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Found 1 result

  1. Haruna at Sea in 1935 following her second reconstruction, her top speed at this point was 30kts up from 29kts Yes, this is my proposal for Haruna to be appear in the game as a Tier 6 Premium with some balans fandangling for more comfortable play. So now then, onto the proposal. So the idea is to take the Kongou class' strength at Tier 5 for being ranged kiting ships with decent accuracy, and put it at Tier 6. Haruna in 1944 is far stronger than most Tier 5 Battleships but will find herself well at home in Tier 6. Here's her armament as she appeared in 1944: Main Armament: 8x356mm guns, 30s reload (Can be tweaked to 28s, to make up for the lack of not having 12 guns) Secondary Armament: 8x152mm guns, 8s reload 6x127mm guns, 5s reload Anti-Air armament: 6x127mm guns 118x25mm Type 98 guns ASW Warfare: 30 Depth Charges Armour is standard Kongou armour but here's her values anyways: Belt: 203mm thick Deck: 38mm - 70mm thick Turret faces: 233mm thick Barbettes: 343mm thick Conning Tower: 229mm thick Top speed: 30kts Rudder shift: 14 seconds Turn Circle: 750m Range: 21km Sigma value: 2.0 Dispersion: 226m (Like Fusou's) General playstyle: A fast Kiting Battleship with excellent accuracy for her tier, able to dictate her terms of engagement and a strong Anti-Aircraft suite to dissuade all but the most confident carrier commanders. Downsides would be an average hitpoint pool for her tier and poor torpedo protection. Her permaflauge would be the striped camo we saw on her turrets. It appears she was well dazzled up from images I can find online, but no further confirmations as I can't for the life of me find an image of when she was still afloat in 1944 - 1945 with her stripes, only her wreckage that shows the stripes on the turrets and secondaries. Haruna as she appeared in 1944 Haruna's wreckage showing her stripes. This is about what I can think up of. She'd be pretty strong IMO and honestly would love to see her in-game like this, she'd most likely have a moderate skill level rewarding good positioning and decent aim as well as situational awareness. Her lack of armour against the more powerful guns at Tiers 7 and 8 will punish poor play. This is about what I can think, have been mulling over this suggestion for a while. Anyone else have any suggestions, or rather feedback on my proposal, what should I change? @Hapa_Fodder Mind throwing this suggestion over to WG? I know I'm not alone with wanting Haruna in-game lol ~Hunter