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Found 8 results

  1. Did wargaming move their WoWs servers for NA? My PING which was at a steady 100 is now at 170 to 200. This only recently happened over the pass week so I suspect that the servers have been shifted. If so is there any chance of them being moved back? Thank you

    Ping issue

    Since I once again installed this game (had it and deleted it several times before), I've been experiencing problems with my in-game connection. the most serious of which I will describe: I join a match, and game loads, it takes up to 2 min for me to actually connect, but no biggie. I connect and get going, everything seems fine, until my game freezes for 2-4 seconds, and my ping rapidly scales up to at least 400ms (normally it won't exceed 100) and it stays like that until i quit the game and restart. cycle repeats. Help Edit: Updated video drivers, seems to have fixed the issue
  3. Port chat (we're working on it) Clan chat (nope) Clan page (nope) disconnects ….yup Gun sounds (working on it) How can a small change in software (made from the same source) get so messed up EVERY patch?
  4. MaddogGT

    Server Locations

    Im trying to reduce in-game latency to best possible. i currently get 35ping stable which is great, but I have to route direct to a west coast location. Im assuming that World of Warships still has two NA servers, one east and one west, while World of tanks now has just one central server. What is the actual physical location cities of the World of Warships servers? Trying to get my ISP configured for the best possible route to reduce ping/latency as sometimes it went up to over 100ms ping. Should be much better on a Fibe connection. I am aware physical distance effects ping as well, but a shorter hop rather than a 30 location hop would be better . If we knew the actual server cities, may help in a routable fix to lower lag. Thank you.
  5. ARTICULO PUBLICADO EN www.profesionalreview.com https://www.profesionalreview.com/2017/10/07/trucos-bajar-ping/ Jugar en línea, ya sea solo contra desconocidos o con los amigos, sin duda es la mejor y más divertida parte de los juegos en la actualidad. Pero por desgracia, esa experiencia de diversión puede ser arruinada debido a problemas con la calidad de la conexión de internet. El ping no es más que una medida para saber cuánto tiempo demora un paquete de datos en ser enviado a un servidor, recibido en dicho servidor y otra vez descargado en el ordenador. Por lo tanto, es la distancia medida en tiempo. Por ejemplo, un ping de 40 milisegundos significa que cada comando que se envía al servidor del juego online (caminar, disparar, saltar) tarda 40 milisegundos para ejecutarse y mostrarse en la pantalla de tu ordenador. Obviamente, tener una latencia por debajo de los 100 milisegundos es lo ideal, siendo que en promedio los jugadores tienen entre 200 y 300 milisegundos, dependiendo del tipo de juego. Las latencias mayores a 500 milisegundos, especialmente en los juegos de disparos en línea (FPS), hacen que el juego sea imposible de ser ejecutado. Mucha gente asume que una conexión a internet rápida y receptiva depende únicamente de una buena velocidad de descarga y carga, pero hay más que eso. También está el ping, que es esencialmente un tiempo de reacción. Si tienes un ping de 98 ms (milisegundos), ese es el tiempo que le ha tomado a tu ordenador responder a una solicitud de otro ordenador. Desde hace unos meses, presté especial atención a la precisión de los disparos. Debido a eso, eché un vistazo más de cerca a la respuesta de tiempo de FPS y PING. ¡Y voilá! ¡Parece que me enteré de la respuesta! Mi PING es de unos 220 milisegundos. Significa que, desde el momento que disparé al objetivo hasta que cae mi disparo, la demora es de unos 220 milisegundos. En otras palabras ... le disparé a un fantasma. El objetivo se movió 220 milisegundos antes de que disparara. Por lo tanto, mi disparo va a "un fantasma" que estaba allí. ¿Podría ser la razón de la falta de precisión de tiro? ¿O simplemente me pasa a mí? Estoy jugando desde Argentina. Mi retraso en PING para otros juegos de Steam es inferior a 220 ms, pero no ocurre con World of Warships. Escuché que es por eso que es tan difícil ganar una batalla contra otros jugadores con menor retraso en el PING. ¿Es verdad? ¿Cuánto tiempo dura tu PING o FPS en el juego? ¿De donde eres? ¿NOSOTROS? ¿Brasil? Argentina? ¿Otro? Solo para tener una idea real de lo que está pasando ... ¡Gracias!
  6. ARTICLE PUBLISHED AT https://www.profesionalreview.com/2017/10/07/trucos-bajar-ping/ Playing online, either only against strangers or with friends, is undoubtedly the best and most fun part of the games today. But unfortunately, that fun experience can be ruined due to problems with the quality of the internet connection. The ping is just a measure to know how long it takes for a packet of data to be sent to a server, received on said server and again downloaded to the computer. Therefore, it is the distance measured in time. For example, a 40-millisecond ping means that each command sent to the online game server (walk, shoot, jump) takes 40 milliseconds to run and be displayed on your computer screen. Obviously, having a latency below 100 milliseconds is ideal, being that on average players have between 200 and 300 milliseconds, depending on the type of game. Latencies greater than 500 milliseconds, especially in online shooting games (FPS), make the game impossible to be executed. Many people assume that a fast and responsive internet connection only depends on a good download and upload speed, but there is more to it than that. There is also ping, which is essentially a reaction time. If you have a ping of 98 ms (milliseconds), that is the time it has taken your computer to respond to a request from another computer. Since few months ago I took special attention at the accuracy of my shots. Due that, I took a closer look to the FPS and PING time response. And voilá! Seems that I found out the answer! My PING is around 220 miliseconds. It means that from the time that I shot to the target until my shot drops, the delay it is around 220 miliseconds. In other words... I shoted to a ghost. The target moved 220 miliseconds before I shoted. So, my shot goes to "a ghost" that was there. Could it be the reason of my bad shot acurancy? Or it just happen to me? I'm playing from Argentina. My PING delay for other games from Steam is lower than 220ms, but it doesn't happens with World of Warships. I heard that it is why is so hard to win a battle against other players with lower PING delay. Is it true? Obviously that it is a russian game. There is no need of further explanation when we heard Nasha or any other presentator. I wonder if the servers are from Russia or US? How long is your PING or FPS on the game? Where are you from? US? Brazil? Argentina? Other? Just to have a real idea of what is going on... Thank you!
  7. ObnoxiousPotato

    WTH? Wildly high ping times

    Is anyone else experiencing periods of large ping times while in battle? Normally for me, the game runs at 70-80 fps w/ a ~35ms ping time when in battle. Lately, the pings are in the 200-350 ms range but occasionally get more reasonable. I reset all of my network components and computers, as well as used "speedtest.net" to see if there was an issue with my ISP. Am thinking the two possible causes to the problem could be either: a) WoWs server side issue, or b) something is seriously throttling my WoWs traffic. WG: Please investigate.
  8. I'm in Aus and the SEA server is the closest geographically. I'm a reasonable latecomer to the game and a while back I installed the NA client and swapped back and forth between the two, and found the NA server had more people speaking english/working together, on average, than the SEA server. In-game ping to SEA server (located Singapore?) reports as ~38ms and NA server reports ~108ms. So the question is, does ping really matter, if it's below a certain amount? Sure if it was 3000ms or something on satellite, it wouldn't be playable, but is there an upper limit, like say 200ms before things break? Another question, say there's equal detection on 2 ships heading straight for one another; will the higher ping get a slight delay in having the enemy appear? Lastly, with a higher ping to the NA server, should I lead the target a bit more, or just aim to land the shells what's visible on my screen? Cheers folks