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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I am sure this has been discussed before buy it needs to be repeated so WG may notice it. Just got random ops into NARAI. Team hat 1BB (mine), 1CV (!) and mostly DDs Needless to say it was a wipe out :-( WG spent a lot of time and MONEY updating the ops and bringing back the old ones. THANK YOU for this !!!! BUT not letting us pick the right ship for a given Operation is WASTING USER TIME. It is neither fair nor $$ wise smart. Frustrated gamers play LESS and SPEND LESS! SUGGESTION WG: Instead of the current random op make it a "Random of the DAY" so we know what ship to bring. I was so excited when the old ops finally came back but instead of playing more I ended up playing less. :-( CORRECTION !!! I am not talking about random team mates (even newbies who are still earning the op and may screw up) !!! I just want to be able to pick the right ship for a given op; i.e. tell me which random Op is next and let me pick a ship I'm comfortable with. Also allows me to skip the Op altogether if I either do not like it or stink at it.
  2. I cant believe I've being sleeping on this meme worthy ship setup for ages now, 1st Ops battle in her, I got into Defense of Naval Newport, mind you this match took place a few days back and I got my torps reload time down to just over 35 seconds: It got me wondering is there anyone out there, preferrably more experienced, that runs this absurdly fun Oland setup in Operations, thats willing to share their tales too?
  3. StoptheViolins

    Bad Players in Ops?

    What's with all the edge campers? I am tired of getting 1 star because everyone else is camping and trying not to take damage. Literally sit back and either kill snip or feed off other people spotting. BBs that won't tank, cruisers hiding instead of helping on the spotting, and well... most dds are doing a good job.
  4. that_wot_player

    Amateur Hour

    I'm beginning to think opening up Ops to several tiers was a bad thing, considering the quality of games has taken a dive. Can we even blame "new people are learning the ops" any more considering they've been opened for months? 20221221_153945_PGSC506-Admiral-Graf-Spee_s02_Naval_Defense.wowsreplay This is like week 1 play, except it's been 15 weeks and the quality of pickup games is still so disappointing. Guess the "passive BBs" a lot of people complain about in randoms made their way here, cause im out of ideas on why this keeps happening.
  5. When I was doing some research on Renown 44 in the wowsft website, I noticed something about her secondaries, while they have the OEM range of 5.6km, her secondary dispersion narrows down to just 215m compared to the usual 350m seen on most other tier 7 BBs, this is further confirmed by devblog post #383 were her secondaries was improved as well as WG wiki's entry on the ship citing the latter only adding on that her accuracy matches those on the recent german BC line. And based on that is it viable to specced Renown 44 for secondaries for the purpose of solely sailing into ops? yes her 2ndaries are only 113mm in caliber and she doesn't have the german range, but still has the german 2ndary accuracy & I've made a secondary Flandre work extremely well even through it has mostly 100mm guns.
  6. Bandi73

    Weirdest run of KW......ever

    Hi I just had the weirdest run ever in KW :) It ended up being not too bad...but...it was really a weird one Here's the replay: 20201103_202339_PGSC106-Nurnberg_s01_NavalBase.wowsreplay
  7. Hey @Hapa_Fodder , I just want to get it down on the record that showing that you can do a mission in the Scenario game mode but then limiting the mission to T7+ is an confusing at best. The combination is impossible so why do they give a false impression that a mission could be done in a game mode when it really can't? I mean, why even allow that game mode on the mission?
  8. lordholland4293

    Operations Reworks/Unavailable

    I feel that the common senses is that defense of Naval Station is the worst of then all. If not fun, the carry potential is abysmal, and the win rate is low for randoms. Out of all the ops that, ultimate Frontier and defense of Naval Station are the worst because you are defending . WG forgot about money for just about three months and redo your ops. An leave Narai alone
  9. Is there a schedule somewhere that states what the next operation will be? I'm looking for one but not seeing it.
  10. Yeah might as well delete ur freakin tier 7 ops, start from scratch COMPLETELY unenjoyable had an awesome 2 star run and a few BIllion credit loss for trying. NOT FUN WG,they use to be enjoyable.