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Found 1 result

  1. Shannon_Lindsey

    The truth about CVs now.

    My clan mates and I have taken up training together after realizing we aren't coherent enough as a team to even succeed at the lowest level of clan battles. That said, our CV specialist recently returned after a long hiatus that had nothing to do with the game, and we decided to test out current CV effectiveness against ships that can stay in formation together. I should emphasize that this is a very good CV driver I am talking about, as 100k damage games are common for him, even now. The setup was this. We ran as a formation of three ships, a BB and two escorts. All he had to do was sink one of us in 10 minutes. After a lot of experimenting, we discovered he couldn't sink any of us as long as we stayed in overlapping AA formation, even though he was in Enterprise and we were all using tier 6 ships, even including a DD at one point. After this, we conducted one more test. I jumped over to CV to join him for a few battles, and even with two CVs, we were having difficulty succeeding as long as formation was held. For our last test, we both ran Midways, while our clan mates ran North Carolina, Mogami, and Atago. We nearly sank Mogami, but were unable to finish it within the 10 minute limit, despite focusing it the entire time. Our conclusion is that CVs are only seeing any success in randoms right now due to player's lack of understanding how to work against them efficiently. If CVs did enter clan battles, they would be great for scouting, spotting, and cap resets, but wouldn't consistently inflict enough damage. It's also a pretty strong piece of evidence that people who complain about CVs are...well...Git Gud?