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Found 38 results

  1. Hello all! Clan [INTEL] is recruiting openly! We are a casual bunch but do enjoy Clan Battles as well (gotta collect that STEEL!). If you are interested, please comment here or in-game to Novalesk or ClassicLib, or just APPLY 'cuz you know you want to! We have Discord and cookies! Join us for good times and hard, stomach-aching good laughs! Look forward to hearing from you!!!!
  2. Khafni

    London is just fine...

    ...in Raptor Rescue. I've yet to take her out in Random but that isn't what I have her in mind for. In my half-dozen or so PVE games she is quite an impressive ship. I'm averaging 86k damage in Co-op and well over 100k in Operations thus far. You definitely should mount the Propulsion Mod 1 vice Steering Gears Mod 1 so she won't "lumber" forward.
  3. Blood_EagIe

    [AXE] Warriors of Valhalla

    Welcome to the recruitment page of the Warriors of Valhalla [AXE] Our clan consists mostly of players who are above average and higher, and we have a few players who are newer, yet skilled and show a lot of promise. This is what we are looking for in potential members: - You must have a sense of humor but also have a desire to win. - We prefer members that are willing to join clan battles to have at least 1 tier 10 cruiser or destroyer that you are experienced in, and is ready for clan battles (As of so far, only 1 battleship can be on a team so a BB only player is not as desired) - You must have Discord or be willing to install and use it, since all of our members use our clan's "Valhalla" Discord channel. We do not have specific number requirements on stats, however, all potential members will be reviewed during the recruitment process. It will be a collective opinion between several members to see if you are a good fit with the rest of us. With this being said, we don't believe in making potential members wait too long. Our unique setup is that we enjoy having all members capable of playing clan battles without bringing us down, but we have no rules that members are required to play clan battles. However, most of us do enjoy playing clan battles when available. This allows freedom to be competitive without forcing people to keep to a schedule. All members of our clan have a say in clan decisions and activities, and are free to speak their voice and opinions. We believe unity and freedom is a key to victory and camaraderie. Message the following members if interested: DIscord: Blood_Rider#1926 ShadowGamer101st#2210 Praetorian#1673 In game: (likely will take longer to get a reply) Blood_Rider Shadowgamer101st Naughtiusmaximus92
  4. Rustyhole

    Update on Operations

    Maybe next year.
  5. RCCD29

    History Scenarios

    Has anyone thought about getting Wargaming to make and add Actual Naval Battles of History to the Operations Section? From both the Pacific theater and the European Theater. I think this would be good, especially now that they are bringing Subs into the game, they could make one where you had to protect merchant ships from enemy U-Boats. Or the major naval battles of the Pacific.
  6. As the title states, I'd like to see the T6 Operations changed to include Italian ships into the mix of what we face against, and to return the Order in which they cycle back to: Newport, Aegis, Killer Whale, Raptor Rescue. I am making the following guess in regards to how they planned out these Operations: They went with a semi-historical way in what we ended up facing in each operation. KM never had a large fleet, nothing compared to the IJN; Us vs Axis ships. This is why we see the IJN as the primary adversary in all but Killer Whale. Since Newport was the very first Operation, I considered this the "Opening Move", so both IJN and KM fleets pushed a lot of resources into the attack. With Aegis, the losses sustained by the KM fleet in Newport meant they were unable to assist the IJN in the capture and recovery of our transports. When we made our move, Killer Whale, a majority (or rest?) of the KM fleet was in and around the harbor, as noted by the numerous KM ships encountered in the Operation. When Raptor ended up disabled, due to the damage and losses sustained in Killer Whale to the KM Fleet, only the IJN was available to finish off Raptor. Basically this is my guess in how the folks in WG thought this out. While it's likely I'm completely wrong, at the very least this is how I see it. Let's bring Italy into the picture: Newport: In Newport the changes I propose are the following: Wave 1: Replace Tenryu with Taranto Wave 2: Replace Furutaka with Genova or Stock Montecuccoli Wave 3: Replace Furutaka with Genova or fully upgraded Montecuccoli. Final Wave (Good): Replace Bayren and Yorck with Giulio Cesare, Zara/Abruzzi/Gorizia Romeo Chase fleet to remain the same: Aoba and Nurnburg. Final Wave (Bad): Included Trento/D'aosta (west); Aoba, replace Bayren and Yorck with Giulio Cesare, Zara/Abruzzi/Gorizia. Aegis: Since it varies wildly on what can be seen where except with the 6 battleships, the 3 Star battleships (Ishi, Kongo, Fuso) and the 3 "oh " battleships (Amagi, Fuso, Kongo), just have a solid chance of some Tech Tree Italian cruisers of T4-6 to show up in Vanguard, the Northern Fleet and as Convoy Escort. One change to the "oh " line: replace Amagi with Roma. Killer Whale: In Killer Whale the changes I propose are the following: Replace the Karlshrue inside the harbor with a Giussano. First Reinforcement Wave: Replace Kolberg in north with Taranto. Ishizuichi's arrival: Replace Tenryu with Giussano as her escort. Raptor Rescue: In Raptor Rescue the change I propose are the following: 1st Fleet: Replace Yubari with Giussano. 2nd Fleet: Replace Aoba with Trento, or, Furutaka with Montecuccoli. From there it seems to vary a little? Like with the cruisers that tend to show up after the DD ambush, sometimes I see a Kongo in the mix instead of Kuma. Give a chance for a Giussano to spawn in place of Kuma as well. At times there is a Furutaka and Aoba that spawn towards the end, give a chance for a Montecuccoli and/or Trento to spawn instead. Mind you, this is the most basic of idea on how to include Italian ships into the Operations as adversaries. The theme of all T6 Ops are Us vs Axis, and Italy was an axis power. I'm ready!
  7. I am the Operations/Training Officer for a clan with over 100+ members who have skills ranging from expert, technical alpha testers, to rookies who have just joined the war gaming universe and do not know how to turn left or right. So the other day I received a note from a fellow clan member regarding stats, strata, training, and win rates. Some of what they wrote I wanted to share with all of you as there are some very important comments, thoughts, insights and conclusions which could be what would make the difference for you being a winner or a loser!So what are we doing training exercises for? To improve our game play and ultimately our win rate, both in clan battles and individually. How can stats guide us to a winning strategy? Well let's look at some stats. Damage, warships destroyed and kills/death are all directly related to your player ratings. Let's start with warships destroyed, each player's stat is approx. 1. This means that they average one kill per match. Why would that lead to a high win percentage? Think about it. If every player on your team killed one enemy ship, you win. No more enemy ships will remain.Earlier I said warships destroyed, damage and kills/death are related. On the surface it's obvious. Do damage -> kill ships -> kills/death. But it's a bit more elegant than that. When you enter matchmaking you will be paired with a ship of the same class and the same tier. This indirectly gives you a damage goal, and indeed this is the goal I set for myself each game and how I determine if I've had a good game or not. Did you do your amount of health in damage? If you did then you probably killed a ship and improved your chances of winning.So how does kills/death tie in? Well, that number goes up the more battles you survive, and you probably noticed that most losses are because of a team wipe (no survivors). Well this is linked with damage because the longer you survive the more damage you can do. If you survive the entire battle you have maximized your potential damage output.So that's some basic analysis of the stats WoWs tracks for us, but I also want to look at some of the stat outliers. Namely, damage numbers and my kills/death. Looking at damage, I think we can claim that warships destroyed supersedes damage dealt when it comes to the correlation with win rate. For kills/death, it's lower than other players with high win rates, yet their win rate is higher. I think what this anomaly might point to is the fact that you do not have to carry every game. Killing your counterpart is often good enough for some other player on your team to carry, it's that many fewer guns shooting at them and that much less damage they need to do to win.So, what is our conclusion here? If you want to improve your win rate you need to do damage and sink ships. But how much damage is enough? How many ships do I need to sink? Aim to do your HP in damage and sink one enemy ship. How can I increase how much damage I do? That's what training exercises are for. We will teach you to improve your accuracy and how to use your armor to your advantage so that you can survive more battles and increase your damage output potential. Remember, only you can make a difference!
  8. NOT A COMPLAINT POST - TL;DR at bottom These are merely my observations and opinions of the recent changes these two modes have received, and the possible consequences. I believe the changes that are being made do not improve, but instead worsen the two PvE modes overall. At face value some of these changes seem like they are for "the greater good", but I think otherwise. Coop In light of the never ending coop mercy rule complaints, Wargaming responded by adding a ninth slot. While at first glance this seems like more experience for all, I believe this change has had a net negative impact: 1. The games take longer (snowflake events are the exception) 2. Less experience overall This single change has a two pronged effect against coop mains: you are receiving less experience and spending more time in battle. If grinding ships in coop wasn't inefficient as hell already, Wargaming made it worse, while some cheered on that "change" happened. Operations Note: My opinion of operations is based on solo queuing what ever is the operation of the week. Premade groups are 99.9% immune to these issues; problem is I do not like premades anymore (solo carry brings much higher rewards). Despite multiple claims by staff that operations would not be looked at, they changed their minds and made AI tweaks to the friendly Liberty ships in Aegis, Narai and Newport. While at first glance this seems like a way to freshen up the boring operations that we farm way too much, I believe, much like the coop change, that this has had an overall negative impact: 1. Increased chances of failing an objective thus losing a star 2. Increased chances of failing the operation entirely These two impacts lead to the same consequences I mentioned for coop: less experience overall for losing stars while spending more time doing it. TL;DR: Wargaming made some changes to coop and operations, and I believe they are not helping but instead hurting the modes. I look forward to your civil discussions and thank you for reading.
  9. So I took my New Mexico, along with Arizona and West Virginia, out for a spin in the Raptor Rescue. I haven't played those ships in a while, because for some reason the slow BB's kind of irritate me these days. However, starting today, there's this mini event for the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor, and playing the three ships would give me extra points for it. So I said what the heck, dusted off the three ships... and actually had some fun with them in the Operation. Except until near the end of the match with my NM, when a Warspite in my team decided to jump in front of Raptor to shield it from a single torpedo, and blocked its path for a short bit. At first, it may sound like a noble(lol) thing to do, taking a bullet for a NPC, like some bodyguard jumping in front of the president while yelling "Guuuuuuun!!!1" and catching a bullet with own body... until you realize doing so can easily screw up with the bot's path finding. And screw up the path finding of Raptor, it did. Soon after that happening, Raptor suddenly made a biiiig circle... and then resumed its course. At first, it looked as if things would still be okay... but in truth, it wasn't. Too bad it never made it to the evac circle before the timer was up. It was literally an inch away from the evac circle too. By the time we realized that Raptor would not make it, it was too late... lel. Apparently, the Warspite player didn't know something like that could happen. Someone else kindly mentioned to him that such thing can even cause the Raptor to beach itself at times, thereby ending up in the mission failure. I believe that the last thing that the whole team saw on the chat was someone saying "F***" just as the timer reached zero... and I think it was the Warspite player... lul. And "F***" indeed, because it was nearly a perfect round where everyone did remarkably well, even securing the 5 star victory. Heck, I personally got enough points to be scored on top of the team score card. But nooooo, it was all snatched away... just like that! If only there were just 2 more seconds on the clock... sigh. Normally, I don't like to... make a fuss (lal) about a loss, but in this case I felt like it was warranted. I say this because.... let's face it: a single torpedo ain't gonna kill a carrier... normally.
  10. Ever since the CV rework arrived, we no longer have the odd tier CV's, and WG has stated that they might return as an alternate CV lines on even tiers... someday... maybe... possibly... and hopefully. LOL. Nevertheless, the description of Tier VII Operation still shows the CV icon as a possible ship type to play in, since it hasn't been updated. At first, I was going to ask if WG should allow Tier VI CV's into Tier VII Operation... but Tier VI CV's already have Tiet VI Operations to play in, so IMHO, I think it would be only fair to let Tier VIII CV's to enter the Tier VII Operation. As it stands now, the only Tier VII Operation we have left is Narai. Still, I believe having a CV could be a boon for the team. When playing with bunch of random people, how often do we see our team not doing the objectives properly, or too many chase after one objective only to let the transports suffer? I think that the CV's, with their fast planes, would be able to provide a quick reaonse that can hastily react to how the team go about doing the mission, thereby covering for certain shortcomings... sometimes anyway. In case anyone thinks that having Tier VIII CV's in Tier VII Operation might seem too stronk, I would like to remind that we already a Tier Vi Operation where a Tier VI CV is fighting against Tier II and III ships with barely, if any, AA at all. At least for Narai, AFAIK, the kind of ships that the bots get aren't exactly short of AA. If the aforementioned Tier VI Operation is just acceptable, then this should be okay as well, IMO. Plus, CV's are no longer the nuking death machines of the old RTS days with high alpha's and cross drops. IIRC, the reworked CV's have the overall damage output that is more or less in line with other ship types... or so I heard. Please don't quote me on that, thank you. Additionally, this might help those who are... weary (so to speak) to play their Tier VIII CV's in other modes, due to whatever reasons. Operations last long enough and have plenty of targets to go after, on top of having no human beings on the enemy team, so the reworked version of CV's should be able to contribute quite well... when played well, that is. LEL. So there you have it. Should WG allow Tier VIII CV's into Tier VII Operation? I personally say... yes. My 2 doubloons.
  11. ArmoredFrost

    Sunray in the Darkness

    Hello. I tried Sunray in the Darkness on the PTS yesterday. I believe I forgot how to effectively play in this operation. Does anyone know of a proven guide how to play this? Thank you.
  12. My new personal high score on Aegis: 264,325 damage with 17 citadel hits. RNGesus must have liked the thousand virgins I sacrificed for him.
  13. Granted, it's basically a solo warrior in operations instead of randoms, but it definitely wasn't easy to come by, not least because of the relative difficulty of Newport. After failing to destroy the last 2 ships of the third wave by mere seconds and losing 2 cruisers to the first 2 waves, the battle gradually dissolved into chaos until finally it was down to me against 3 relatively healthy battleships (including a basically full-health Izumo). I admittedly almost messed it up at the last possible moment by electing to rushing the last enemy battleship (a Konig) without accounting for its secondaries (instead of playing it safe by staying around a repair ship), but thankfully I managed to kill 2 of the battleships (including the Izumo) and tank through the Konig until the operation ended with a few hundred hp and no heals remaining. Even with a 1-star win, the xp and silver earned was not insignificant (although flags helped).
  14. AVW is recruiting mature players. Prior military service or public service preferred, but not required. Check our clan page and apply! We look forward to hearing from you! OR contact one of us in game!
  15. Given that I basically wasted 750k free exp on the Missouri, I can't ever get her to work like everyone else seems to be able to do as far as printing credits. This is despite loading her up with credit flags and credit paint which ends up becoming utterly wasted in randoms. I find it ironic no one ever posts about Narai. Seriously, if you know what targets to shoot at, you can farm hellacious credits at tier 7 where ship repair/resupply costs are negligible. 1.5mil is my new current personal record for credits earned in a single Narai match. And heck, that's not even my highest damage MATCH of Narai either. Just my best target selection one in a Lolanta! To with the Crapssouri. If I'm needing credits, I just go to Narai for a week. Anyone else farmed credits in tier 7 ops, especially Narai? If so, what's the most you've ever earned and does it compare at all to the amount of work you have to put in to get the same with a Missouri? Narai is repeatable easy-mode with almost guaranteed wins. Randoms? Pfffft! Not likely.
  16. WG please fix Newport Station. When Newport is the operation I play the game less. I have to play with a full dedicated team and then we really never play Newport. Random teams rarely win with 1 or 2 stars even, there are far too many defeats, rendering the operation not worth the time to play it. Full ops teams don't even waste their time with Newport, which has always been a bit of a waste of time. It's not that the operation can't be won and it is, challenging. So @Femennenly, @Radar_X, @Kami, I challenge you and other WG staff to play 5 Newport Station operations this week with a random team (no division) and see what results you get and how fun it was. I can't find people at certain times of the day for a full team and I want at least a chance, if I join a random team, that there is a good chance of success. I don't think it would take much to make it better, Maybe as easy as dropping one or maybe two of the BBs from one or two of the initial swarms. What do you other Operations players think of Newport Station? I my self wouldn't mind if it was out of the weekly line up and only playable by choice and a team of 4 or more. It would probably never get played again if that was how you had to play it. Please, also get the other operations back in the line up or make some more new ones, we have waited long enough already.
  17. Black_Sheep9

    OGRES is recruiting.

    Good day Captains, OGRES clan is currently seeking a few more active players to add to our roster and Discord. Everyone is welcome to stop by and play some games with us and see if you would like to become a OGRE too. We are looking for people that want to have fun we do not really care about numbers, they can always get better. We ask that if you join us you try and use Discord as much as possible while playing, let someone know if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time, and just have a sense of humor.
  18. Although Akulov still ended up getting sunk (and unfortunately, because the only 3 ships alive at that point in this particular run of Aegis were a cruiser on the other side of the map, a carrier, and me in my 21 kts max speed Arizona, we weren't able to save him and the whole op was only a 2-star run), I dare say he did better than some of the actual human-controlled ships that battle. Attached is the replay for proof for if anyone wants to see proof. 20190502_220805_PASB506-Arizona-1941_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  19. I would like to see WG start working on more PVE content for ships of all tiers. I have a few friends that i got to start playing it but do not like the PVP random battles, they attempt to play standard PVE battles with bots but the rewards are so terrible that they cannot progress to the next tier before they get frustrated and stop playing. I am lucky enough to have T7 and T8s that let me play some of the Co-op operations, from playing the game since beta, but my friends do not. They have told me they would get back into the game if they where able to grind the trees playing only PVE, and there was Operations for every Tier of ship. We have enough nations in the game now, with enough ships, and naval history is deep and wide enough that we should be able to plenty of battles and engagements for Every Tier of ship to have at least 3 operations to play through so new players that do not like PVP, can grind the trees like everyone else.
  20. Is there a schedule somewhere that states what the next operation will be? I'm looking for one but not seeing it.
  21. Ares1967

    Garbage Fubuki

    So I'm grinding a stock Fubuki in Aegis when one of my teammates posts: "Two DDs and they both sucketh" (yes really, he said sucketh) Maybe I'll do better when its upgraded.
  22. So something I'm kind of curious about, in Operations (with the exceptions of Dynamo, Cherry Blossom, and Hermes) you are technically allowed to bring a CV of that chosen tier, but I almost never see them. How viable is bringing a CV into Operations in the first place? Are there any where a CV is helpful, and if so, which CV? I'm not new to operations, but it was always a question that bugged me. Side note- perhaps it will change with the advent of the CV rework in patch 0.8.0 coming up?
  23. "THEATER OPERATIONS" Just thought I start its own thread for voting and see where it goes. Here is my idea, its not original but I would think it would be the low hanging fruit.... So the "staleness" is the same arcade battle over and over again.... They implemented "campaigns" but its really just achieve XX number of things by doing the arcade battle over and over again. So its not really strategic as the word "campaign" inherently suggests. My proposal is implement a strategic over arching feature that groups of player fight for territory and/or strategic points. WoT did something similar to this and I think it could be done better by the WoWs team. There is a large theater map (Atlantic or Pacific) where groups of players start with a territory. Their goal is to expand their control and capture key features which will inevitably win the theater. This would be draw out over a longer period maybe a month, maybe a patch cycle. Each territory could have different tier limitations on ships and total number of ships in the battle. There could also be shore gun batteries when attack coastal territories or off shore bombing support or landing parties to capture territories. Something that adds value to holding a territory rather then just jump into a 12v12 arcade battle over and over again. I would assume this already has been discussed and we can just bring it up again, and if not lets talk about it and see where it goes. This will add more depth then just do XX number of tasks over and over again in the same arcade battle. This would use the same arcade battle but different features depending on territory. Below are just some theater maps to help you get the picture of the overall theater of operations.
  24. Capt_Ahab1776

    Operation Bikini Atoll

    A suggestion for a operation "Bikini Atoll" The general game the usual of bot ships trying to destroy you. Trying to move from one part of the map to another within a certain time span. Ending of making it out alive or being destroyed in a atomic blast.
  25. Used to be that many times you'd attempt to enter an Operation but it was bugged and you were tossed out. Now things are smooth. Many thanks, WG.