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Found 64 results

  1. Hukom

    Aegis Z

    For the past few days, I've been playing German Tech Tree destroyers in the hope that I'll get the Tier X Z-52 and the additional Certificate that can then be exchanged for Santa's Mega Gift Containers next update. I've already researched and purchased the Z-52, and now, I find it worthwhile to look back at some of the highlights of the grind, particularly the unexpected number of times Aegis was picked. Link: https://youtu.be/_-gu6LrOy8U?list=PLoBcGuwl8E0ZEpVviESI3KQwylh-0u7W_
  2. Hukom

    Maass is Lucky in Aegis!

    Them bots tried really hard to slap Maass, but I ain't gonna give it to them for free. Link: https://youtu.be/FUWQ3aIW0FE
  3. hi guys since I didn't win any premium ships in the supercontainers but got quite enough doubloons from this anniversary event, that im thinking of buying a t8 premium ship for ops but I dont know which one to buy. Thats where you guys come in. Im going tell you everything about me in relation to random ops so you can help me decide. what tier 8 premiums do I already have: Flandre, HSF Harekaze, ARP Takao, Odin, Cossack, Le Terrible, Bayard, Champagne, Fenyang & Atlantico. just narrow it down. My playstyle/preference: 1st and foremost Im a BB/cruiser player 1st then a DD followed by CV. I like playing lighouse build on my cruisers for that high HE dpm, that I can even make Takao work in Ops not just Bayard. early game I start of aggressively then mid-late game I switch my cruiser play to passive-aggressive. For BBs I tend to be play bow in and tank, pushing sometimes more than necessary. I rather one that is capable being specced for secondaries or I can build around Furious and Close Quarters Expert commander skills basically drop everything to make main guns shoot faster. Of the BBs I have, Flandre when specced for secondaries is fav for Ops followed by Odin then Atlantico. Not a fan of soft nose "BBs" like Champagne or Rooke, but if it has torpedos, count me in. DDs, I actually enjoy Le Terrible, I like to make use of its mobility, stealth and map environment to get on the flanks of enemy ships, If I really know how the ops works like in Raptor Rescue and Killer whale I will speed off to the otherside of the map and kill enemy ships before they spawn and in most cases single handedly complete a couple of secondary objectives there. CVs, not particulary my strong suit but if theres any tier 8 like Ark Royal back when most ops was a t6 only, shout out its name for me.
  4. A significant departure from the usual light cruiser (Mainz or Mogami) or gunboat destroyer (Akizuki) pew pew pew gameplay I've been enjoying in Random Operations. I was extremely lucky my ship escaped the 3rd wave of enemy light cruisers—I totally forgot about that specific group of CLs!—and I was able to repair and do more damage. My luck ran out later on because I forgot—again! LOL!—about the enemy radars of the last wave of enemy ships. However, Asashio's deep water torpedoes sunk the bot Missouri and there it was, my highest damage score yet in a destroyer in Ultimate Frontier! Link: https://youtu.be/ej1etjHwVO8
  5. Hukom

    Akizuki Aegis 417,356 DMG

    Lots of pew pew pew while the ship was just a hair's breadth away from total destruction! That 2nd wave of cruisers really know how to focus fire. Link: https://youtu.be/u-5KPbf5Ntk
  6. Operation Killer Whale does not allow for ship repairs; if one is not careful enough, one's ship won't make it to the Exit Point. That's the first concern I have. Second: if the team will not go to the Exit Point in time, the whole effort will go to waste. Fortunately, both did not happen in this instance. I find Mogami 155 to be more comfortable to play in Operations than Cleveland. Link: https://youtu.be/JIgQmJo4WdM
  7. Hukom

    Raptor Rescue 412,308 DMG

    Still with the Mainz, this time in Raptor Rescue. My highest damage output yet in this Operation. I was expecting to see a Musashi, but Kii replaced it—nevertheless, it feels really good to play Random Operations! Link: https://youtu.be/xljrIFI56T0
  8. My highest damage output yet in Ultimate Frontier. After a month of no Operations, it feels good to play Mainz again! Link: https://youtu.be/LCiI4qV3AtA
  9. The return of old Operations has certainly been a much needed blast of fresh air. It has made the experience very comfortable and enjoyable. And along the way, I got to grind the British Tier VIII battleship, Hawke. Link: https://youtu.be/wGJ2dyXe3NU
  10. I don't know if this is the right place but in the combat missions under the Best Battle mission, it indicates you can complete the missions in operations and it also puts the requirement of Tier 9, 10 and superships, yet these are not allowed in operations so the two are mutually exclusive. You probably ought to remove the operations symbol from the mission requirements, of course I'd be more than happy if you opened it up to Tier 6-8 instead.
  11. I may be wrong but I thought 4 sinks (of same ship type) or 8 of any type gave you the Natural selection accolade? I managed 10 (warships). Or am I missing a condition or did I not meet it/misunderstood it?
  12. Slimeball91

    I'm going to miss Killer Whale.

    I'm going to miss the old Killer Whale op. I mean KW as a T6 op. What I'll miss the most is playing my T6 CVs in this op (I'll also miss playing my Perth and DeGrasse Too). This was a great op to practice for newer CV players, and it was also fun to be able to fly around with effectively no AA to slow you down (you can pretty easily go through a few games in a row without losing any planes). When the ops become mostly T8 ships the AA will most likely jump way up and T6 CVs won't be practical. Too bad. I'll really miss playing Ark Royal and Loewenhardt. I guess all good things eventually come to an end.
  13. Well, having dinked around a bit on PTS, I've come to the following conclusions based off of personal experience and what I've seen others post on the forum. You are doing it wrong WeeGee. The unnatural buff that you have applied to bots is quite frankly VERY LAZY. A 120k HP Yamato in Newport? What is this??? You should utilize the Captain skills and modules available to a ship to increase their abilities, not simply increase some numbers in their ship's code. If a ship is "too squishy", change the ship to a different one and/or add more. EXAMPLE: Ultimate Frontier: Omaha's against a full team of 8's make it too easy, make some of them Penny's. You DO realize you have other nations, right? Make a couple Leander, or La Galissonniere; Dido, London, De Grasse, Perth, etc. Want to keep them T5? Exeter, Hawkings could do the trick. A bit tougher than Omaha's at least, if only a little. Utilize Captain skills and modules available to these ships to increase their survivability. Add more ships overall if not enough. When 3 Omaha's can shred my Lexington's aircraft faster than a pure AA Spec'd, Player controlled, Worcester or Minotaur in RTS days, you are doing it wrong. As I said above, make one or more Penny's, or Dallas; or add more. Cherry Blossom: I'm being set on fire more by one ship than if I were to face 5 Zikasa's at point blank range in the Halloween Operation "Saving Transylvania". One run I saw half the team literally get burned down. Even with skills + flags, to start that many fires is simply unnatural. IJN HE already does plenty of work, no need to give them napalm rounds as well. All in all as I mentioned before, WeeGee, you are being VERY LAZY in how you are handling the increase in difficulty in Operations. We have a lot more gals now, there are different nations ("Axis" Operations like Ultimate Frontier: use the Royal Navy and the French Navy in conjunction with the USN; For the "Allied" Operations like Aegis, Newport, etc.: Use the Italian Navy) that can be used, use Captain skills and modules available to a ship to increase their abilities. Hell, ADD MORE SHIPS if needed as well. But DO NOT BE LAZY AND SIMPLY INCREASE NUMBERS IN SHIP CODE! I'm hoping that more folks will be able to pop in and post much more detailed information on the unnatural buff's that have been applied to bot ships in Operations. This will (hopefully) help to get WG to drop the "increase number in ship code" approach. @Ahskance @Boggzy I know this isn't very detailed, but I haven't had the time to really hammer out PTS Operations. I didn't even roll Newport or Raptor Rescue when I was doing my runs. But I have noticed things that are just plain lazy, and I've heard more than a few people here and in-game mention things about Newport and Raptor Rescue that show laziness there as well. I really wish I could be much more detailed, so you can present them with something more substantial than what I've posted here. I'm hoping you'll have the time to compile the various things folks have posted and present some solid feedback. The most important thing regardless, is to get them to drop the "increase number in ship code" approach.
  14. Kuchikukan_Yumi

    Idea for New Operation?

    I don't know if there was a thread for new ideas for scenarios, but in the laziness for finding it, I decided to make my own. Some time ago, I found myself imagining a new operation for WoWs. It turned out to be some kind of mix between Killer Whale and Raptor's Rescue, but regardless of my insecurity regarding this operation, I thought it would be good to see what other people think of this, or what suggestions do they have to offer, so here you go, the suggestion for a new operation. There are two things I consider essential for an operation to be fun, or at least more fun that the usual operations, and so I thought they were essential for this operation too: - Variability - Something that I have really only seen on the Raptor's Rescue operation, with the players facing different enemies coming from different directions every time. Newport has some kind of variability, but the enemies are mostly (all) the same and Aegis has different enemies sometimes, but always from the same directions. - Difficulty - Although it's nice to win operations easily, I feel like those victories are a lot less rewarding and make a player not want to come back often. (not my case, but anyway) So, with that in mind, I created... Operation Unnamed (Obviously, I didn't think of a name yet). "Intel we have gathered suggests that the enemy has established a new base in a strategic location. It is still in the early stages of construction, so it is of utmost importance that this base does not get fully operational. A swift strike is to ensure that, accompanied by our prized aircraft carrier" The main objective is, as you can guess, destroy the enemy base, which should be north of the map while the players spawn southeast. First part The first primary task is to escort the carrier to a designated location (south of the enemy base), from where it will begin the attacks at the enemy base, but it should be easily done, with light enemies intercepting possibly not even varying spawning locations, just to start easy. It's important to note that this carrier is bot controlled and will hold her planes until she reaches the designated location, so the players will have to rely on themselves to protect the CV. It's also in this first part of the mission that a convoy of four transport ships should appear, heading to the enemy base and escorted by varying enemies. The farther away they spawn from the enemy base, the stronger the escort should be. Sink the transport ships is a secondary task, so the players need to manage their time and who will go after it. After the transport is sunk, a dialogue from the carrier's commander should start, saying something like "This convoy looks a little small to be carrying the materials for the construction of the enemy base"... Why? Later you will see... Second part The carrier has reached the designated location and started sending planes. The primary task should change to destroy the enemy base, so the players will likely move to attack the enemy base... Only to discover that it's fully built and operational! An enemy fleet at anchor starts to move to protect the base and forts start firing! For better effect of the "surprise", which will eventually not be so much of a surprise after the first time they played the operation, the base should be located behind a mountain chain, forcing the players to go around it if they want to spot it. If they are smart, they will let the carrier (the bot, or the player-manned one, if present) to spot it. Immediately after the base is spotted, the carrier will begin her retreat and the primary task changes to escape the area. The task of destroying the base, however, is not completely discarded, it instead becomes a secondary task... But the players should be careful not to leave the carrier unprotected, nor come with a underwhelming force compared to those enemies at the base. Reinforcements arrive immediately after the base is spotted, almost as if this was an elaborate trap. Two fleets should spawn at a random location, going for the CV... The furthest away they are from the CVs retreat point, the more numerous and faster/lighter they should be... It's also important that they do not spawn at the same distance from the CV, otherwise it would be many bots for the players to handle on their own. But where are they? The players will not receive any warning about those fleets, so they should be careful and watch for enemies possibly coming from behind the islands or any other location. After doing a single strike against the enemy base, the carrier won't be much of a help with the enemy fleet... It will send her planes to the retreat point, where a blockade of heavy enemy ships will stand still and fire at anything that gets in range. If these bots are hit by naval attacks (Not attacks coming from aviation), they will break the blockade and hunt down the CV, so players should be careful while dealing with them. Enemy planes will come join the fun too. Two CVs should spawn near the location of the two previously mentioned fleets and they will head towards the base while sending their strikes against the nearest enemies. They will be annoying, but can be eliminated, and by doing so you should finish a secondary task (possibly two, one per CV just like Raptor). The players will not be alone, thankfully. After the enemy base is spotted, a distress signal is sent by the CV and a small fleet should arrive five minutes after. If the CV's HP hits below 50%, two destroyers of this fleet will arrive immediately, while the rest of the fleet arrives at the designated time. The mission ends after the CV reaches the retreat point ------ Secondary tasks - Sink the transport ships (4 ships) - Destroy the enemy base (some installations and forts. No number defined) - Sink the CVs (possibly two different tasks. Depends if other two tasks can be thought of) ------ Other notes: - Possibly a repair ship should be nice? Depends on how hard this operation actually turns out to be. - Axis-themed operation, since they are minority among the operations. Meaning, the CV and the reinforcements should be Japanese, German or Itallian (although the only Italian CV I remember to have seen is Aquilla). The enemies should all be allied forces... A good emphasis on the enemy CVs, it could be Raptor, just like in Ultimate Frontier... - In the case it becomes an allied-themed operation, Raptor could be the allied CV. I really think Raptor deserves to be on another operation, be it as an enemy or as an ally again.
  15. Enterprise714

    More Operations..

    WE need more operations to choose from.. bring back the old ones..?
  16. Em OPERAÇÔES, tem um badge com uma cara de RAPOSA, mas chamado de "Tubarão dentre os camarões" Mas para a imagem, seria melhor um "RAPOSA NO GALINHEIRO". Tem mesmo sentido, mas é uma expressão mais comum, e diretamente relacionada com a imagem da conquista!
  17. As someone who has played on and off since 2015, I was wondering what ever happened to the Tier eight operation/senario, Cherry Blossom. As it was a challenging mission and required team work and rewarded players well who could get it fully finished. It offered a bit wider options in that battel option besides just T6-7. Just wondering if it would be possible to bring it back. As it offered good interplay between multiple types of ships (all types including the CV's at that time in the game). Just wondering as it would engage a bit more folks across one more tier.
  18. lordholland4293

    operations discord,

    I thought there was an operations discord but I can't remember the name of it. Does anyone have a link? #Support Operations
  19. I play ops like... very often, so this week being Raptor Rescue seems a good time to use that to re-work my way through Bayern (i reset the line prior to the Preussen release). I do however have a pretty busy work schedule this week (im an animator so i work from home and have to at times work till night) so I can only play few matches a day, which i include 1 scenario play. Twice I played Raptor Rescue these past two days and twice it bugged, and failed the mission. On both counts for some reason or other, Raptor got grounded; the second time a team mate claimed the repair ship made her hit the island somehow. Just gotta ask though is anyone seeing a much worse performance for the Raptor pathfinding this week or am i just being unlucky?
  20. AdmBilgeWater

    Tier VI Burn out

    Wows is the only game I play. I'm a retired man with a physical disability so I have lots of time to play World of Warships. I am a whale and a mediocre player. But I Love this game, I've played more than 8,000 games. I have this concern: Tier VI is everywhere I go! Ranked is tier VI for the vast majority of us. Every Operation Scenario is Tier VI except Narai. Tier VI is everywhere. I'm so sick of playing tier VI I could puke. I don't play a lot of random battles or co-op battles. There is just to much tier VI. Couldn't we have each operations scenario at a different tier? Tiers 5, 6, 7 and 8 might reduce the boredom of tier VI. I enjoy ranked, but can't we play it in tier VII? Anything but tier VI. tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI. It's just too much. Tired of it all. AdmBilgeWater
  21. Just kidding, I know they're rentals only for now, and restricted to Coop (and Ranked)... lol. Still, it got me thinking: once the subs are permanently in the game (someday they will be), and allowed to be in all game modes, how would they fare in the Operations? Any thoughts or opinions? Of course, this is assuming that they're unchanged from their current iteration. Would they open some kind of a new door for new possibilities, for the players to clear the Operations? That would be nice~, lel. Or would they pretty much be a fifth wheel, not doing much for the team? LUL.
  22. Base XP in Naval battles eliminates all PVE players after the first level. This is discouraging and makes people play less then they would if another option was available. WG knows that more battles means more sales on camos, flags etc... So why not include Scenarios in the Naval Battle options (even if only for the Base XP rounds) ? It does not cost WG anything but increases the battle count and therefore the likelihood of generating extra sales! Any opinions on that ?
  23. Blorgh2017

    Weimar in PVE

    Has anybody tried Weimar in Coop, and also in the Operation Narai, yet? How does she perform, especially when compared to Munchen, the other forgotten(kek ) Tier VII Premium German CL? I'm currently at work, and I won't be home till very late because of a lot of overtime today, but I was still curious... lol. I really like Munchen, because she's so fast and nimble (almost like an oversized DD with a citadel), with a decent concealment, and floaty shells that allow island-camping playstyle, if needed. On the other hand, I heard that Weimar has less range, worse mobility, and not as good concealment? Well, she has whooping four more guns, plus the Spotter Plane and the Speed Boost. IMHO, the latter consumable was a bit of a surprise to me. It feels like an odd choice of a consumable to give to her... but I haven't played her yet, so I guess I can't really say much until I do. Still, those extra guns should count for something, right? Maybe? LEL. Thanks in advance... lul.
  24. Also about how developers "know better" what the players want. It is time stamped where he start talking about wows. Enjoy:)
  25. Volron

    The Kijkduin in RR

    Well, I'm honestly surprised to how well this gal works. Her guns aren't the most spectacular, but they get the job done, both AP and HE. They aren't the most accurate either, but are "good enough". She's a little sluggish in general, turn radius and acceleration, but responds well enough for me. 34.7 kts with flag, which works. She can't tank too many hits, but at the same time I've managed to survive some rather hairy situations. While her AA is short ranged, they do some work. Thing is, you will get hit if you rely on them due to the range. Then there is the "meat n potatoes", her airstrike. It'll be a little tricky to use at first, but once you get used to it AND Mistress smiles on you... While not as versatile as Ise's TB's, her Airstrike is a solid supportive option when you learn how to use it. Against the DD's and CA's, they can do a number IF they hit. You have to have a good lead on the drop in order to have a chance at hitting in the first place. 15s before bombs hit, which is a LOT of time. Your target suffers an engine hit early, even if auto dc'd, they'll likely miss. Obviously against the BB's and even the CV's, they have a higher chance of hitting. Regardless, there will be some luck involved. Despite the recommendations, I've found that her engine/rudder does not get knocked out very often, and I've been in some very hairy situations. Though, when they do get knocked out...oof. You feel it much more than any of the other gals, at least to me anyways. All in all, I find her to be a decent option for RR but there are better options. Penny can tank when you angle properly, plus her hard hitting guns; Nurn as the RoF; Aoba has the HE alpha; Leander has sustain; just to name a few. Regardless, I'm very much looking forward to using her in the other Op's, even Newport.