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Found 2 results

  1. So I finally unlocked the Yueyang last week, and I'm rapidly approaching the 19th point on my captain. I'm just not sure how best to spend what will be the final three points. So far I'm running PM, LS, SE, TAE, BFT, and CE. My initial plan was to throw DE on there, but with the current T10 meta I'm just not sure if I'll be using my guns enough to really warrant that skill. I play solo & don't do clan wars, so SI doesn't really appeal to me either (it's very rare I run through all my smokes anyway). Other options I'm considering: AR + PT (duh) JoaT + PT (again, though, how often am I going to have the opportunity to string smokes together in a T10 battle?) TA + PT (the thought of 73-knot torpedoes with a 0.8 km spotting range is tempting, but will that produce enough extra hits to justify losing 2.7km of range?) Spec out of BFT and pick up either IFHE or RPF + a two-point skill (I can stand losing the 0.3 second reload boost on my guns, but the AA bonus helps a lot & chews up lower-tier aircraft) ????? Would love to hear some opinions from the more experienced YY folks out there.
  2. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... After made dozens of "Loyang OP Nerf Now" posts. I actually played Loyang last night. It's crap. You'd think it's a Benson with 1/5 less DPM, but nope. The shell speed seems slower, for some reason. The ship also seems to be less maneuverable?! Just can't get a win in Loyang for whatever reason. That 1/5 less dpm from losing a turret REALLY hurts the knife fight. Basically putting the DPM of Loyang on par with "lawl IJN DDs" of the same tier. Loyang is not a man fight DD.