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Found 1 result

  1. Description: Nation: Pan Euro Entered Service: 1944 Originally completed as British Z-class destroyer HMS Zealous, Eilat was sold to the Israeli Navy in 1955. She was sunk shortly after the Six-day war by missiles launched from Egyptian missile boats Anti-Ship Armament: Main Battery: 4x1 113mm QF/45 Mk IV on Mk V mounting Reload time 5.0 Sec time to turn 180 degrees: 10.5 seconds HE shell damage 1,675 Armor penetration: 19 Chance of causing fire: 8% AP Shell damage: 2,100 Historical muzzle velocity: 746 m/s Historical range: 18.97 km in-game range: 11.0km Torpedo Tubes: 2x4 533mm PR Mk II Common damage: 15,733 common range: 7.0 km Anti-air Armament: Flak: 4x1 113mm QF explosions per salvo: 2 Damage per salvo: 1,150 Historical range: 12.46 km in game: 6.4 km continuous damage: 5x1 40mm Bofors total continuous damage: 100 historical range: 7.16 km In-game range: 6.0km Maneuverability: Top Speed: 37 knots Rudder shift time: 3.9s Abilities**: Slot 1: Damage control party Slot 2: Rapid-burst Smoke generator OR Surveillance Radar Slot 3: Engine Boost Or Defensive AA fire ASW: None mentioned for the sake of the eventual release of submarines Tier: VII Resource: Coal/doubloons notes: Please bear with me this is my first ship proposal * To maintain historical Accuracy, I refrained from making up figures including exact model of equipment when my access to exact specifics were limited. I cannot understate how much your feedback will be appreciated should you have greater access to information on this vessel than me. ** Abilities are both based on historical reference and what is available on similar ships of same-nation origin due to limited data. if it could not historically make use of an ability and/or could make use of one not listed please let me know. Once again I can't understate how much I appreciate polite assistance on this. Also I am having trouble deciding on the tier. Assistance on this part is not only appreciated but also requested.