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Found 28 results

  1. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Greetings from Decus Praesidium Guild! We are a very active mid sized clan who have decided to grow our ranks with the primary purpose of enjoying the competitive challenge of clan battles. We have a pretty light hearted but competitive attitude and constantly strive to improve. We are looking for reasonably competitive and experienced shipmates interested in playing clan battles, who are respectful of others and are looking to enjoy playing with competent team mates in reliable divisions in random matches and operations. We have solid port bonuses and with our active player base across all NA time zones, are upgrading quickly. We have a great website for discussions, tips & tricks and such. http://dpgwarshipsclan.freeforums.net We use Discord as a daily news and voice platform Please have a microphone and PTT set up for access to our Discord channel. If you think you might fit in with us, check us out! Good hunting to you, Karandar
  2. Blood_Rider

    [AXE] Warriors of Valhalla

    Welcome to the recruitment page of the Warriors of Valhalla [AXE] We seek to form a small to medium-sized clan of battle-proven warriors who are wanting to participate in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. This is what we are looking for in potential members: - You must have a sense of humor but also have a desire to win. - You must have at least 1 tier 10 cruiser or destroyer that you are experienced in, and is ready for clan battles (or be willing to modify it if it helps) - You must have Discord or be willing to install and use it Overall stats, or stats in tiers 1-9 ships can be impressive and flashy. However, proficiency in tier 10 ships is what we are really looking for. Our current group is small at this time but several more are waiting on cooldown to get in. We prefer quality members over quantity. All members of our clan have a say in clan decisions and activities, and are free to speak their voice and opinions. We believe unity is a key to victory. Message me in game or on Discord if interested. ~Blood_Rider Blood_Rider#1926
  3. No one at WOWS thought that Operations was important enough to be re-worked in time for the 0.8.0?? so now we're down to 4 Operations , great planning . and i'm sure fixing Ops will be on the back burner as the CV re-work is tweaked,nerfed,buffed,re-balanced ect....for the next couple of patches. For the amount of trouble the CV rework is causing I hope it's worth it.
  4. So something I'm kind of curious about, in Operations (with the exceptions of Dynamo, Cherry Blossom, and Hermes) you are technically allowed to bring a CV of that chosen tier, but I almost never see them. How viable is bringing a CV into Operations in the first place? Are there any where a CV is helpful, and if so, which CV? I'm not new to operations, but it was always a question that bugged me. Side note- perhaps it will change with the advent of the CV rework in patch 0.8.0 coming up?
  5. _Starbuck

    Suspend 2 Tier Rule for Dynamo

    I was playing Operation Dynamo in a division with another member of my clan last night. He wanted to play the Tier 8 Cossack and I planned on bringing the Tier 6 Monaghan. Unfortunately, the game would not allow us to launch into battle because our ships were separated by more than one tier. I had to change to the Sims in order to play the battle with my division mate. The +/- 1 tier rule is understandable in most instances, such as entering random battles with a division, but it is completely not relevant in other certain circumstances. In this instance, it was merely an annoyance. If only certain specific ships are allowed, as they are in Dynamo, then it stands to reason that other restrictions should be lifted as common sense dictates. This is a very minor issue and only impacts players rarely (I would assume), but I hope WG will give it a look and smooth out that small rough edge. Thanks.
  6. "THEATER OPERATIONS" Just thought I start its own thread for voting and see where it goes. Here is my idea, its not original but I would think it would be the low hanging fruit.... So the "staleness" is the same arcade battle over and over again.... They implemented "campaigns" but its really just achieve XX number of things by doing the arcade battle over and over again. So its not really strategic as the word "campaign" inherently suggests. My proposal is implement a strategic over arching feature that groups of player fight for territory and/or strategic points. WoT did something similar to this and I think it could be done better by the WoWs team. There is a large theater map (Atlantic or Pacific) where groups of players start with a territory. Their goal is to expand their control and capture key features which will inevitably win the theater. This would be draw out over a longer period maybe a month, maybe a patch cycle. Each territory could have different tier limitations on ships and total number of ships in the battle. There could also be shore gun batteries when attack coastal territories or off shore bombing support or landing parties to capture territories. Something that adds value to holding a territory rather then just jump into a 12v12 arcade battle over and over again. I would assume this already has been discussed and we can just bring it up again, and if not lets talk about it and see where it goes. This will add more depth then just do XX number of tasks over and over again in the same arcade battle. This would use the same arcade battle but different features depending on territory. Below are just some theater maps to help you get the picture of the overall theater of operations.
  7. Black_Sheep9

    OGRES is recruiting.

    Good day Captains, OGRES clan is currently seeking a few more active players to add to our roster and Discord. Everyone is welcome to stop by and play some games with us and see if you would like to become a OGRE too. We are looking for people that want to have fun we do not really care about numbers, they can always get better. We ask that if you join us you try and use Discord as much as possible while playing, let someone know if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time, and just have a sense of humor.
  8. Capt_Ahab1776

    Operation Bikini Atoll

    A suggestion for a operation "Bikini Atoll" The general game the usual of bot ships trying to destroy you. Trying to move from one part of the map to another within a certain time span. Ending of making it out alive or being destroyed in a atomic blast.
  9. Used to be that many times you'd attempt to enter an Operation but it was bugged and you were tossed out. Now things are smooth. Many thanks, WG.
  10. Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy "Another flotilla needs our help!" Who we are: We are a up and coming clan with a focus on casual gameplay. We enjoy anime, manga, Fallout, plus many other videogames. We also like learning about history and other things. We definitely don't have the best players in the game, but we are always looking to improve. Maybe you would like to join us and sit back, relax and enjoy hanging out with us. What can we do for you?: A place to relax, chat about common interests if you wish, just a place to hang out. A clan to gain the benefits of the naval facility, without a real requirement. Hopefully be able to provide a setting in order to make friends. Our current naval base features are(will update as more are unlocked/upgraded): Shipbuilding Yard 3 Research Center 2 Design Bureau 2 Academy 2 Dry Dock 3 What does PGMN expect from you? We expect you to be civilized. So, do not disrespect other people in the clan, and on the Discord server. Be mature. As stated above, be respectful. Ability to use Discord(Not required, but preferred.). Also to be able to read, write, and/or speak in English. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing more than one language. Always trying to improve your gameplay, on any game no matter what it is. Interacting with everyone on the Discord(If you are using it, again not required.). Try to make some new friends! Requirements: We don't require anything much, just that you interact with everyone. Contribute to the overall amount of oil for us to improve our clan's naval base to assist not only you, but the clan as a whole. Be willing to talk with everyone and be friendly. As long as you are respectful and genuine, then you are welcome. Our Plans for the Future: We aren't a clan about taking this game too seriously. So, we're not going to be super competitive. However, if we get enough people, then perhaps we will participate in Clan Battles. Are you Interested in joining us? Click our Discord link below and join Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy today! https://discord.gg/YhTCVHc
  11. CobraOnAJetSki

    BEWBS is recruiting!!!

    BEWBS [NA] is recruiting CASUAL captains that are looking to have FUN and hang out with friends in Discord while they play. We're not huge stat snobs, but most of us WIN more often than not. We'd rather have a lot of folks having fun with us in Discord than a bunch of stoic unicums that never talk. Our focus is on teamwork and voluntary engagement. We avoid words like REQUIRE, MUST HAVE, WIN RATE, etc. New to the game? We don't care. Just be cool and hang out with us. We run a lot of Operations and division in a lot of high tier Randoms. All of us are 18+, ranging from our early 20's to mid-40's. We have a handful that would like to get involved in Clan Battles, so if that's your thing, have at it. if you're a hardcore player chasing steel, you may want to look somewhere else right now. Current details about out port: Coal Port +7% coal Dry Dock -5% cost of post-battle service Shipbuilding -14% cost to purchase ships of all tiers Design Bureau +20% free XP per battle Research Center +2% XP research on ships of all tiers Academy +8% Captain XP per battle Look us up if you're interested. We'd love to have you. Full disclosure: We're NOT affiliated with iEarlGrey's old outfit on the EU server. I thought the name sounded funny then some of our guys that are a little more plugged-in than I am clued me in on the connection.
  12. Like the title sez.. Battle Button won't work if a Cossack and a T6 (Aigle) are in the same Div. Must select a different ship.
  13. Seadog_Supreme

    Dunkirk Op Star Reset

    It's the same mission as before, but your stars are reset and the rewards are different. You get some minor stuff for 1-3 stars, then you get 3 Dunkirk collection containers for 4 stars, and a whopping 5000 coal for 5 stars. Of course, you need a tier 6 or 7 allied destroyer to run it, but most will have something of that nature. I PUGed it in Blys tonight and got 5 stars. Not a bad return for 20 minutes.
  14. Sovereigndawg

    Aegis, How To Molotov

    First off, it was a really good random Operations team, but not too good (My compliments went out to all of them +1 karma). These results are harder to obtain with a 7 man team of Seasoned Operations Veterans (everyone knows too much what exactly to do). 20180907_134937_PRSC506-Molotov-1943_37_Ridge.wowsreplay I had all economic signals, except XP and no special or other signals, my supply is low on some of them, otherwise I generally load up. Molotov takes top billing more often than not. If you don't have her, she is really worth buying, especially right now if you have never purchased anything before. You get her and 2x her value in doubloons. She is good in Random battles once you learn how to play her. Battles like this one make your day. Good Luck and Fair RNGs.
  15. AyanoMidori

    More Axis operations

    We currently have two ops, and a third on the way, that allow only Allied ships to participate. I think it's about time for an operation that permits only Axis (German, IJN and Italian) ships from playing. How about a Hunt the Bismarck style op? Axis cruisers need to escort Bismarck to a certain point while getting constantly attacked by British vessels? Or a Leyte Gulf style op? Axis ships of all types must escort IJN battleships to Samar to bombard the US landings in the Philippines? Please give the Axis navies some love!
  16. Operation Narai has been out for a while now and I thought I would give some tips on how to better your chances of getting 5 stars in this operation. I would like to say that operation Narai is harder than Raptor Rescue and it can drive you crazy sometimes. But don't despair, if it is played right the way, getting 5 stars is a lot easier than a player would think. These observations and tips are from replays I have watched and from my own experience. First: Like Raptor Rescue, get a good ship. A good ship is crucial in this operation. Let me first talk about the ships that are not good for the operation. Destroyers are not helpful for this operation because they are easy targets for the enemies. There is one exception though. I was watching a replay and one of the ships that was doing an amazing jobs was the Leningrad. It is a destroyer, but its specifications makes it play like a cruiser. You can watch the replay on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDKsCQNTK3o#action=share. It has great commentary by Lord Zath and a guest speaker(the owner of the Leningrad). In addition, Colorado and New Orleans(read more) are not good ships for the operation. Colorado's problem is its speed which is a certain downside for Narai. The ships that have to be used in Narai should be nimble. Also, New Orleans is a good speed ship but its reload time and the fact it has cruiser armor makes it not the best choice for operation Narai. The exception is that if you the team has ships like the Helena and Atlanta, there is no problem if a player picked the New Orleans.This is not to say that lightly armored ships are not good for the operation. For example, Helena and Atlanta are perfect for this operation since they are speedy and have a lot of firepower. Personally, the best ship I have used for this operation is the Gneisenau. It is fast, powerful and stealthy. Its reload is not that bad and its guns are powerful against enemy vessels. One has to also note that Gneisenau's armor is powerful even though it is considered like a heavy cruiser/battleship. It also has torpedoes which is a real plus in the operation. Of course, we can talk all day about about which is the best ship for this operation, but all this talk means nothing if you do not have a well balanced team and that leads me to my next point. Second: Get a good team. Randomized teams have a potential to become a disaster in the game. You don't know what skills your teammates have and you don't have any say on what ships you teammates should have. When a player joins a division, the division commander can efficiently choose what ships his crew should have or to check whether ships his or her teammates have chosen are reliable for the operation. It also gives chance for the division commander to let an aircraft carrier to join the team, which is very crucial in this operation. Without the carrier, Narai becomes harder due to the number of enemy forces. Personally, I have lost many times due to having bad teammates. I usually ended up being the last one surviving and then losing at the end. Speaking about getting a good team, a division encourages teamwork since you know who is on your team. And teamwork should be the prioritized target in this game because without it, the operation will be a total bust. Third: Protect the support and transport ships. Support ships create the floating laboratory and transport ships bring in the assault troops. Support ships are very important since they help a player's ship stay alive. They are especially vital during the last part of the operation during the landing of the assault troopers. This is due to the number of enemy ships that spawn in the landing area of the assault troops. Likewise, transport ships have to be defended from enemy fire since they are the ones that bring in the assault troops. If they get destroyed, the mission will not be successful. I believe the first priority for the allies is to protect the transport ships and then the support vessels. Players must also realize that they must protect transport ships with their own ships. In other words, if a torpedoes are coming your way and the transport ships are the obvious target, you must get in front if the torpedoes so they will not hit the transport ships. This usually works well with battleships and not with light cruisers or destroyers. Fourth: Make a plan ahead of time. Without a plan, this operation will be a disaster. I have seen players do whatever they want in the operation and then got destroyed in the end. In the above video, Lord Zath has described a great plan to enable players to be effective in the best way possible. One of the best ways to mess up in this operation is to scatter all over the map. Stay close to the convoy. This is not to say that you should stay very close to the transport and support ships. If you do that, you will probably get destroyed because of the slow progression of your ship. One note that all players have to stay alert for: the Missouri. This ship will appear one time in the game and it will try without warning to ram into one of the ally ships. Of course, that is not always the case, but most times I have played this mission, that was the case. So, this is the ship that should always be destroyed before it reaches the convoy. The hardest part of Narai is near the end when you approach the enemy zone. This is where the ships spawn in great numbers and the ally team must be ready for this. If the team has lost half its ships, it will be very difficult to fight the enemy vessels near the end of the operation. It will also be very hard to complete the operation if the support ships get destroyed as the floating workshop will become extinct. As a result, players will not have the chance to repair their ships and that will greatly minimize the chance to succeed in this mission. What's also important in this mission is to destroy King(the enemy carrier). He can escape unnoticed if the whole team is focused on the rest of the enemy ships. It is true that destroying King isn't crucial for the operation, but you will not get the 5 stars if King is not destroyed. As I mentioned before, having a carrier on the team is crucial in this operation. It reduces the stress from the overwhelming amount of enemy forces that spawn near the end of the mission which results in an easier mission. The carrier is also a great tool to get rid of King. I hope these tips are helpful for everyone. I would also like to mention that Narai is a great operation to grind free xp and regular xp. I have heard from several people made huge amounts of free xp from playing Narai in just one day(one person mentioned 300,000 free xp). Many thanks to Lord Zath for checking my article
  17. December 12th 2017 is so da** long ago I don't even remember the map. Didn't you guys change up this operation? How about this: reset the award dates after six months or so? I mean, it's only one day, 24 hrs. premium time. Hence "cheapskates". Sure, big thrill playing ops, thanks. But that's a very long memory.
  18. As some of you may be aware, I have a YouTube channel focused on Operations, and an emphasis on showing how to use destroyers in them. I am just checking to see preferences on order of content release. I had a bunch of stuff recorded right before the patch switch and quite a bit of it was related to Cherry Blossom. This week I have another special Aegis replay to release tomorrow and an assorted tactics/funny moments on Friday. If I follow order of stuff being recorded, the next couple weeks will be mostly Cherry Blossom, and the next three or four weeks after will be mostly Raptor from stuff this last week since the release of the patch. The reason there is so much Raptor is due to having varying routes and I am adding in mirror replays like I did with the Aegis Battleship Farming strategies and Ultimate Frontier. I'm not completely sure if it would be boring having a bunch of videos for weeks at a time related to one operation so that's what I'm asking about. Does anyone care whether the channel content releases are blocks of stuff related to one operation like this or would there be a preference to switch operations for each week? So it would be instead something like this week Aegis, next week Cherry Blossom, week after Narai, etc. Granted the videos vary as to what they are (full replays vs tactics videos vs other stuff like a Random Battle mixed in). Let me know what preferences you may have for order of content release, even if you haven't been watching my videos at all. And I am still taking subscriber requests if anyone wants to make them.
  19. With the British DD line coming out soon I'm hoping that WOWS might release a Operation that is DD oriented . the Dunkirk Operation last year was fun and all the current Op's can be tough on DD's , so how about it WOWS with all the radar ships out now how about some love for the DD's
  20. The_Old_Dog

    Revamped Raptor Rescue

    I am enjoying the new Raptor Rescue..some day, I hope to win it...(I have played all the scenarios many, many times). Tried it 4 times today, so far, in the Warspite,, first game, I was out of position..the remaining, in position but raptor keeps getting torped..ending the game in the MID segment... I am confident that this will even out, like everything..and I will get a win by tonight but I sure wish I had my Cleveland
  21. Taichunger

    Narai, a teamwork way

    The upgraded Narai still retains much of the fun of the old Narai. Everything happens much faster, however, and it is no longer a shooting gallery. Our Operations division did this the other day with a string of five stars. Here is one good basic way to do this. In this operation a CV is less productive than a BB, so we generally run 3 BBs, 3 high DPM cruisers, and 1 DD, all driven by people who know what they are doing. The DD is captained by our fearless leader, @Lightninger, who has numerous youtube videos of how to run a DD in operations. The best BBs, we have found are Hood (super tanky, the guns are murderous when they hit, and the secondaries are surprisingly productive), Scharnhorst (obvious), and KGV (good damage resistance, HE fire chance like a bot, and 25 second reload). Basic plan is like this: 1. two ships, cruisers, must go through the islands and kill the Lexington that comes up the 10 line to escape off the map (purple). Two ships are necessary, because the Lex is protected by a Phoenix or Omaha and a DD, which WILL torp you and then go kill transports if it is not killed (ditto for that cruiser). The CV and the escorts must be killed, all three ships. One cruiser can go IF the DD comes over to help. You can do this with cruiser/BB, or BB and the DD (see below). 2. The DD has one major assignment: torp the Missouri. After that it can break off to help kill the Lex -- becoming the second ship committed to the Lex -- or hit the harbor. 3. 1 BB (yellow line) roars right down the center as fast as possible. The best BB for this and probably for this Op is the KGV. You can also go through the islands. 4. 1 high DPM cruiser, Helena or Atlanta, runs to the side harbor and kills all the transports (gray line). If you kill them all on your own you collect an achievement, Shark among Shrimps. 5. The other ships stay with the transports. Re (3) above: you might wonder how on earth a battleship could glide unmolested up the middle/through the islands, but that's what happens. If you switch between AP and HE, you can kill everything along the way before it bothers you. The Missouri's target priorities are DDs followed by cruisers followed by BBs. As long as other food is present it will ignore battleships (as it is doing in the image above, ignoring me), which means that you can put some damage on it as you pass by at point-blank range OR... ...as soon as you reach the Missouri the Lex in the harbor becomes visible. You can usually put 3 or 4 salvos into it from your front guns before it disappears into the wall of smoke the DD makes for it. If not for the smoke it would be killable by this BB. I have yet to cit it with KGV guns, though I have put 2-3 cits on the Ranger with KGV when it appears. The trick to getting safely in the harbor is to load HE when the CV disappears, as it is doing in the image above. There's a Dallas waiting by the entrance, but there is also a Campbelltown that will torp you as you enter the harbor (not visible in this image). So when you reach this point, slow to a stop (I am eating CV torps in that image because I slowed to avoid Campbelltown torps) so you can avoid torps from the DD, then enter the harbor and blap the DD with HE. If things go well someone on the other side will finish it. Good luck!
  22. Sovereigndawg

    Raptor is a Pansey now.

    I played 6 operations yesterday and out of those 6, 4 were defeats because the Raptor blew up. I am not talking she got whittled down, she just seemed to go from full health to nothing like she was detonated 4 times. I could be wrong about detonations but she does seem to be getting killed pretty consistently. Any one else notice this? It seems as teams have to protect the Raptor more now, so if you play operation Raptor, you may want to be aware of this. When Raptor dies it's all over, protect her with your life if you want stars.
  23. commando_brian

    The new Raptor Rescue

    I thought the new version of Raptor Rescue played very well , I took out the Dallas and Nurnberg , both ships are suited to this Op. as there seems to be more DD's now . out of 3 games I had a loss, and 2 win's ,a 3 star and a 4 .I don't know why Raptor was changed but ,I'm very glad the the playability of this scenario remains fun, and I feel average players on random teams can earn stars. Now some very good players might find Raptor easy to play so I think It's up to WOWS to have a Normal/Hard option , It must be being planned as the switch is there just not activated . Good job WOWS Dev team ! Cherry Blossom was well done,and updated Raptor plays well too Cheers PS Ultimate Frontier needs fixing
  24. The New Version of Ultimate Frontier (new American Cruisers) is still way too hard for your average group of players to master. this was at one time a great Operation, it was well laid out and you had a good shot of a victory, scoring at least a star with a ok team. an example of a good Operation is Cherry Blossom, it plays perfectly , average players have a very good chance to win and five stars is attainable with some effort , Perfect!! I know there's some great players out there that can win UF and divisioning up with clanmates ups the chances greatly but, your average player like myself doesn't have a chance . Operations is a fun game mode please stop making it so difficult , activate the Normal/Hard switch, juggle the XP payout, but, please stop killing the fun factor
  25. NeutralState

    Just DD in Aegis Things