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Found 6 results

  1. There should be an option to purchase perm camos for any ship based on an expendable camo. So, let's say I love the look of the 'type 6' camo... or the 'this is your day' camo. I would like to be able to buy that camo as a 'permanent' camo. The attributes would be the same as the other 'permanent' camos - Detectability -3 Dispersion +4 Post-battle service -20% XP + 100% I don't mind shelling out the cash (or doubloons), but I have five ships I play regularly that I refuse to buy the 'stock' permanent camo because - well, it's ugly. Thoughts?
  2. I'm a fan of camos. It makes ships in the game look authentic, different, and exciting. I could be completely wrong... but I could swear I remember there being more options for purchasing permanent camouflage for ships several years ago (I'm back after a long hiatus). This would be something I'd be very interested in bringing "back". I know I would pay up to a certain price to have cool historical camos. The ones below are from the Battle of Leyte Gulf event going on right now and I think they look awesome. I wish I could buy one of these to put on the ship of my choice and not lose after several battles. Is that something that other people would take advantage of? Surely it can't be a difficult thing to implement?
  3. A semi-permanent signal would be be "permanent" unless the player doesn't fulfill the requirements needed to keep the signal/flag. Otherwise, he loses it. They could be auto-enabled for resupply. HOTEL QUEBEC Boosts the amount of XP earned in battle by 5% and the signal is permanent as long as the player does not damage an ally (player or bot) via artillery, torpedo, or ramming. Reasoning: this would encourage players to play a more careful, considered game, one with less team damage or team kills. WHISKEY WHISKEY By mounting this set of signals on your ship, your repair costs after the battle will be 3% lower, and the signal is permanent as long as the player is not sunk during battle. Reasoning: this would encourage players to win the battle through superior seamanship, and might reduce suicidal tactics and ramming attacks. X-RAY TANGO By mounting this set of signals on your ship, damage from allies is reduced by 1/2, and the signal is permanent as long as the player does not damage an ally (player or bot) via artillery, torpedo, or ramming. Reasoning: this would be a way players could avoid taking serious damage from allies, and it would encourage them to be careful not to damage their allies themselves. These are the only three I can think of at the moment; I'm sure there's more that could be invented/suggested. Just a thought...
  4. Dear WG, I would like to use the coupon on perma-camos for ships i actually play alot, enjoy, and would like some of the cool camos they have/had it real life even. Off the top of my head: Bismarck skins, Kii, Roma, Hood, all the National Camoflages(i foget all those ships) Also, WG, i would probably still spend more dubloons over all, because i would buy so many camos each year. so the house still wins. lol.
  5. With more than a year since the last permanent Campaign was introduced to the game ( talking about Halsey, the Christmas ones were time limited), I can't help but think Campaigns are in a bit of a weird spot. During this past year WG has pushed small, monthly time limited "Campaigns" in the form Directives, both for earning ships and Commanders in tandem with Collections. Oftentimes I find myself pressed irl and can't really devote the time in doing all Directives. Meanwhile due to their limited nature, they often feel more of a chore; not only that, but they promote often certain behaviors in order to complete them as soon as possible. While I understand the objective of these Directives, to establish a frequent presence of a grind so someone who just jumps in has something to do, or to push people into buying certain premium content to ease a grind, I feel permanent Campaigns still have a spot in the game. They offer a more relaxed "do it at your own pace" logic, they are pretty demanding but the rewards are often worth it (Shinonome/Yamamoto/Halsey+ all the supercontainers you get) and with the addition of co-op objectives with Halsey aren't restricted to PvP. Now, there is of course an argument to be made that most Campaigns reward high tiers, which is true due to most requirements. This doesn't mean that there can't be Campaigns with a bit toned down rewards, but also available to mid tiers. There are loads of potential Commanders, loads of ships that can be reward material. That way, people that have limited time in their hands can also work towards some reward. Sadly the solution in most cases lately is just to pay. Bottom line, do you fine forumers feel a new Campaign would be good for the game? What would you like it to be? Tl;dr: Not everything needs to be a time limited series of Directives. P.S, @Bualar, @Umbaretz, is there any data on how many people have completed the current Campaigns? Am pretty curious on that matter.
  6. Here you will find a poll regarding premium/permanent camouflages. Leave your thoughts below! I’d also like to add several open questions for the discussion: Would you change the perks of Tiers IV-IX camouflages to be in accordance with the benefits of Tier X camos and each tier’s economy? What are your thoughts regarding the benefits of Tier X camos? Are there any permanent camouflages you don’t like aesthetically? Which ones? Thank you for your time. ”Ad Astra Per Aspera” Phantom out.