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Found 9 results

  1. Michael_MM_

    Hornet Bug?

    I purchased the CV Hornet yesterday it lets me get 4-6 sorties off the deck and then the planes do a familiar "spinning around in circles" and you get the notice that you have been disconnected from the server. Click reconnect and it won't reconnect you until the ship is back in port. Some times 10 minutes go by saying it's logging on before it connects. You find your self back at port dressed in pink (you already know what I think about that) 3 out of 4 times I been pink. The last time it did the same thing but no pink. The question is Does anyone else have this problem? Pretty gun shy about setting sail in her again. I mean 4 out of 4 disconnects doesn't seem to be a coincidence.
  2. Ralph_Vargr

    Feeling Pink...

    Just got my second disconnect/crash in an hour. I've tried all the standard remedies (cache/uninstall). So, please, complain about how AFK should be punished *more*.
  3. OldBreezy

    Meandering Bots

    Anyone else notice that bots seem to consistently meander in front of friendly torps even when it is tactically stupid to do so? WoW really needs to fix this and up their game in this department. I'm ok with more aggressive bots, but having the consistently rush in, block shots or worse, turn in a nonsensical direction to catch a friendly torp is stupid.
  4. I had a teammate AFK for a good portion at the start &, when he finally came on, he rammed my CV & kept turning in to me so that I couldn't back off of him. Then, for added fun, he made himself pink by shooting me. The fun life of a CV player...
  5. I skimmed the patch notes and video for the current patch. I never tested in PTS the over sensitive Pink requirements/rules. I am saying to be aware of the perceived changes to the friendly fire system. Here are the Pics, *The background/context* These were my first 3 games in the game mode tonight.. Must were "love hits/taps" or things that are not in your control... The unintentional hits you dont pay no mind of.. Well after these 3 games, I am taking the night off... It appears, the system is a little bit sensitive to any DMG done. Keep an eye on this fellas..
  6. Just finished a game in my Des Moines. I was shooting at a C. Martel and just nicked the mainmast on a green Mogami. The CM was in the process of torping said Mogami, and my shells arrived just in time to supply the final 13 HP needed to bring it's health pool to ZERO! So here I am, Pink again, over a lousy 13 HP. I realize it's just 2 games, and who really cares. But lets see some stories of how FEW hp damage you can inflict on one of your teammates and get turned pink because of it See you all later - off to play my two games of shame!
  7. It must be a new fashion. Including shooting at anything, including me, for fun....
  8. It's been over a year since I've had to wear pink in this game. Now twice in one week I'm getting shellacked by the Pink because of [edited] penalties and situations I cannot control. First my game crashes. Three battles until I'm no longer pink. The next day WoWS gives free camo because the client is messed up and this happens to, like, everyone... Then I'm playing in a low tier match (Derzki, I'll never leave you and your ten second torp reload...) and some buffoon drags me halfway across the map AND I GET PENALIZED AND END UP PINK. What in the everloving HELL are they thinking??? Stop penalizing players that aren't [edited]. (I've checked, I'm definitely not an [edited]. Proof; My dog says so) [edited] = but whole person
  9. Galvanic_


    @WarGamming Anyone know how to reach out and report player who grief another when they are pink? I always seem to come across at least on [edited] that just side swipes a pink player the whole match. Not only making themselves useless but also racking up extra pink time for the poor SOB who happen to pull that guy. Big surprise he is doing this kind of crap. I have screenshots but not a lot of hope WG does anything about this, but maybe I guess. Any info is appreciated, as I think to improve the game we should get these players out of there.