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Found 1 result

  1. So it seems that in accordance with WG tradition, the new Russian BBs have their own gimmick. This time, their gimmick of choice is that the new ships only have a limited number of uses on their Damage Control consumable. While it is certainly a unique concept, I don't think it's a good idea because it means that you can only set up the Russian BBs in very specific ways, and because it will promote playstyles that are going to make the overall gameplay experience worse. Here's what I mean: Most people know and accept that if you have one fire on your BB, you let it run out on its own. Instead, you use your Damage Control if you have two fires or more or if you take a torpedo hit that causes flooding. The problem with the Russian BBs is that since you only have a finite amount of Damage Control consumables, you can't afford to use them on fires or floods, even if you have multiples of them. As such, you're forced to build your ship and your captain around essentially being a damage sponge to try to minimize fire and flood damage, preventing you from trying out a creative build that could potentially make your main guns or your AA more effective. Worse still, because of the fact that you can run out of Damage Control consumables and because other people know that, Russian BB players will become even more likely to camp at the back of the map the whole game than your average Conqueror player since every single CV, DD, and HE-spamming cruiser will be eager to focus them down and farm lots of Arsonist, Liquidator, and Witherer medals off of them. Cowardly players are already enough of a problem as is, and one of the last things this game needs is for that problem to be magnified. In conclusion, I believe that if WG wants to give the Russian BB line a gimmick, it shouldn't be a limited number of uses on their Damage Control because it will prevent creative builds from being tested and promote passive playstyles that will hinder the team and the experience as a whole.