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Found 14 results

  1. So I finally unlocked the Yueyang last week, and I'm rapidly approaching the 19th point on my captain. I'm just not sure how best to spend what will be the final three points. So far I'm running PM, LS, SE, TAE, BFT, and CE. My initial plan was to throw DE on there, but with the current T10 meta I'm just not sure if I'll be using my guns enough to really warrant that skill. I play solo & don't do clan wars, so SI doesn't really appeal to me either (it's very rare I run through all my smokes anyway). Other options I'm considering: AR + PT (duh) JoaT + PT (again, though, how often am I going to have the opportunity to string smokes together in a T10 battle?) TA + PT (the thought of 73-knot torpedoes with a 0.8 km spotting range is tempting, but will that produce enough extra hits to justify losing 2.7km of range?) Spec out of BFT and pick up either IFHE or RPF + a two-point skill (I can stand losing the 0.3 second reload boost on my guns, but the AA bonus helps a lot & chews up lower-tier aircraft) ????? Would love to hear some opinions from the more experienced YY folks out there.
  2. Have worked up to Tier VIII in the USN, IJN, and Pan Asian dds and Tier VI in USN cruisers. When do I know that it's time to sell my Tier III/V ships? I don't want to be one of those people who play the lower tiers just to make themselves feel better and beat up on newer players. On a lark this morning, I played my Clemson (attached). Honestly, I was a big bully. It wasn't much fun for me and aside from my team winning, it probably wasn't that much fun for them either. Here's what I'm thinking of selling: IJN: Isokaze, Minekazi USN: Clemson, Nicholas, Phoenix (I'm keeping the St Lo for sentimental reasons) Pan Asian: Phra Ruang, Shenyang Is there a reason to keep any of these ships? It's not that I don't have slots for them. Many of them do have valuable 10 pt captains that could be doing something more productive than taking up dock space.
  3. I seem to have plateaued with my dd play in the game (up to Tier VIII in the USN, IJN, and Pan Asian lines). I'm not having problems in Co-op play (see attached). Thing is that the Bots are predicable in their agreession, so you can plan for that. It's Random that I'm having problems with. I've watched the Ytube videos for the ships I'm playing, consulted the WIki information, and my captains skills for the three dds are the highest in their respective national groups (14-17 skills between the 3). I've gone into the training room and practiced my gun aiming and torp throwing, so that's not the problem. I have dialed down the aggression to last longer in the game (per the suggestion of many), but I end up fighting hard as my team gives up too many caps and we lose on points. If I'm aggressive at the start of the game, I spot a lot of the red team, but it seems to take my team forever to support me. I know that there has to be a balance here somewhere. Any suggestions to improve my gameplay would be much appreciated. Oh, and before you ask, yes I have played BBs and cruisers of the respective nations up to Tier V for the BBs and Tier VII for the cruisers. I enjoy playing the little ships more.
  4. This post will be very image heavy because I will be comparing the armour of the 4 gun turrets on the Lo Yang. For some reason, the top of the third turret supposedly has 1 mm of armour.
  5. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... After made dozens of "Loyang OP Nerf Now" posts. I actually played Loyang last night. It's crap. You'd think it's a Benson with 1/5 less DPM, but nope. The shell speed seems slower, for some reason. The ship also seems to be less maneuverable?! Just can't get a win in Loyang for whatever reason. That 1/5 less dpm from losing a turret REALLY hurts the knife fight. Basically putting the DPM of Loyang on par with "lawl IJN DDs" of the same tier. Loyang is not a man fight DD.
  6. So why is the black being focused again?

    So while browsing the wiki i had this question about the Black, Fletcher and Chung Mu and wanted to know others opinion on this. Fletcher - 17100 hp - 10.5km torps and can hit DDs / 66kts /1.4km detec (19033 dmg) - does not get focused for no reason - USN smoke - can trade speed boost for def aa Black - 17100 hp - 13.7km torps - torps can hit DDs and are 43kts(slower than sims torp mines) / 0.9km torp detec (21600 dmg) - gets focused for no reason - USN smoke - can trade smoke for def aa or radar (20 sec or 28 sec if radar mod) -always has speed boost Chung mu - 17100 hp - 10.5km torps cant hit dds / 66kts /0.8km torp detec (19033 dmg) - once smoke fades the smoke charge comes off cool down it can smoke up again and has 6 charges - can use radar if trades smoke (17 secs or 24 if radar mod) - even sneaker than Black and Fletcher (5.66 km surface to fletcher and blacks 5.81km) - does not get focused for no reason -always uses speed boost So why is the black being focused is it because the user has hit rank 1 over 5 seasons? literally anyone else in that match could have also. is it because CC's said it "was" OP in the past? Im just wondering why every game i see "Focus the black" every time there is a black in game.
  7. When the Pan Asian DD line was announced, I was very skeptical. From all appearances, we were getting another U.S. DD line with a few minor tweaks. Not to mention, this would be the premier of the Deep-Water torpedoes. Many on the forums and other areas argued that the whole line would be inferior and situational at best. To me, this was going to be another grind on already played out destroyer lines. Well, sufficive to say, I was greatly mistaken, and I can say that the Pan Asian DD line is unique enough to make it more enjoyable than I anticipated that it would be. Even more so, the top tier DDs can be fun to play, and can and will often carry a battle. Early Game: Unlike its cousin the Fletcher, I rarely go into a cap at the beginning of the game. Instead, I use my stealth to get into a torpedo lane (usually around a flank) and try to go after the big fish, the one’s backing up their destroyer going into a cap. There are two reasons I am not keen on entering a cap in the first five minutes of the game. First, in a knife fight with another destroyer, the best you can hope for from your torpedoes; “laugh the other guy to death…funny man.” That said, you do have decent guns. I will come back to those. The other reason you do not get into a cap is because when you do fire your torpedoes, which are your most precious asset, you want them to have an impact on the game. What sort of impact? Well if you fire them through a cap trafficked by a DD, the impact will be a short scare for a DD and then everyone else behind them, turning to avoid the incoming deluge of deep water torpedoes. I always try to send my torps at oncoming enemies…their speed and that of the torpedo…cut the time to react in half. If you fire them from an edge, usually not trafficked from a DD, you could send someone packing back to port rather quickly. Now a critical thinking question, can a Destroyer contest a cap without ever entering it and only having Deep Water Torpedoes? I would argue yes, but you must know what you are doing. If a DD, a CL, and 2 BBs are pushing a cap, you can effectively neutralize the enemy threat by taking out “the backfield” with your torpedoes. Once this is done, the cruiser will be friendless…and ruthlessly targeted. The DD…having no friends will flee. The Chung Mu promotes a reverse ideology on who to target first, but can have the same devastating effect early in the match. Attached you will find maps to help you with opening tactics. They all have a common theme...do not enter the cap. Mid-Game: This is where I consider caps, map movement, and where is the enemy concentrating. One battleship weaving about is a waste of ammo, two or more sailing towards a general objective is an opportunity. Make the most of your torpedoes. They will make or break the damage you deal in the game as well as help control objectives. This is also the time, you should really consider grabbing caps. You have dealt a rather solid amount of damage to the battlewagons on the enemy team and or cruisers. They have likely folded on the flank. Go in and contest the cap, now supported by your fleet, which can push because you have the concealment to spot the enemy DD and the cruisers to melt him once spotted. One on one knife fights are not recommended unless you know what you are doing and have more health than the opponent (no matter the DD). As a DD without backup, pushing into a DD with backup is very disconcerting. Now, back to those guns. You have fletcher guns, and those have a pretty solid performance record. Know when to bring them into play, and when to let an enemy pass. A destroyer inside of 7.5km and closing on your position is fair game. A DD turning away or sailing parallel at that range or greater, hold your fire. Also, be sure you can smoke up and continue to fire into the enemy destroyer as it approaches (especially if other allies are scouting.) One of the tricks I like to use is to not smoke, until they fire their guns. In doing so, they are blooming and giving away their position. This lets you continue to pummel them from smoke…all the while staying in cover. Late-Game: With few ships remaining and great stealth, you can help to push in on the enemy. Your deep-water torps finishing late game heroics from battleships who sniped for most of the game. You must still be cautious of any remaining cruisers or destroyers. If you see them on your map and in your area, kite away. There is no reason to give up a close match because you thought your concealment meant invincibility from a Khaba and a Des Moines Radar. As fewer and fewer ships remain, you can have a great impact in balancing the field. That full health battleship eats three to five of your torpedoes and the enemy comeback plan is now sabotaged. Strengths: Deep Water Torpedoes: Your torpedoes are NOT Fletcher torpedoes. They travel .5km farther (it matters – Des Moines and other cruiser Radar although Russian Cruisers will still get to you). They are also harder to see, by .6km. At .8km, your target pretty much gets to say, %$#@!!!, before eating some torpedoes. And that is always satisfying. Smoke Screen: One of the coolest and most unique features of this line. I think it really is what makes the line stand out. The smoke screen lasts for 27 seconds as you drag it along…either while you retreat, shield allies, or all the above. I love this. It makes you very hard to torpedo and predict. An unpredictable target is often a lot harder to kill. Main Battery: Fletcher guns. Yeah! These things can shred a lot of DDs, although Russian DDs will always be a threat and should only engage them from the safety of smoke or if there is no other option remaining. Stealth: 5.7km. It matters, that .1km, you render the enemy DD faster than they render you (Fletcher, Gearing, etc.) That is almost always going to lead to a first shot. Weaknesses: Anti-Aircraft: It sucks, pressing P alleviates you from having to get detected that much sooner. I do use it situationally, but for the most part, my AA remains in the off position. Deep Water Torpedoes: If you are a knife fighter, this ship will be a problem. Furthermore, your torpedoes will do diddly in helping give you an edge in a knife fight. Destroyer Meta: Currently, there are a lot of DDs in queue. If you see four or more DDs on an enemy team, your efforts just became that much more difficult. Utility: Not as useful against DDs and limited AA against CVs. This leaves you more selective in your targeting priorities. Captain Skills: The following skills are shown in order of priority; 1. Priority Target (1 point): Knowing how many guns are against you…good idea of when to tuck tail and run! 2. Last Stand (2 points): Steering, Propulsion a MUST have. 3. Survivability Expert (3 points): 3,150 health is a nice chunk. Gives you 20,250 total. I like this. 4. Concealment Expert (4 points): Gets you to the 5.7km detection. Nice. 5. Torpedo Armament Expert (3 points): -10% to those Deep-Water Torps reload time…makes you more lethal faster. 6. Basic Firing Training (3 points): When you get into that knife fight, have that much more of a faster rate of fire. 7. Adrenaline Rush (2 points): The more damage you take, the nastier you become. Who wouldn’t take this skill? Now some may want it sooner, but this is the route I took, and it worked out. 8. Preventative Maintenance (1 point): -30% to the module destruction. Just makes a lot of sense for a destroyer with thinly armored turrets and torpedo tubes. Ship Modules: 1. Main Armaments Modification 1: Protect your turrets and your torpedo tubes. Keep your lethality in the fight. 2. Propulsion Modification 1: Engines are important to a DDs survival. 3. Smoke Generator Modification 1 or Aiming Systems Modification 1: I used the Smoke Generator Modification, that 30 seconds of smoke screen is nice when supporting a fleet. However, if you are lacking in the mod, go with Aiming Systems Modification 1 as it is beneficial to your torpedo tubes and gun accuracy. 4. Propulsion Modification 2: Being able to speed up just a bit has saved me from many of potential torpedo deaths while moving in my smoke. 5. Concealment System Modification 1: Critical for making your ship viable in sneaking up on those pesky Battleships, and sending them back to port. 6. Torpedo Tubes Modification 3: A reduction to your most lethal weapon system, a must. The time reduction is critical for getting you to destroy more enemies more quickly and get them out of the battle faster. Signal Flags: I would set signal flags in the order of priority as set below; 1. Juliet Whiskey Unaone: The +15% to flooding almost guarantees that no matter where the enemy ship takes the torpedo, there will be a flood. 2. Juliet Charlie: If you are using certain signals, it is important that you protect your investment. Ensuring your ship does not detonate seems like a good starting place. 3. Sierra Mike: +5 percent to your speed as I have said many times before, can be the difference maker between outrunning a radar cruiser or getting pummeled to death. With the amount of hydro and radar out there, I just assume, never leave port without this gem. 4. November Foxtrot: A 5 percent reduction in getting to your smoke charges is a nice perk. Especially given the already short duration between cooldowns. If the enemy has no radar, this can be brutal on a flank. 5. Victor Lima: More increase to flooding, and throw in half a percent to fire chance, just because. 6. India X-Ray: More fire chance, that extra +1 total between these two flags may be the difference between setting and not setting a ship on fire after it used damage control from your torpedo strike. 7. India Yankee: A -20% reduction to fire can be useful. Destroyers have the smallest health pool and you have no heal. Every point of health matters. I have finished several games with under 1k health, and this little signal was key for survival. 8. Zulu Hotel or Papa Papa: As I am always mining elite commander experience or free experience, these both seemed a good fit for this slot. Other Tips: Going Bow on to the guns of an Edinburgh, Neptune or Minotaur allowing you to deflect most of their shells. They will usually go broadside to exterminate you (because it’s what they excel at, killing DDs). When they do…switch to AP and citadel them back…while taking almost no damage in return. Always a good time frustrating the DD hunter with frontal armor! This is both effective for the Chung Mu, Yue Yang, Fletcher, and Gearing. While in a knife fight, you don’t fire your panic torpedoes first. You just use your guns. I think a lot of DD drivers could learn from this. When I am surprised in a knife fight, my guns are my go-to and the torpedoes come out as able and when tactically efficient. I see too many DD drivers waste 5 to 10 seconds firing their torpedoes in a knife fight and end up losing out on 3-4 salvos of main battery. This equates to about 4k-7k damage. They lose the knife fight and go back to port confused why they got wasted…of course, their torpedoes miss, because in a knife fight, the other DD is rarely predictable. Summary: Much of what I have written here applies to both the Chung Mu and the Yue Yang. However, some aspects could be applied to the Fletcher and or Gearing, although, they should be played very differently around the caps. Many people may still feel that the Chung Mu is not competitive and cannot carry a battle. I would beg to differ. My experience with the ship over the course of a hundred battles led me to an average of 83k per a game. Interestingly, my WTR in the Chung Mu is like that of my Fletcher, yet my Fletcher does a lot of things differently. Fine Print: Your individual results may vary, but this is just a bit of what this ship is capable of;
  8. BEFORE COMMENTING PLEASE READ THE THREAD SINCE ITS NOT DAMAGE SATURATION OR DESYNC. Using the tier 9 Pan Asian DD, I hit a torp on the enemy Zao and got zero damage for the hit. It stated there was flooding though. Is there some feature about deep water torps I do not know about? Replay here for those that want to see. https://replayswows.com/replay/10475
  9. Huang He: Do you like British cruisers? Flanking, or being a team player providing close support for your destroyers in a cruiser? Are you adept in destroyers and capable of utilizing stealth and cat and mouse tactics? If so Huang He may be for you. Huang He is a short, agile cruiser. She is able to out maneuver many destroyers. This vessel has the best stealth out of any tier 6 cruiser. Huang He features some of the most interesting consumables in the game; a Perth like smoke generator which allows her to emit smoke and cruiser in it for a good 90 seconds, choice of either hydro-acoustic search, or torpedo reload booster for a nearly instant 8 second reload on her torpedoes. Indeed Huang He can be a very potent threat if not taken seriously. Many people criticize the ship for only having six 152mm guns, however the artillery is easy to handle and are among the highest performing six inch cannons. They are Russian guns, the same found on the tier 6 Budyonni, as such they exceed at striking the citadel of targets and setting fires. While Huang He may only have six guns, what makes her shine is utilizing them while in a moving smoke cloud. These cannons will make short work of any destroyer or broadside cruiser. However they will be unable to do much more than harass a battleship. They also have very poor range at 13.2km, but because of this I have found myself often in range to land citadels on cruisers Because of the lesser number of guns Huang He should avoid a straight up gunfight with any ship her own tier, unless it is at close quarters, in which case her quick turning circle and rapid fire torpedoes may allow her to win the fight, at likely a great cost. This is not exactly a con a much as a standard issue that smoking cruisers face. A Fiji, for example is at a disadvantage against a Myoko in a straight up gun fight, assuming there is no smoke and no one else interferes, and both ships angle wisely. Huang He has 2x3 torpedo launchers, 3 per side loaded with very impressive 8km range, 60 knot speed 14,400 damage torpedoes, these torpedoes hit less hard individually than Perth's torpedoes, however have 100 meters less detection range. Unfortunately they only have one firing option, which is a tight spread. I really wish this ship also had a wide option as well. My tactical recommendations for any Huang He captain would be to plan to fight in bursts. With each smoke use have a attack and retreat plan in mind. After the smoke is used try to lay low, scout, and take pot shots from behind islands, while requisitioning for your next in smoke attack. Lack of spotter plane and hydro acoustic search may leave you blind if you do not have a ship available to spot for you when you are in your smoke, keep this in mind when planning your attack runs. Huang He has a great anti air suite of 2x4 closely packed Russian 100mm secondaries as well as 2x8 37mm anti air guns and 1x8 20mm guns. Unfortunately she does not receive defensive fire as a option, if she did she would rival a Cleveland in AA damage. However she is still above average. For those of you who are into history, the Huang He was the HMS Aurora, a very famous British cruiser, as there is already a ship in game called the Aurora it sadly, nixes the chance for us to get that famous ship, so I do not mind this fantasy British style cruiser in my fleet. In brief Huang He's Pros and Cons Pros Cons Mobile Smoke Fragile Stealth One, tight torpedo spread option Agility Only 6 cannons, 13.2km firing range Russian 152mm guns Poor recon tools Great AA and secondaries Requires 14 point captain, IFHE for best performance Is she a good boat to own? If you like British light cruisers and want to have something that is incredibly stealthy and agile for that role? Also she is the only ship that you can presently purchase with Perth smoke, if you have not experienced this smoke it is very fun. Unfortunately you need a 14 point captain with IFHE and concealment expert to really make this ship shine. Compared to Perth, In general I will say Huang He scores citadels on targets way. way easier, her gun handling is really good too and honestly looking at my actual gun hits I will say she does a comparable damage with her six guns as Perth can do with her eight. It is useful that four of Huang He's cannons are upfront. Unfortunately, Huang He lacks the recon tools that Perth has, but Huang He is stealthier, shorter, and more agile, allowing her to weave through fire and torpedoes with great ease. Overall both are fun ships and it is hard to pick a favorite, but Perth is more versatile, Huang He turns so tightly, making her a joy to drive. On the plus side, she is available on the North American premium shop for just $26.49, a reasonable price for a fun little cruiser.
  10. Deepwater derping

    So after seeing all the posts about overcrowded DDs, I brushed off my Wickes and Clemson last night and dove into the lower tiers for a little PA-clubbing. While down there, I was absolutely amazed to see PA drivers going for knife fights time and again, and dumping salvo after salvo of useless torpedoes at each other. Seriously, it's amazing. Not only did they manage not to read the in-game info and patch notes, but they made it to T4-5 in the line without noticing it. Has anyone else been seeing this, or did I just manage to find the weird games last night?
  11. 10 seconds after your smoke dies and you can pop it again. This is Chung Mu and PADD. And though you have radar, without defensive torps for DDs, I suspect the average player won’t use it. Why would you want to? Chung Mu is Fletcher with Flexibility. And I meant White Zombie, not NIN. You’ll understand what I mean later.
  12. The role of IJN destroyers.

    I've been watching the pan asian destroyer line reviews and noticed that they have excellent torpedoes, best in class torpedo detect (excluding the soviets) US gun systems, and radar. Looking at the stats they appear to be torpedo boats with US guns. I was looking at these and wondering, what's the point of getting any IJN DD at all now? They cannot play the objective, they cannot perform their torpedo role effectively, and they cannot fight DDs or apparently perform in clan battles. Is there something I'm missing here or should I ditch my beloved kagero as soon as the pan asian DDs come out?
  13. Radar? I haven't read any news or anything really, this thread is based on a few model observations in-game. Now since the T9-10 DDs will probably be better Fletchers & Gearings (ok I'm half joking, I wouldn't be surprised if they were though ), there's a few things that stick out. Radar dishes of high tier USN radar capable ships: Radar incapable high tier USN ships: Upcoming high tier Pan Asian DDs: I don't know about you but those look like huge friggin radar dishes. T8 & below doesn't have that dish, so it's probably a high tier gimmick, like Russian DD heals. Of course this thread is a bunch of speculation so take it with a ocean of salt, just don't be surprised if they do get radar.
  14. I put together a ship review video for the new Anshan which contains my thoughts on the ship and some gameplay footage. I am curious to know how many people ended up buying the premium destroyer and if they enjoy it. Let me know what you all think! The Taste Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w/featured Anshan Ship Review