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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I wanted to let you all know just how bad RNG can be for some people. So, I have completed all of the directives in the game and have collected every russian container made available to me, and have decided to get the riga early, so I used some dubs to get to the riga. Then thought how much more would it be to get the perma camo on the petro? It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get. Numbers time!!!! I currently have the riga bundle unlocked in the armory, and have 135 tokens in my armory available to me for spending. For the bundle I am currently able to unlock 430 more tokens if I buy every bundle. This would bring my total tokens to 565 tokens available to me. Anyone know how much the petro perma camo cost? Thats right 600! So, my message to WG. If you want to keep having people that want to spend money in this game, you might want to make something physically achievable and not completely impossible to get. As make no mistake, if you are not blessed by RNG in the crates, the perma camo is impossible to achieve. Thanks for your time, -Nick