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Found 2 results

  1. Olá novamente, senhoras e senhores. Hoje lhes trago um tópico sobre navios Chilenos e Mexicanos que podem ser adicionados ao jogo como forma de introduzir ambas as marinhas, dado o interesse do @Maredraco nessas duas em especial. Selecionei 5 possíveis opções para o Chile, e 2 para o México, todos navios de níveis baixos (II-IV). Também irei abordar outras possibilidades para essas nações em níveis mais altos, que poderiam ser adicionadas sem entrar em conflito com as futuras linhas Pan-Americanas. Espero que gostem. Começaremos pelo Chile: Agora vejamos as opções do México: Esses são todos os navios que pude achar que se encaixariam como Premiums de nível baixo para o Chile e o México. Mas óbviamente existem outras opções nos níveis mais altos, como, por exemplo, os DDs da classe Fletcher que tanto o Chile quanto o México possuiram. Claro que o problema surge em querer adicionar um navio Pan-Americano de nível IX tão cedo antes de sequer termos uma linha planejada. Entretanto, a realidade é que nada impede que tenhamos um DD da classe Fletcher em níveis mais baixos. Na verdade seria bem fácil encaixar um Fletcher no nível VIII, VII, e até no VI. Vejamos um exemplo no nível VI: Por fim, acho importante considerar um último ponto: Todas as opções que dei tinham algum fundamento histórico, eram navios que o Chile e o México tiveram ou poderiam ter tido. Contudo, devo lembrá-lo, caro leitor, que isso não é mais um requisito para a adição de um navio Premium para uma nação. Isso graças ao anúncio do Yukon, navio que não possui nenhum fundamento histórico para ser dado ao Canadá. Uma cópia do Monarch, um encouraçado Britânico que nunca foi construído (e note que o Canadá nunca teve um único encouraçado em toda sua história). Então eu não posso deixar de perguntar: Se uma cópia do Monarch para o Canadá é uma adição aceitável, porque uma cópia de qualquer DD Americano para o México, ou de qualquer DD Britânico para o Chile não seria? Pense nisso, e até mais. Fontes:
  2. First of all, if this topic does not correspond to this section, mods, feel free to move it to the one you think is convenient, thanks. Well folks, it's official: I’m creating this topic to share my work, which I have been doing for a long time and I would like you to know a little about it. I have been working on what it would be, a recreation of ships belonging to the small navies, considering that now WG has its plans in the Pan-American and Pan-European branches, and for now I am focused on the battleships (and with time, it will be about other type of ships and from major nations). Taking into account the time it takes to create each model, I decided to show in this topic, how they evolve until its completion, and in this case, it will be about the battleships of the Rivadavia class, which, later and in its own section, we will talk about how to implement it in the game. We know what is essential to be able to recreate these kind of things, and they are the blueprints. WG needs all the necessary material, ranging from the blueprints to photographs and reports, but all that take time, and that time must be used to get the information, analyze it and then recreate it in a 3D model, which must then be submitted to quality controls, implemented in the game and be tested. In the case of the Rivadavia battleships, I have done everything in my power to be able to recreate this class, using only a simple bleprint with the ship's baselines (since it is impossible for me to find full blueprints, from a Argentine source or from the Fore River Shipyard, in USA). That, and a varied amount of historical photographs of Rivadavia and Moreno, which show that both ships carry with them subtle differences, which, I will reproduce as best I can. Of course, to recreate both ships will be a somewhat complicated task, for now, I hope to be able to correct certain flaws in the model (especially the hull, in the bow section) and hope this can also be used as “another reference source" for our developers and a future source of work for me (something that I hope may happen in the near future). But for now, I will be happy if this could end being something useful for WG and for the whole community. That said, here the current state of Rivadavia (which is show with a mixed appearance of 1935 and the end of its years of service, in addition, the bridge is more similar to the one used on Moreno). Each component modeled so far was made from cero and based on that general plan and several photographs that I used as a graphic reference. There you can compare a photograph of the Rivadavia bridge with the modeling by me. You will notice a certain difference, since it was created using the bridge of Moreno. Detail of the feathers for the boats. It is quite difficult to find a photograph that shows each aspect well in detail, but this is better than nothing at the moment. For now, that's the overall progress, and here you'll see, what I'm working on right now: Vickers-Odero Terni Mod 1929 AA guns, from the Heavy Cruisers Veinticinco de Mayo and Almirante Brown, which were installed in Rivadavia and Moreno. The model created is based on a surviving piece, exhibited in a Naval Museum, in Buenos Aires. Well, I hope you liked it and find it useful. Soon, I will update the progress in Rivadavia and also in other vessels in this topic. See you Captains!