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Found 2 results

  1. Well guys, just coming here to share with you this battleship proposal (a hard work to model, but everything counts if can be usefull), you can see the complete info in the image, but I will add the text anyway to your confort. Hope you like this and hope this could be usefull in the near future to have a spot into the game. Info: Many thanks to @Talleyrand and @COLDOWN for the info about the ship. Lets hope someday we can play a few matchs with this battleship!
  2. I was thinking regarding the Pan-american fleets. In fact i tought it never existed, but thats not true. Brazil for example could have: 1) Minas Gerais Carrier(A-11) CV from brazilian Navy. Class Colossus, served as HMS Vengeance for the Royal Navy and later for the Australian Navy Size: 211 m Construction: 16/11/1942 Launch: 23/02/1944 2) São Paulo Carrier (A-12 ) CV from Brazilian Navy Class clemenceau, bought from French Navy Size: 266 m Construction: 15/11/1957 Launch: 23 de julho de 1960 3) CTE Bauru (Be-4) DD, Brazilian Navy 4) S Riachuelo (S-22), Submarine, Brazilian Navy Of course there are more for Brazil and for other latin nations as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc So there is room for improvement on that branch.