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Found 3 results

  1. homegrown_cowboy

    Personal Mission Tab

    Where did they hide the personal missions tab in the latest update?
  2. Fellow Captains, Have any of you not received the Twitch Drop personal mission "Battle of the Java Sea" that was to be dropped and started Thursday February 20, 2020 during the English WG Twitch stream? I have not seen it yet or any drops since the first mission that dropped on Thursday February 13, 2020 during the English WG Twitch stream. All accounts are linked and I have been actively viewing the stream. I would like to know if I am not alone. Thanks!
  3. after this mess of wargamings latest patch, all the progress I made on my ships in the personal missions is GONE. So, wargaming, now I have to start all over? I was almost finished with the 5th level for minotaur, and doing pretty good on the others. I guess you're going to say "oops!" can't do anything as it was all lost? I'm not spending another penny on this game until I get some kind of compensation. And I don"t mean ONE lousy anniversary container.