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Found 2 results

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions No.08: Roma Pizza Navy: The Return of the Hot Sauce And yes, I do mean hot sauce. Here we have arguably one of the best looking ships in the game, if not the best looking ship in the game, the Littorio class battleship, Roma. She’s not just a pretty face, she’s a fast, mean, hard hitting and excellent handling Italian fighting lady who knows how to rock and roll with the best from America, Japan, Germany, France, and Britain. She’s even got her own quirky personality that sets her apart from the rest of the scene at tier 8, with insane performance characteristics that are tempered by some rather obvious and glaring faults, those same things that also make her one of the most misunderstood BBs in the game. So you say, though. Allow me to clarify that misunderstanding once and for all with this edition of Ship Opinions Armor: Not-So-Sekrit Dokumentz Here’s a fun fact: the Roma here actually served as a template for the Russian Battleship line. Don’t believe me? Well then take a look at her in port, and you’ll see what I mean. Her citadel is horribly exposed over the waterline, though it is better than the Russians, but she has a spaced armor belt protecting 65,400 HP worth of Italian Meatball Stuffing, and that spaced armor makes citadeling her a bit of a chore; even if she’s showing flat broadside, even cruisers with ridiculous power (500mm+ penetration) on their AP, such as Henri and Zao ( not counting the Russian psuedo-BBs), will find it difficult to land citadel hits on her, thanks to the way the spaced armor works, although actual BBs will eat her alive if she shows full broadside ( point is, don't frickin broadside ). She also has the unique armor scheme of Vladivostok, with a largely 32mm nose backed up by a 130mm cheekplate that allows her to ricochet every single shell aimed at her, even bouncing the likes of Yamato and Musashi, if properly angled. Other things include a 45mm deck that shatters all 152mm shells and will cause non-IFHE equipped Henri IVs to shatter, though 203mm armed German Cruisers, Cheshire, Drake, and Goliath will all penetrate her deck armor. That’s about it. Her rating could have been better, that’s for sure. It’s her citadel that drags her down here. Rating: Good Armaments: Italian Sniper on a rooftop in 1944, 2020 colorized The Roma is a tale of contrasts here. Everything focuses on her main battery here, with no mind paid to her back-ups. She packs 9 380mm/50 OTO 1934 cannons in three triple turrets, similar to the Monarch, and the tragicomedy only continues further from there. These guns have the best performing AP of all 380mm guns in the game, with an absurdly short 9.46 second flight time out to her maximum range of 18.1 kilometers. The next fastest 380mm shells, the ones on the Richelieu, take only fractions of a second longer to reach that mark. The Roma also has the greatest penetration of all the 380mm guns in the game, with around 700mm of penetration, compared to Richelieu’s 665mm or so and Bismarck’s 630mm or so. She also has an incredibly quick turret traverse of 6 degrees per second, with just 30 seconds required for a 180 degree turn. This, however, is where the problems start. You see, those blisteringly fast AP shells might seem nice and pretty when you want to snipe at targets at range, but the long vertical dispersion axis caused by this combined with terrible horizontal dispersion leads to the majority of shots missing at longer ranges, and I won’t even begin with overpenetrations, which happen on the large majority of softer and squishier targets at closer ranges, thanks to the fact that the shells have just too much penetration, whereas a ship such as North Carolina or Bismarck will have fewer issues thanks to their slower shells ( I won’t even talk about the absolutely [edited] HE, which, while it has good damage, it has the worst fire chance, like, ever). Her secondaries are also somewhat forgettable. She has 4 triple 152mm guns and 12 single 90mm guns, with a measly 5 kilometers of range and a horribly long reload of 12 seconds on the 152mm guns. The upside is that the 152s produce a tremendous burst when they fire, which can fool people into turning to expose all their guns, thinking it safe ( it’s fooled me before, no kidding, also thanks to LWM for that piece of info there). Overall, she’s more of a Mid-range cruiser smasher, rather than a brawler or sniper. Use these traits wisely, otherwise you’ll be punished more often than not. Rating: Good AA: r/Error_404_Good_AA_Not_Found There’s no secret that Roma packs mediocre AA defenses. While the numbers look good on paper, she lacks the monster power of the North Carolina’s Mid and Short Range AA, nor the incredible durability of the German mounts of the Bismarck, nor the awe inspiring Long Range flak cloud shredder of either of them. Her 90mm dual purpose guns serve as her long range, and she puts out some flak clouds, but they only have a range of 4.6km, compared to the German’s 5.2 and the American’s 5.8km range. Also, these mounts have mediocre durability, weighing in at just slightly better than the French mounts. Overall, she has AA, but it’s all gums and screams, no bite at all. In other words, mehdiocre Rating: Poor Maneuverability: Saturday Night Fever, baby! The Roma dances like she shouldn’t be able to. She handles like the Italian cruisers: slick, smooth, and creamy, with just a hint of oversteer. She has a ridonkulously quick rudder shift of… oh wait, this rudder is crap ( when compared to Vanguard, anyways ). It’s 15.6 seconds, which means it takes a while to get the turning rolling, but when she does, oh boy does she turn. She has an 810 meter turning circle, one of the best for her tier, only beaten by Monarch, North Carolina, Massachussets, and Alabama. This, combined with a ridiculously quick rate of turn, gives her the ability to torpedobeat like a total boss. She’s also fast as heck, with a top speed of 31 knots allowing her to match Bismarck and outpace the Americans and Japanese in a straight line, though the Richelieu and Gascogne are in a league of their own when speed is concerned. Overall, she’s one hell of a stonking handling package. I just wish her dang rudder would be faster. Rating: Good Stealth: Italian Mafia Jumpscare This ship is scary good when it comes to concealment. She has a base surface concealment of just 14.5 kilometers, which is literally the same as the Prinz Eugen, and that thing is a friggin cruiser, for Pete’s sake! Fully specced for concealment, she can drop her detection range down to 11.7 kilometers, which is some of the best concealment for her entire matchmaking spread, with the only ship beating her being the Monarch, the queen of BB stealth, at 11.5 kilometers. She also has a small air detection range of 8.6 kilometers, which is again, only beaten by the Monarch, at 8.1 kilometers. This allows her to sneak up on some cruisers in open water, when no one notices, and just smash them to pieces, or sneak into range of a BB showing broadside, just point the turrets at their citadel, and completely catch them off guard. It hardly matters what you choose to do with this thing. Just keep in mind that the amazeballs stealth will leave you pleased beyond belief. Rating: WTAF Consumables Wise, bog standard. The only real difference against other BBs is her Japanese Damacon, which lasts 10 seconds instead of the usual 15 seconds, or even the 20 seconds of the American BBs. Build: Build-a-Pizza Commander Skills Preventative Maintenance ( 1 point ) Adrenaline Rush ( 2 points ) Superintendent ( 3 points ) Concealment Expert ( 4 points ) Jack of All Trades ( 2 points ) Basics of Survivability ( 3 points ) Fire Prevention ( 4 points ) Upgrades Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control System Modification 1 Slot 3: Aiming Systems Modification 1 Slot 4: Damage Control System Modification 2 Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 Yay, Bog-Standard BB Build! The Verdict Totals Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 2 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Overall: 19 / 25 ( Gudbote ( 17 - 21 points ) Verdict: Russian Bias on a Pizza, whoulda thought that would work? Once again, I would like to thank Clammboy for giving me the suggestion for writing this review. Sooner or later, I will try and sort out the whole issue with the black font and everything, but don’t expect that for a while though. As I stated in the previous comparo test, there will be a vote on which Russian BB will get reviewed for the next edition of Ship Opinions, which will arrive next Sunday, on the 2nd 1st of March ( oops, almost forgot that this is a leap year ). And after that, the big brawlfest between Kurfurst and Ohio will be coming up. Now, for a small thing about that matchup. I play German Battleships, a LOT. In fact, I’ve actually grinded the FdG and played Kurfurst. I know that would normally mean bias, but just looking at the numbers and the experience, I can already tell you that this is going to be a LOT closer than you would expect. I will be impartial to both ships. Just, please, if one ship wins and the other doesn’t, don’t call me biased, because that’s just not true. Welp, that’s all I got for that, I guess Peace!
  2. World of Warships Proposal: Italian Battleship Line By Shrayes Bhagavatula The Italian Battleship line would serve to implement the famed and historical Italian Battleships into World of Warships. The tech tree will split from Taranto at Tier 3 to the fictional Fiorano, progressing to the Dante Alighieri at Tier 4, and transitioning to the fast battleship type at Tier 5 with the upgraded Conte di Cavour, before progressing to the Tier 6 design study Amerigo Vespucci, before moving on to a fully modernized Francesco Carriacolo at Tier 7. At Tier 8 we see the Littorio-class battleship Littorio, where the line gains access to the full speed exhaust smoke generator found on Italian Cruisers. At tier 9 we see another fictional design, in the form of the Vittorio Emanuelo, armed with 3 x 3 406mm guns, and finally, at Tier 10, we find the Guiseppe Garibaldi, armed with 9 450mm guns. Garibaldi has high speed, excellent armor, and great stealth, though her citadel is raised well above the water and her main battery firing range is extremely short for Tier 10. National Traits of ITA Battleships Armor scheme is spaced, as compared to most other battleships Armed with SAP Shells instead of HE shells, with great damage and high velocity Guns have a longer than average reload and shorter than average maximum firing range, but have high shell velocity and excellent energy retention Excellent maneuverability for such large ships Line gains access to full-speed fuel smoke above Tier 8 Excellent stealth, comparable to the Royal Navy Battleships Poor AA defenses compared to other battleships, tier for tier, until Tiers 9 and 10 Unique Repair party consumable: Repairs damage for a greater duration, but heals back less damage: only 40% of penetration damage and 10% of citadel damage, as opposed to standard battleships NOTE: All specifications are for top hull with no upgrades or commander skills Tier 3: Fiorano Tier 4: Dante Alighieri Tier 5: Conte Di Cavour Tier 6: Amerigo Vespucci Tier 7: Francesco Carriacolo Tier 8: Littorio Tier 9: Vittorio Emanuel Tier 10: Guiseppe Garibaldi If anyone has questions, comments, or salt, do leave it in the comments down below. I’ll be waiting Peace!