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Found 4 results

  1. *pictured - depiction of Lt. Stephen Decatur(USN) leading a boarding party on the Tripolitan Gunboat (8/3/1804)* After day 1 of the pirate scourge, what is your situation report? On 8/17/2018 at 17:00 hours (Eastern Time), a massive pirate fleet was spotted by multiple vessels. These ruthless, flea-bitten, mangy, and soulless outlaws deserve no quarter and should be hunted down and brought to justice. The only good pirate is the one swimming in Neptune's Lair. After a long day/night of fighting off high seas piracy, what is your sitrep? Get the latest intel report on the Pirate Fleet here: "There never is a convenient place to fight a war when the other man starts it." - Arleigh Burke, US Navy #sitrepsaturday #anchorsaweigh
  2. Hello Everyone! The Pirate event is currently active and people have found a lot of pirates. What I want to mention in this post are the types of ships that pirates are using. Pirates should use battleships, cruisers and destroyers. They should not use carriers. Why you may ask? The whole point of the event is to let people destroy pirates and get loot. By going as a carrier, the carrier player is most likely not going to get destroyed by most people except an opposing carrier or an occasional destroyer. On the other hand, if the pirate goes in a battleship, cruiser or destroyer, the opposing team will have a fair chance to destroyer him or her. What's more, pirates don't have to win to get their prizes from WG, so it's not a huge loss if the pirate loses. This is not to say that the pirate should play recklessly for the enemy team to get him or her, but at the same time, that player(pirate) should not pick a ship that will be unfair for the opposing team because like I said, the whole point of the event is to destroy pirates and get loot.
  3. World of Warships - Especial 5000 suscriptores Pues directo para agradeceros estar ahí como fieles que sois, y por eso pues habrá Pack de Camus y Contenedores Suscriptor/Epicos para vosotros. Para participar entramos en DIV y os propondré unas sencillas tareas que hacer dependiendo del barco que os pongáis, por ejemplo hacer Ciudadelas, Torpedear, Incendios... etc... Hay que estar suscrito al menos dos semanas para poder participar y evidentemente para poder comprobarlo, hay que tener las suscripciones públicas en el perfil de Youtube. Animáos que nos vamos a divertir y ya de paso os lleváis algún premio interesante. Streaming DUAL Youtube/Twich Suscribirse Pirates ArmyTwitch https://www.twitch.tv/pschild/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pirates-Army-1776245929255035/Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pirates_Army