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Found 2 results

  1. Note: I would like to exclude the unicum patches and emblems for a focused discussion. There are of course several super-prestigious ones that exist (like the big blue "C" for contracted WOWS YouTubers), but they are unobtainable for most, and people won't get it however they grind. Therefore it's kind of a waste of time to discuss them.
  2. I noticed lately that frequently some DDs sail full speed away from the caps, towards the edge of the map. This only happens among Tier 8 to 10 ships. At first I thought they might be executing an alternative strategy, such as hitting the cap from a different angle. Then they never really try to cap for the whole game, and instead they are only interested in torpedo salvos. While it is given that DDs can go CV hunt and stuff, these are usually noobish strategies and were rarely used before the emblems. Among Tier 8 to 10 ships, I am also baffled when well-positions CAs are shooting at a distant enemy BB instead of a nearby enemy DD in the cap. Are these emblems really so attractive like kids to candies??? I have no problems with the BB and CV emblems. It is the duty to deal damage in those ships, but DDs are supposed to cap and CAs are supposed to support friendly DDs and fight enemy DDs. A possible solution to this is to revise the criterias of earning the emblems. For instance, the DD emblem can instead have the criteria of contribution to capture (e.g. CTC 30% instead of 33k damage), and the CA emblem, average damage to DDs (e.g. 12k damage to DDs insteads of 47k damage). In this way, players still grinding for the emblems can be properly rewarded for doing their duty.