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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone else disappointed to see (or not see?) that these camos like 'Sci-Fi Space' and 'Back-2-School' don't appear when you mount them? Effort was put in to win these, and the benes are great, but it sure would be nice to see what they look like. As it is, I'm having to burn through them and will never know. Bummer.
  2. Is there any way you guys can start working on the ramming of ships. I've about hit my limit on instant death from paint scraping, and when I say paint scraping; I mean that I can literally see the air gap made from the hit box when the ship was built in-game. I feel like some basics are long overdue. Two passing ships hitting sides should not equal death. Is it really hard to program some basic impact zones? Like side to side = little damage, nose to nose= death, nose to aft= more damage to the rammed opposed to the rammer...ect... You could even piggyback off the armor layouts you have already as the hall is already separated into nose, side, and aft sections.
  3. My signature image yesterday Visit their website if you haven't yet today. They are making everyone a Potato. Heheheheheheheh...
  4. I bought the Shokaku last night and I was absolutely delighted to find that camouflage is applied over the flight deck: This was a pleasant surprise because the previous carriers didn't have this feature. Are there any other carriers in the IJN tech tree and the USN tech tree (I'm currently grinding through the Independence) that feature camouflaged flight decks? Can I look forward to camouflaged flight decks on the Taiho and Hakuryu?
  5. Don't finish the fight with nearly full health and no consumables used. Nobody expects you to charge headlong into the fray, but please bring your considerable armor and health to the front. CA's need you there, the team needs you there The credits you earn will help you to pay for the scratched paint! Note the Fuso, compared to both NC's and the Colorado.
  6. While messing around, trying to find a good way to add camo patterns to our favorite game, I came across a fairly good technique, that I thought I'd share. I use Paint Shop Pro, but I'm sure this technique will work in Photoshop or other similar packages. - convert the texture DDS file to your favorite standard graphic format (I prefer PNG). - open the image in your favorite editor. - add two new raster layers to the image (you can save it in your editor's native format), and group those layers together. - add a "show all" mask to the group with the new layers - set the upper layer in the group to "dodge" mode, and the lower layer to "multiply". - paint your camouflage pattern on the lower layer in the group. - sample the color in an "average" area of the background image (the original texture). The sampled area should have a minimum of highlight, shadow, weathering, or other details. - fill the "dodge" layer with the color you sampled in the previous step - paint the mask layer black in ares where you want to preserve the background color - export a "flattened" version of the file, and convert back to DDS - install it in the appropriate location in Res_Mods, and enjoy. The "Multiply" layer combines the new color pattern with the background. The "Dodge" layer subtracts the base color from the result. The above image illustrates the result. The upper quarter of the image is the unaltered texture (from the Clemson, 1930 file). Below that is the the result of the "Multiply" layer, next is the combined "Multiply" and "Dodge" effect. At the bottom are the original colors I wanted to reproduce, which I painted into the Multiply layer. I masked out the portholes, to keep them identical to the original texture. Now I need to start on painting APD "Green Dragon" skins for the Wickes and Clemson!