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Found 2 results

  1. With Ise and Soviet CVs, jet boosters have been added. As such, I propose giving a plane module to Midway that would be a side grade to the Bearcat. The FJ Fireball was a hybrid jet plane introduced at the end of WW2. Although they were delivered to combat units, the first squadron only finished its training to the plane after the end of the war. I was thinking that she would be a little worse than the Bearcat in soft stats, but compensate with improved engine boost and having access to the special improved takeoff ability.
  2. This fuss over Go Navy! and Sharks winning for three days straight and poised for fourth victory leave my unable to help but lay down something (from the leftovers I find in my imgur) that might be of relevance: In the fourth quarter of 2016 WoWP had a long event called "Japanese Threat" - basically Axis versus Allies confrontation in the timespan of two hours each day, but the time problem is not applicable here. Players get to pick their side minutes before the confrontation begins and the system will automatically funnel the latecomers into the disadvantaged teams if they are late for the selectiontime. The relevant problem is that the selection of aircrafts are so lopsided that it is pretty much a guaranteed Allies win every time in a vacuum. How the confrontation works is that the teams will start with a certain amount of points, and the points that will go to deduct that of the opposing side come from destroying things in battles. Victory is by either having more points remaining than the opposition or running the opposing side's points to 0. Individual players gain loot boxes at the end of confrontation from kills and achievements in battles, and players on the winning side will get double the number of the boxes they managed to get during the confrontation. The balance of vehicles is not important for this discussion, but it was lopsided enough that winning by zero points was a real possibility: The balancing factor of this event is that the defeated side will get more initial points according to the margin of defeat, which continues to add up until the losing side can no longer be overpowered. Of course being the first time they did this kind of thing, it did not work at the beginning so it was Allies' winning streak for a week or so, although the balance system eventually worked, and turns out like this: ...and this is when it overpowers the winning side, eventually giving the losing side a win The NA WoWP forum has a thread recording the results of most of the event on that cluster if you're interested: http://forum.worldofwarplanes.com/index.php?/topic/46769-a-record-of-the-japanese-threat-event-day-by-day/ Planes held two more events of this nature: Thor Hammer (later 1.9), and Skies of Albion (early 2018, post-2.0). With all the pressing issues fixed there were no complaints (except for the format which has time constraint that prevent certain player demographics from even participating) as confrontation went from one side to another. Jumping teams no longer guarantee victory as often the increased initial points were enough to outlast the overpowering opposition, forecasting the result becomes harder to do along with it. What does any of this have to do with the ongoing Go Navy! event? The flat 50% points bonus to contributions is not enough considering how much Sharks is outpacing the Eagles at the time and I doubt that it will make the events look good...Balancing by maxed out loyalty and counting on players to switch sides to gain max loyalty on both sides is an iffy way of balancing the event, so to speak. It is not about playing better as it is tantamount to telling people to bang their heads against a brick wall, to fight for futility itself. With all the time in the day (thus significantly less alienation of player-base) and little to none imbalance on vehicle choices, a semblance of balance will go a long way in making the event not be reviled in the future should the format be used again, make jumping sides not guaranteed to be winning? Then again...it's just over one box a day. But I doubt that it would look good in the aftermath if things stay the current course. I do believe there are more things to be addressed, but for the purpose of this history lesson I limit it to the balancing of the teams themselves for this occasion.