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Found 1 result

  1. P51pilot122

    Italian BB Impressions

    So, Italian battleships are in early access, and I've already gotten and began playing the Doria, Veneto, and Lepanto. Haven't touched the Cavour and Dante, was quite disappointed that the Cavour's B hull isn't the refit, but the refit may be too strong for Tier 5 so that's fair enough. Despite what people have said, I saw it fit to play the ships myself and see what I thought of them, and honestly, they're not that as bad as everyone is making them out to be... Andrea Doria - Tier VI Right off the bat, I'm going to say Doria has been the best in the line so far, she's a solid ship at tier 6. She boasts the Cesare's small size and good maneuverability, but can have a better rudder shift thanks to the rudder shift module. She's tough when angled, and thanks to her turn speed, can easily dodge salvos and angle herself, but is fragile when broadside on, like every other Italian ship in the game. She has quite good concealment with camo and CE, at 12.1km. Speaking of concealment on these Italian BBs, these ships really love the Dead Eye skill, with their good concealment values, they're easily able to take advantage of the accuracy buff without having to border hump, they can easily duke it out in mid range (12-14km) gunnery duels with other BBs. Speaking of guns, Doria's aren't too bad in my experience so far. In fairness, it takes hundreds of battles to fully understand what a ship is like in this game, but this is about first impressions so, that's what I'm giving. Doria's guns are nearly identical to Cesare, but with lower sigma if I'm not mistaken. Unlike other ships in the line, she has a much more reasonable 30 second reload and her turret traverse is delightful, being 30 seconds to rotate 180 degrees with Grease the Gears. Her accuracy hasn't been too bad on my end thus far, gunnery with Doria has been delightful if I'm being honest, Dead Eye makes this ship a joy to play as well. AP performance is solid, it can easily blap cruisers at this tier and really mess up BBs who broadside you, SAP is capable of doing big damage as well, angled BBs are in for an unwelcome surprise when a Doria blaps your super structure for 10-12k damage. Her range is a bit short, but Sansonetti makes for an awesome partner on these ships, just like Roma. Secondaries were a welcome surprise, the 135s on each side can fire nearly directly ahead and can dish out decent damage, and the 90s are decent fire starters and fire pretty quick without any upgrades or skills. Overall, I've really enjoyed the Doria would go as far as to say she's the brightest light in this line, and also she's gorgeous with her perma camo, just a jawdroppingly beautiful battleship. Vittorio Veneto - Tier VIII Now this, is a ship I have so eagerly awaiting to arrive, I bought Roma day one because she was well, Roma, but a Littorio class battleship as well. My brief time with Veneto was... not as enjoyable as Doria was. She boasts pretty much all of Roma's good traits, awesome gun handling, tanky armor as long as you're not broadside on, great firing arcs, fast, and still stealthy despite having less concealment than Roma. Although, her 34 second reload just ain't working, that's too damn long for a ship with worse dispersion than Roma. You heard that right, a ship having worse accuracy than Roma?! How?! Simple, Roma has 1.8 sigma and Veneto has 1.6 if I'm not mistaken. Essentially, she has traded reload and accuracy for smoke and SAP, a questionable trade off. Having used my commander with CE and Dead Eye, her accuracy...was still inconsistent, you could get good groupings more often with Dead Eye but that wouldn't stop a sudden shotgun salvo from coming out of nowhere. She does boast better secondaries than Roma though, only marginally though by having a better reload on them. There's not too much to say about Veneto, since a lot of Roma applies here, plus the differences in their guns. I'd still take Roma over Veneto though, but she's not a terrible ship, but she could be better. I'd say her sigma can be left untouched if they buff the reload, 34 seconds is just too long. In short, not bad, but not good. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed Veneto, but that may be simply because I enjoy Roma. The biggest flaw with Veneto though? It's not even the Vittorio Veneto, it's literally just Roma's model. Veneto and Littorio had significant differences in the bow shape and superstructure. Oh well, at least her perma camo makes her look drop dead sexy. Lepanto - Tier IX My time with Lepanto is the shortest of the three, but my same message still applies here, not as bad as everyone is saying she is. I believe she is a UP 41 based design, having 12 381mm guns instead of 9 406mm guns. If I had to describe this ship in one sentence, I would say an Italian Alsace with SAP and smoke, with worse gunnery than Alsace. Playing Lepanto reminded me a lot of Alsace, lots of guns, surprisingly good secondaries, very tanky. However, her reload is AWFUL, at 37 seconds, Main battery mod 3 is a must here folks, which will take it down to 32.6 seconds. Her range is still bad at 18.1km, you could take the range module but you will sacrifice reload for that. Her dispersion isn't unbearable, and even then you have 12 guns, something is bound to hit what you aimed at. Her concealment is still pretty good for a Tier 9 battleship, once again, make use of Dead Eye on these pastabotes guys. A secondary build is actually very recommended for this ship, she has a lot of guns strapped to each side and they get the job done. Her damage potential with SAP is pretty scary, if you get some good hits with this many SAP shells going down range, expect consistent 12k and higher salvos. Lepanto is a very large ship, turning circle is huge but she's fast and can still get a decent rudder shift at 13.3 seconds with the rudder module. In short, A decent Tier 9 BB, but there's room for improvement And as always, she's gorgeous, especially with the perma camo, that's kind of a trend with these ships, so at least you'll look good.. Overall... The Italian BBs aren't bad ships, but there's room for improvement, except maybe Doria, she's a solid ship in my opinion. These are unique battleships with great potential, but their faults lie in the current meta and of course, terrible reloads, range, and questionable accuracy. Other than that, I've still enjoyed these ships despite their faults and so strongly want to see them succeed as a line, WG has a good platform here, but there's room for improvement, something that can't be said about the new American BBs. Other than that, these aren't bad ships in my opinion, and I see great potential in them. A grateful thanks to all those who read