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Found 2 results

  1. since the recent update i am frequently stuck on the load in screen.If I wait,I can watch the team getting killed of on the roster,I can hear the sounds of the game,but I don't get any video. If I wait, nothing happens and I get penalized for being afk.If I try to relog,it fails to get me in the game, and I get penalized. I have received more penalties in the last few days then I have gotten in my whole history of plaiyng this game. I have been playing since the beta. I do not appreciate being blamed for the fact that the game has become unstable.I am pissed off.
  2. Peter_Greenhalgh

    fairness of penalty for torps

    I am in high disagreement with your penalties issued for accidental friendly damage with torpedoes. several times now I have been penalized for some idiot running across my torp run why should I be responsible for someone not paying attention. at the very least reduce the penalty for occasional offenses.