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Found 2 results

  1. I go to College on Campus. Bekah does Phoenix online because she is poor and refuses to let me pay her tuition. So sometimes Bekah will meet me on campus and we will eat lunch together or something. Well certain "clubs" I guess saw us together and I have been getting bombarded with requests to join. At first I politely declined but it has gotten more and more brazen recently. They actually follow me around throwing literature in my face going on about "the cause" and whatever. I finally had enough and literally screamed at one of them "Just because I am with a girl doesn't mean I identify with you people or support anything you do!" That just made it worse and now I actually have a meeting with the head of the College Organizations and Clubs in an effort to get these people to leave ma alone. I understand and respect their right to feel however they want and champion whatever they wish but just because I am with Bekah suddenly it means my beliefs and stuff have to align with theirs!?! What happened to freedom of choice or association? Why can't people just leave me alone. This is why I am so anti-social, people just make me sick. Anyway...uh....yay Dutch cruisers nerf subs
  2. DavyJonesLocker

    What ship would ______ Be?

    I'm Bored. Let's have fun! Match a celebrity, politician, or anyone with a ship, ship class, or nation.....GO Example: Gordon Ramsay would be the Smolensk due to his fiery personality and he is always shouting a you very close. or Betty White would be the Albany. It's older than dirt itself and the ship is legit white.