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Found 3 results

  1. Tpaktop2_1

    Enough WoWS Patches throughout the year

    I just noticed that I have gotten enough patches to play them all year long. Mount Fuji February 23 Russian Defenders Day February 23 Senatus Populusque Romanus April 21 USS Batfish May 5 Victory Day(Russian) May 9 D-Day June 6 US Army Birthday June 14 Canada Day July 1 US Independence day July 4 French National Day July 14 Russian Navy Day July 26 USMC Birthday September 10 Word of Warships (WoWS) Birthday September 17 Ovechkin's Birthday September 17 USS Massachusetts September 23 German Unity Day October 3 Royal Navy (British) Birthday October 13 USS Constitution October 18 Operation Cherry Blossom September 22 Baby Shark October 30 Old Cleveland CL-55 November 1 USS West Virginia November 19 Blessed by Poseidon December 21 These are what I have. Have I missed any not listed?
  2. So.. I have selected my Battleship Elite Emblem to be displayed instead of the 'patches' As of yesterday I was happily flashing the bad boy in people's faces when they died and when you hovered over my name. Today, it shows as selected in the port, it shows it beside my name in the patch/emblem screen. When I leave the emblem select screen and hover over my name in the clan chat, it shows the boring anchor patch. It does this in game too. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? **EDIT** I believe I fixed it by selecting the lower level emblem (Battleship 1 eww) and exciting emblem screen, then reopening emblem screen and picking flashy emblem back again.
  3. So when I was selecting which soccer patch I wanted, I accidentally selected South Korea instead of Croatia (I didn't exactly know how to select a patch and just ended up randomly clicking on ones that I liked). Granted, I don't mind South Korea either, but I'm wondering if I can submit a support ticket and ask WG to exchange the patch?