planes suck [edited]even tho the old way was boring but at lest You could do more like actually sink a ship but as it is now your planes get all shot down be for you can drop a bomb or a Torpedo now the cv are useless as hell in battles
  21. I have always enjoyed playing this game with the carriers. However, they have become no fun and if you want to continue to give back large amounts of credits you won, then buy a carrier. They have included a service fee of about 240,000 credits for each battle and then on top of that, they add in fees for replacing lost planes and other stuff. Has anyone won any positive credits. Even with premium play its a joke. Imagine someone trying to get ahead without having premium play. I have sent in many responses to how unfair these carriers are and I get these ridiculous responses telling that i can add all this upgrades. How the hell can you add upgrades when you continue to go backwards in credits. Even in the public test arena, where you can add every upgrade, you lose all your plans before you can even get close to making an attack. As the previous post said , death to the aircraft carriers. As much as I wish that was not the case, but it is true. I sold all mine. No fun anymore. What do you say if you read this. Let me hear your comments.
  22. Maybe make the ability to press 4 or something and you can manually fire your AA guns so you can do something about oncoming planes instead of having hoping your AA shoots them down, and shooting at them would be fun. Pressing 4 again could switch to different sectors of the AA coverage, kind of like how 3 switches torp options. If you are under heavy fire, you could just not press 4, and the AI could control the AA as it does currently. As def AA goes, maybe it could be changed to increase RoF of manually controlled AA guns, or increase damage. I just think this might make CVs more fun to play against, and maybe people wouldn't hate them (as much) as they are now
  23. It has come to the WG's attention that there is (was) a tactic where Hakuryu could endlessly spam torpedo bombers and rack up very high damage very quickly with minimal losses. The hotfix has stamped out this strategy hard, but I don't fully think it is the right way to go. Sure, the strategy could be a bit overpowered at times and must be very frustrating for BB players, seeing as there is a very significant drop in BB players I see in randoms now, but it was sort of the Hakuryu's thing, a strategy that actually worked most of the time. One of the goals of the rework was to make CVs more noob friendly, and they initially succeeded. But stamping out this strategy completely I feel hurts the big picture too much. It just takes it to the other extreme, where AA on all ships is extremely powerful, torpedo bombers are much more tedious now and you will have lots of difficulty trying to get even over 100k damage in a game now. The huge nerf to the aiming reticle time makes it very hard to hit anything combined with your planes being shredded by even a single cruiser. It's kinda sad as seeing someone get so much damage with a strategy that continuously worked gave me hope that the CVs would not be completely useless in this rework, but alas now they are mere support ships basically. I feel this strategy should retain it's effectiveness, but should just get some minor adjustments. The aiming reticle should be normal again, AA damage should be toned down a bit, and for heaven's sake that nerf to the F spam just makes all the planes die immediately when they try to retreat. I feel there are better ways to combat this, without just removing the effectiveness completely. CVs historically were very powerful ships, and in wows they should not just be mere support vessels, but have real attacking power like battleships and cruisers do. The main problem seems to be that WG goes too extreme with each of these changes, if the CVs are too powerful, immediately make them super weak and buff the AA so that it shreds everything. A little more balance would go a long way here.
  24. Going world of warplanes 2.0 is fine, I just need to switch ships to planes to play the game !
  25. kukailimoku

    AA to strong for CV play?

    Hello all, An opinion question: At what tier do we think the Ack-Ack of the ships become too high for effective (i.e. fun) play of carrier strike aircraft? A different way to ask the same question: What AA value of ships is the cut-off between pretty fun to torp the enemy and dammit-all-my-planes-get-shot-down-before-the-drop-point ? Already in my VI Ryujo I'm finding matches where I find many ships are likely to shot down most of my planes before I can release ordnance. In more then a few MMs I'll find that I can really only realistically hope to attack a couple/three CAs or CLs - anything else is likely to shot the kr@p outta my planes. (of course DDs aren't a AA threat and I guess I could chase those around with my planes, but its also stupidly hard to get mucho hits on those, as well as a "waste" of CV power to target DDs). So I'm asking this question of the community's opinion because I'm at the decision point on whether or not to buy CVs above VI. Seems like a lot of grinding/credits wasted on something that might only be intense frustration as I watch two sorties of my planes evaporate. Are higher tier planes able to better absorb (in proportion!) the higher tier ack-ack? Seems to me that ack-ack increase each tier is pulling out ahead in front of planes' robustness. Your thoughts???