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Found 1 result

  1. I may need a new gear... Any suggestions to what Laptop and where to get it? Price range $1,500 to $1,800. Along with good cooling fans (I learned my lesson this time). Let me know... Its probably faster to buy a replacement then actually repair it This morning I woke up to a surprise... That vain you see there (its suppose to be smooth)? Yup is a good crack of the shell bottom, just under/close to the mouse pad... In a panic, as per the PIC, I just slapped on some duct tape as a temporary fix... What happened ? Dont know, that is what I am asking on you guys for any ideas as to what happened? It was fine a few days ago... I did not even noticed or hear it crack, I just happened to check under and there it was... Now, if you guys were in my situation... What would you do ?? Is there a way to fix this? Help and advice is welcome... @Snargfargle What would you do if this happened to you ?