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Found 1 result

  1. SireneRacker

    Prinz Eugen pictures, all-in

    As some might know, the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen was launched on August 22nd. To celebrate what would be her 81st birthday, I have decided to upload my entire collection and make it public for those interested. It contains every picture I was able to gather of her over the past, from nearly every angle that such a ship can have. What is not included are pictures from after she capsized, they break my heart. As it is with large amounts of pictures, naming and properly sorting them is a lot of work. I have only started translating the names halfway through, so there are some German terms in there. Also, as one might expect, determining the exact date and location of every picture is impossible. If I had that information, it can be taken from the name of the picture. Also it is likely that one or two duplicates can be found in there. To give a bit of a guide through the folder system, I have sorted them (in that order) into Armaments, Camoflage (those typical two or three angle drawings), Close-Ups (for details), Construction and Launch, Entire Ship (for seeing her in all her beauty), Interior, Panama Channel, blueprints and technical drawings, Ramming damage (from her collision with Leipzig), Reports, Test Able and finally Torpedo damage (when HMS Trident torpedoed her). As a somewhat legal note, I do not own any of these pictures, they belong to their respective owners. They have all been downloaded, scanned or cropped out of various books or websites. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14A23-k481eg-qxQiOGvywe7B0T9zcRQs Since some people might distrust Google Drive, I shall upload some pictures below so you didn’t open this thread for nothing. This is a shot of Prinz Eugen during Operation Rhine exercise. It gives a very good view on her camouflage pattern and how it transitioned from hull to superstructure. The Italian Konteradmiral De Angeles during his visit on Prinz Eugen. Christmas eve celebration on board the heavy cruiser. Loading drills on an artificially tilted secondary mount. Firing of the hand loaded 37mm guns, note the man in the background with a bag. He is so to speak a walking ready ammunition rack, and hands new shells to the loaders. Having lost her stern following torpedo damage from HMS Trident, a completely new stern has been built and is about to be attached to the ship. Taken after the collision with Leipzig, Eugen’s bow has been repaired and she can return into active service. Same can not be said about Leipzig… Prinz Eugen’s hanger after the nuclear detonation. All that's left to say is, Happy Birthday Prinz Eugen, without challenge the best looking ship to have ever been built.