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Found 2 results

  1. It's well known that when a hit sinks a ship, any further shells (or torpedoes, or bombs) will not register as hitting anything even when they do hit the sinking ship. As people are fond of pointing out, this skews any tracked statistics related to weapon accuracy. I propose an Overkill ribbon for all ordinance types. These would track as hits for things which hit a "killed" player, doing 0 damage but still counting as hits. This would return a more accurate hit ratio. In the current system: You fire all 8 guns. The first two shells to hit sink the target, the remaining 6 are "lost". This shows as a 25% hit ratio, as only 1/4th of the shots "connected". In the proposed system: You fire all 8 guns. The first two shells to hit sink the target, the remaining 6 count as hits under the "overkill" ribbon. This shows as a 100% hit ratio, as all shots actually connected. Could help players who are mindful of this stuff more accurately pick out where they can improve, among other things.
  2. Hi Well WG have brought out a new toy for certain ships Main Gun Reload Booster, yes that's right folks there testing it on the French ships right now but don't worry I'm certain they will end on your favourite ship in the not to distant future knowing WG. What is going on at Lesta cant they design ships without gimmicks, I don't know about the wider community thinks of this new gimmick and it may be that I'm in the minority hear but i think this new module is horse manure. I would say something else but the automatic THOUGHT POLICE would censer my writing and I might get a warning. What happened to just plain old ships with guns and torpedoes and maybe some hydro and repair, to many gimmicks will cause system overload WG. So lets just take a look at the French ships first and form most they already have speed boost and giving them another gimmick they go faster in reverse now without speed boost. Jean Bart a battleship launched in 1940 but incomplete but will be in game soon, nice lots of people salivating over the ship however there giving this module which technical in real life terms would probable be say 60's or 70's technology to a 1940's ships then have them face possible lower tiers ships from a even earlier time period is ludicrous. French ships from what i gather are considered well designed and don't need any more gimmicks. lets take a look at some ships WG designed that really dont have gimmicks. Giulio Cesare a tier 5 Battleship that can face and a defeat a tier 7 battleship, it does not even have a float plane let alone any gimmick. Scharnhorst a 11 inch gun Battleship that can sink 16 inch gun Battleships all it has is torpedoes and there not gimmicks that was its historical armament. Fiji tech tree cruiser and considered better than its premium sister Belfast, Fiji has no HE its smoke is now more or less redundant because of radar so no more gimmick there. Bismarck back in the day was considered OP I read LittleWhiteMouse's review of her she has hydro which they NERFED so that counts that out now and her secondaries which were also NERFED some time back. There is probable a long list of other ships I could mention but i will leave at that for that now. So the fact is WG can produce great ships that don't need gimmicks so I am mystified why they are bringing out this new module, the way this game is heading is troubling. I remember reading a post about WG trend towards Gimmicks last year by @Lert and how he had concerns about it, things have not changed since then and it seems that the gimmicks keep rolling out. regards