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Found 1 result

  1. So I logged in this evening and found I have a personal mission I don't recall signing up for. I don't mind but what I am concerned about is the possible bug the mission has (or two of them). First off a screenshot of the mission. Please take note that the valid ships for the mission are all rentals that are in my port, but only the Mass seems to be counting towards the mission. So I don't know if this is just a visual bug or the mission actually won't count the Kidd and Prinz Eugen which the mission also gave to me as rentals. The second and more glaring bug and concern I have is the fact that the mission ends on the 8th of October, but here's the thing. The rentals only last for the next 6 days. Seen here: And here: This is rather frustrating as I personally feel like I am being strong armed into paying for the full Prem ships unless I want to grind the hell out of the game for 40 wins. This is a team game after all and just because you do really well, doesn't mean your team will. Which is fair but 40 wins in less then a full week is just...absurd. I can't afford to pay for ships that range from $40-$60 as I am a student and paying for school is rough enough. I'd rather spend smaller amounts on containers then a large lump sum for a ship that I may or may not like or do well with. I now know there have been visual bugs with Personal Missions within the game but I really doubt this is one of those. Unless Visual Bugs grant you Rentals that you can use in a match (just did with the Prinz Eugen and ran a match just fine. No game errors). So unless those 6 days get reset to another 6 days one the initial one is up this is a pretty bad tactic to use on players. Or that it's another visual bug that I am not aware of. Some clarification with this would really be appreciated. From someone at WGing would be preferable. I've never had this Personal Mission before so if this is another known bug then I don't know about it. @Radar_X Would you be willing to weigh in on this? Thanks!