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Found 48 results

  1. poll for more ops https://www.dday-overlord.com/en/material/warships make sure to leave a comment / bump to keep the thread up top!
  2. As per the title. Operations have been fixed!!!
  3. I would love to at least see the full list of scenarios you currently have in game /operations is what im talking about. please don't tell me there not popular with a less than one minute wait time they are extremely popular. i would personally be willing to pay for more to be made available but im nuts like that and i doubt you would do that anyway. you could sell coop mission boosters or something . but many people play these things and we miss the missing ones cant remember the name but my favorite was the one with the big airbase called Rouen was a long mission with alot happening if you would please at least ask in game if players want to see a T-10 op ill bet you will see a positive response you wont know unless you try. i could see a real battle of coral sea being a good candidate for t 10 or Normandy as a t-10 Narai. https://strawpoll.com/c3r99xa7s
  4. Slimeball91

    CVs in Raptor Rescue.

    Continuing with the discussions with CVs in operations, this time Raptor Rescue. This is not one of my favorite ops in surfaces or CVs. Unlike the other ops, Raptor Rescue has more routes, and enemy spawn locations. I don't play this enough to ever learn all of the routes/spawns, and that makes it a lot harder to do well. Half the time I think I know where the enemy ships will spawn next, and it turns out I'm wrong to some extent, sometimes way off. My final game last night, in the Perth, I just couldn't get anything right. That left me with one of the worst finishes I've have a very long time, just under 50k damage. My usual average damage in surface ships (cruisers) is probably 120k, not great, but solid. The issue with this op for me is that it can be hard to find a rhythm. As for CVs specifically, I find them to lose many of their primary strengths in this op. One of the biggest strengths for CVs in ops is the ability to go anywhere, and target those hard to get to ships. In this op the enemy CVs are tough with their almost content fighter screen. The other hard targets that you'd like to work on for your team have decent AA coverage wit h3-4 ships spawning together, making harder to get efficient attacks. Then there are the longish flight times per strike. It can be frustrating to make a longer flight and only manage one of two strikes. Also, this op can descend into a bit of chaos if your team isn't on its game. The CV doesn't have as much ability to keep things under control as in other ops. In Killer Whale for example, my normal route that prioritize hard to target ships tends to prevent things from ever unraveling. Even if there is some spot where trouble breaks out it isn't hard to go deal with that hotspot before it gets out of control. The windows you have to deal with ships before they attack Raptor in this op are fine when your team is on top of things. There are just too many ships that can spit out torps that the CVs can only do so much to prevent problems. With the other op when I'm in a CV I feel like I can have a fair amount of control over the outcome. In Raptor Rescue I feel more lie I'm just along for the ride. Not have some sense of control is a bit frustrating. Sometimes I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. That is partly down to not knowing the op well enough, and partly its just the nature of this op. I'm looking to get better, so, I have some questions for your guys that play CVs. Do you go after the enemy CVs, if so what is your strategy? What ships do you like to target in general? How close to do you stay with the group in your CV, do you stay really close, or stay back some amount? What CVs do you like to play in this op? This is the first time I've given CVs a real shot in this op. I'm still learning (and I don't consider myself a good CV player), what advice do you guys have for the CV newbies in this op? I'd really like to hear from you.
  5. Benjammn79

    New Ops needed

    Maybe it's just me, but I really wish they would bring out more operations and at different tiers. I loved the Cherry Blossom (I think that's what it was called) and the Dunkirk one. But those went away with the CV re-fubar because of the AA nerf nukage. I really like the operations. I think it's a nice break from the grindiness of randoms (or even co-ops). I know you can division up and play whichever one you want, but it's still the same handful and the same tiers. I think a lower tier operation would be awesome for new players.
  6. Slimeball91

    CVs in Killer Whale

    Another CVs in operation discussion. I'm sort of curious about how you guys play in Killer Whale. I'm playing the Ranger, Weser, and Ryujo. I have some of my best games in Ryujo, but I find the Ranger to be the most consistent, but never any big games. I like the Weser too, but its bombs can be RNG trolls, and it doesn't take much for the bots to make your rockets a waste of time. I have no experience with the tech tree RN CVs. I tend to target the BBs since they can be both a threat to your teammates and a lot of HP to wear down. I'll go after cruisers and DDs, but mostly when they are being a more immediate threat to myself or teammates. I know damaging these smaller ships can earn more XP. I just don't feel comfortable trusting the BBs to my teammates to deal with. I'd also like to know where you guy position your CV during the match. Here are the routes I take. I'll leave a blank copy of the map if you want to draw your routes. The circles are where I'll make a stop, the red and orange are the routes for each of the two exits. I generally don't exit unless I'm needed for the win. If you guys have some advice or would like to offer your thoughts I'd love to hear from you.
  7. Slimeball91

    Spawn camping, yea or nay?

    As per the title, do you think spawn camping is fine, or is it poor sportsmanship? I'm referring to operation of course. What do you guys think?
  8. Simple: Can we have DAILY OPERATION, instead of a week long of same operation? Diversity is much welcome. And while on diversity, can you add MORE OPERATIONS, like revive old, retired ones (Dunkerke I've only seen in wiki)?? Even better, can you make those new operations to replicate historic battles, as PvE , Avis vs Allies??? Dreaming far, PvE alternating sides, with players being able to join either side - two operations, as Allied and another as Axis - to defend/attack some IA-managed asset, as a ship/convoy/base?
  9. This guide aims to maximize your xp and free xp from Narai. Why do Narai? Narai gives some of the most consistent xp and free xp in the game. With practice, you regularly receive 1,600+ base xp per game. By stacking on xp and free xp flags, you will receive 10,000+ xp and free xp per game, making Narai a very good method for leveling your tier 7 tech tree ships and amassing free xp. It's a good alternative to use your xp flags in randoms, ranked, or clan wars. Operation Basics Players spawn in the NW corner of the map and fight their way to the enclosed base in the SE corner. The main objectives are: Safeguard your transport ships Sink the enemy transport ships Sink aircraft carrier King Clear the base of enemy forces, or safely land troops from your transport ships You and your team of 6 other players will need to complete all of these tasks to maximize your xp. At the same time, you need to do as much damage as you can. General Strategies by Ship Class Battleships Your advantage is your high alpha damage. You want to sail ahead of the convoy of transports and position yourself to take advantage of enemy broadsides. Except for slowpokes like Colorado, battleships can sail to the 10 line to sink aircraft carrier King. However, your main priority is to maximize damage to enemy cruisers and battleships and clear the enemy base. Cruisers Your advantage is your high DPM. Prioritize using AP on broadside enemies and then HE on destroyers and everything else. Cruisers excel at completing the secondary objectives of sinking the enemy transport ships and aircraft carrier. However, since you'll be far from the healing of your convoy you'll need to ration your hp and avoid taking unnecessary damage. Destroyers Destroyers are weaker than cruisers but can still be very effective. Use AP on broadside enemy cruisers, torpedoes on battleships, and HE for everything else. Due to your low hp pool, avoid pitched battles with enemy cruisers unless you can kite, use island cover, or smoke. Use the healing that your convoy provides when you do get low. Gunboat DDs can help sink enemy transports, but your main damage contribution will come from clearing the enemy base. For everyone Since most ships spawn in the same location and sail in predictable patterns, practice will allow you to position yourself accordingly. The key to maximizing damage (and thus xp) for all ship classes is to maximize your citadel hits with AP. Step-by-Step Battle You spawn in the NW corner. If you're on the north flank as I am in the image above, immediately sail closer to the islands to your south. A trio of ships will spawn at the red circle and sail parallel to your convoy. Cruisers and destroyers should load AP to kill enemy cruiser Duguay-Trouin, then switch to HE and sink enemy destroyer Clemson. Battleships should unload AP on broadside enemy battleship Wyoming. It's not advised for battleships to target Duguay-Trouin since she sinks quickly and your long reload means that you deal more damage by attacking Wyoming. Continue sailing SE towards square D4. Three more enemy ships spawn as you approach square D4. Destroyers and cruisers should use AP on broadside enemy cruiser Emerald (A) as she sails out from behind the island. If Emerald isn't deleted early she can deal heavy damage to destroyers; however, destroyers should avoid using smoke here if possible because it may be needed in the next stage. After sinking Emerald, switch to HE for a destroyer that spawns at C and sails north. If you have hydro, turn it on because there is some danger to taking torps from both Emerald and the destroyer. Battleships should keep on AP and sink Iron Duke at B. If your reload is shorter than average, you may also choose to help with broadside Emerald or the nearby fort. Next are a trio of light cruisers, followed by battleship Missouri. Dallas is the closest spawn at A. For battleships and cruisers at square C4 she presents broadside and should be prioritized using AP. Cruiser Emile Bertin at B also presents broadside as she turns behind the small island on her path. Cruiser Emerald spawns at C and sails north. Destroyers should smoke up here and help sink the cruisers. Battleship Missouri (D) takes the same path as Emile Bertin. Cruisers should be wary of taking damage from her. Battleships should position around C6 to take advantage of Missouri's broadside. Destroyers and battleships with torps can also ambush Missouri as she turns behind the island at F6. At this point ships take different paths depending on their role. Zone A is sinking the fleeing enemy transport ships before they reach the safe zone at square J1. Cruisers can complete this role. Gunboat DDs may also choose this role, although they will have a difficult time destroying the fort in this zone and will need to avoid taking damage. Zone B is sinking enemy aircraft carrier King. She is escorted by a destroyer and cruiser. Cruisers and faster battleships (not Colorado) can complete this role. Battleships will need to be especially careful to avoid torpedoes if choosing this role. Destroyers will find it difficult to sink all 3 ships without support. Zone C is the main base. This zone has the greatest number of enemies. It is recommended that battleships and destroyers head directly here to maximize your damage and xp. Both Zone A and B need at least one competent player to clear. Avoid heading to a zone if 2 players are already sailing in towards that zone; you'll do more damage at the base (or in an unclaimed zone) compared to fighting over the limited pool of damage at these secondary objectives. If choosing Zone A (transports), players should already start sailing in this direction after Iron Duke sinks at step 2. Sink enemy destroyer Nicholas at A and use hydro to avoid her torps. Note that you'll be broadside to Missouri during this time and be wary of her AP that can deal heavy damage to a cruiser. Clear the group of enemy transports and communications ships that spawn at A and B. Avoid going too far into the SW corner as after you sink the transports you'll want to sail into the main base from the south. If choosing Zone B (carrier), players should start sailing along the C line as the trio of cruisers spawn in step 3. After dealing with broadside Missouri (marked with the red circle), players can sail to square D9 to catch King and her escorts moving up the 10 line. Be cautious as both the destroyer and cruiser will fire their torpedoes. After sinking the carrier turn south and make your way into the main base. [Note: As of update 10.1, cruiser Phoenix usually sails into the main base instead of following the CV.] Everyone else should sail directly to Zone C. Initially, there is a destroyer and a cruiser at square G7. Destroyers should hang back and avoid a 1-on-1 fight with the Dallas. Battleships should be careful to avoid taking torps from the Campbeltown. Additionally, as of update 10.1, cruiser Phoenix will usually sail up to square F8 instead of following the carrier and will also exit the base to attack your transports. Cruisers and destroyers should take route A. After clearing the first wave of enemy warships as they peek past the island at square H9, park your ship at J9 and sink the broadside Atlanta and Shchors as they spawn, then use your torpedoes on the Colorado. Battleships should take route B. Prioritize cruisers and broadside battleships. While ships take some time to respond to you after they initially spawn, you will need to angle to avoid taking too much damage as you press forward. Results At the end of the game, you should regularly do more than 200,000 damage and achieve dozens of citadels. Expect 1,600+ base xp on a regular basis. Additional Tips Enemy ships should be prioritized over forts. But if you have nothing else to shoot, AP from both battleships and cruisers do a lot more damage to them than HE. Destroyer AP can't pen forts, so you're stuck with HE.
  10. Sovereigndawg

    Is Strasbourg Signal Worthy In Narai?

    The answer is YES! I wish I mounted a credit camo instead of the stock one. 30% more credits would have put me in the make at least a million credit club with it. I didn't do quite as well the first battle with her, but well enough to warrant massive signal and camo mounting.
  11. Just as the titles says. I am someone who genuinely wants to like this game, warships are amazing and all that. But I need to grind in co-op mode because I cannot play PVP without blood-pressure issues, to get a tier 6 ship, which takes days of grinding. to play the mode I want to play. Why is there no option for Operations to be from tier 3/4 minimum? Like, scale the enemy ships tiers to the random levels. no more than +1/+2 and let people play it from earlier on? make it a viable alternative and not some, like, bone to throw from on high to the PVE preferring peasants like me? And unlike the person in game I wont accept "they cannot do it cause no one plays it" or "that would need scaling and they can't do that, its not fair!" 1. Operation "Defense of Naval Station Newport" is for tier 6 ships and has a tier 9 Izumo class spawn at the end, so dont event at me with that. 2. Other games do this perfectly fine, using an example that might get my [edited]in trouble here, Armored Warfare, it does exactly that with maps and missions quite similar to WoWS' Opetations and it does fine. So seriously, why can it not be done here? And the inability to do directives in Operations is backassward. why punish those who play that mode but not PVE Co-op? And Please for the love of all that is holy, don't change that either. Change variables. like make it slightly harder in operations cause you can do better, sure, but don't lock out content for those who cannot play PVP.
  12. I've been playing this operation a lot lately, either with my clan mates or with random people, always trying to coordinate and assume different roles to optimize the DPS that we deal, however we never get 5 stars, in fact, I haven't met a single user that has the operation with 5 stars, the best we did was 4, and that was after a long session of trial and error. I think this op is just too much for Tier VI.
  13. I just ran Aegis twice this morning and instead of finishing at the top of the team with my usual 4-6 kills 200K damage with assistant, I was ranked 5th under the CV! This is about a 30% reduction in base exp from what the same performance was worth during that last Aegis mission week (after the previous nerf). Did i miss the text in the patch notes that said they were nerfing operations again and changing how base exp was being awarded? The same performance would have gotten me at least 1400 BXP a few weeks ago and the silver nerf was massive, least a 50% reduction. FYI this is with full base/perm economy flags. At this point, a loss in random would have netted me more rewards that a 5 star, top damage, and no deaths Op.
  14. Sometimes you just got to carry even harder than normal to pull out a few stars in this Ops, 2 in this case. Can only what my base XP would have looked like in the old format. And this match started off with someone telling me that DDs were trash and shouldn't be allowed...lol. They finished with less than 1/2 my XP. Question - Should WG allow an extra player in this scenario or maybe bump it to T7 ships - What are your thoughts?
  15. lordholland4293

    No zoup video on pve

    if you haven't watch no zoup video, it is a good one. I think Wargaming needs to start making new modes or at least made old modes arms, torpedo beats permanent ones. Wargaming doesn't care about the veteran players only milking cash cows. I only play a little bit or when I have clan mates to play with. Most of my time has been on Star Wars The Old Republic, they keep adding things-swoop bikes are on there pts. If wargaming is losing people here is a TIP - Start laying off off people,
  16. I am a fan of playing a lot of the weekly operations, and I wanted to share my personal opinion on how I would like to see better rotations of the operations and better rotations of the tiers involved. I understand that not all people may share the same play style as me nut maybe some do and would like to see this addressed better as well. The past few months it feels like its the same three operations over and over again, and always tier 6, it would be really nice to see some higher tier operations as well. Another feature that I would enjoy to take advantage of would be to see the ability to play other operations with out the need to create a division, I really don't have a large pool of friends to pull from to be able to play an operation outside of the weekly pick. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this as well, I think it would be an awesome addition to the game, and I certainly would take advantage of it.
  17. Khafni

    London is just fine...

    ...in Raptor Rescue. I've yet to take her out in Random but that isn't what I have her in mind for. In my half-dozen or so PVE games she is quite an impressive ship. I'm averaging 86k damage in Co-op and well over 100k in Operations thus far. You definitely should mount the Propulsion Mod 1 vice Steering Gears Mod 1 so she won't "lumber" forward.
  18. Rustyhole

    Update on Operations

    Maybe next year.
  19. RCCD29

    History Scenarios

    Has anyone thought about getting Wargaming to make and add Actual Naval Battles of History to the Operations Section? From both the Pacific theater and the European Theater. I think this would be good, especially now that they are bringing Subs into the game, they could make one where you had to protect merchant ships from enemy U-Boats. Or the major naval battles of the Pacific.
  20. I am the Operations/Training Officer for a clan with over 100+ members who have skills ranging from expert, technical alpha testers, to rookies who have just joined the war gaming universe and do not know how to turn left or right. So the other day I received a note from a fellow clan member regarding stats, strata, training, and win rates. Some of what they wrote I wanted to share with all of you as there are some very important comments, thoughts, insights and conclusions which could be what would make the difference for you being a winner or a loser!So what are we doing training exercises for? To improve our game play and ultimately our win rate, both in clan battles and individually. How can stats guide us to a winning strategy? Well let's look at some stats. Damage, warships destroyed and kills/death are all directly related to your player ratings. Let's start with warships destroyed, each player's stat is approx. 1. This means that they average one kill per match. Why would that lead to a high win percentage? Think about it. If every player on your team killed one enemy ship, you win. No more enemy ships will remain.Earlier I said warships destroyed, damage and kills/death are related. On the surface it's obvious. Do damage -> kill ships -> kills/death. But it's a bit more elegant than that. When you enter matchmaking you will be paired with a ship of the same class and the same tier. This indirectly gives you a damage goal, and indeed this is the goal I set for myself each game and how I determine if I've had a good game or not. Did you do your amount of health in damage? If you did then you probably killed a ship and improved your chances of winning.So how does kills/death tie in? Well, that number goes up the more battles you survive, and you probably noticed that most losses are because of a team wipe (no survivors). Well this is linked with damage because the longer you survive the more damage you can do. If you survive the entire battle you have maximized your potential damage output.So that's some basic analysis of the stats WoWs tracks for us, but I also want to look at some of the stat outliers. Namely, damage numbers and my kills/death. Looking at damage, I think we can claim that warships destroyed supersedes damage dealt when it comes to the correlation with win rate. For kills/death, it's lower than other players with high win rates, yet their win rate is higher. I think what this anomaly might point to is the fact that you do not have to carry every game. Killing your counterpart is often good enough for some other player on your team to carry, it's that many fewer guns shooting at them and that much less damage they need to do to win.So, what is our conclusion here? If you want to improve your win rate you need to do damage and sink ships. But how much damage is enough? How many ships do I need to sink? Aim to do your HP in damage and sink one enemy ship. How can I increase how much damage I do? That's what training exercises are for. We will teach you to improve your accuracy and how to use your armor to your advantage so that you can survive more battles and increase your damage output potential. Remember, only you can make a difference!
  21. NOT A COMPLAINT POST - TL;DR at bottom These are merely my observations and opinions of the recent changes these two modes have received, and the possible consequences. I believe the changes that are being made do not improve, but instead worsen the two PvE modes overall. At face value some of these changes seem like they are for "the greater good", but I think otherwise. Coop In light of the never ending coop mercy rule complaints, Wargaming responded by adding a ninth slot. While at first glance this seems like more experience for all, I believe this change has had a net negative impact: 1. The games take longer (snowflake events are the exception) 2. Less experience overall This single change has a two pronged effect against coop mains: you are receiving less experience and spending more time in battle. If grinding ships in coop wasn't inefficient as hell already, Wargaming made it worse, while some cheered on that "change" happened. Operations Note: My opinion of operations is based on solo queuing what ever is the operation of the week. Premade groups are 99.9% immune to these issues; problem is I do not like premades anymore (solo carry brings much higher rewards). Despite multiple claims by staff that operations would not be looked at, they changed their minds and made AI tweaks to the friendly Liberty ships in Aegis, Narai and Newport. While at first glance this seems like a way to freshen up the boring operations that we farm way too much, I believe, much like the coop change, that this has had an overall negative impact: 1. Increased chances of failing an objective thus losing a star 2. Increased chances of failing the operation entirely These two impacts lead to the same consequences I mentioned for coop: less experience overall for losing stars while spending more time doing it. TL;DR: Wargaming made some changes to coop and operations, and I believe they are not helping but instead hurting the modes. I look forward to your civil discussions and thank you for reading.
  22. So I took my New Mexico, along with Arizona and West Virginia, out for a spin in the Raptor Rescue. I haven't played those ships in a while, because for some reason the slow BB's kind of irritate me these days. However, starting today, there's this mini event for the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor, and playing the three ships would give me extra points for it. So I said what the heck, dusted off the three ships... and actually had some fun with them in the Operation. Except until near the end of the match with my NM, when a Warspite in my team decided to jump in front of Raptor to shield it from a single torpedo, and blocked its path for a short bit. At first, it may sound like a noble(lol) thing to do, taking a bullet for a NPC, like some bodyguard jumping in front of the president while yelling "Guuuuuuun!!!1" and catching a bullet with own body... until you realize doing so can easily screw up with the bot's path finding. And screw up the path finding of Raptor, it did. Soon after that happening, Raptor suddenly made a biiiig circle... and then resumed its course. At first, it looked as if things would still be okay... but in truth, it wasn't. Too bad it never made it to the evac circle before the timer was up. It was literally an inch away from the evac circle too. By the time we realized that Raptor would not make it, it was too late... lel. Apparently, the Warspite player didn't know something like that could happen. Someone else kindly mentioned to him that such thing can even cause the Raptor to beach itself at times, thereby ending up in the mission failure. I believe that the last thing that the whole team saw on the chat was someone saying "F***" just as the timer reached zero... and I think it was the Warspite player... lul. And "F***" indeed, because it was nearly a perfect round where everyone did remarkably well, even securing the 5 star victory. Heck, I personally got enough points to be scored on top of the team score card. But nooooo, it was all snatched away... just like that! If only there were just 2 more seconds on the clock... sigh. Normally, I don't like to... make a fuss (lal) about a loss, but in this case I felt like it was warranted. I say this because.... let's face it: a single torpedo ain't gonna kill a carrier... normally.
  23. Ever since the CV rework arrived, we no longer have the odd tier CV's, and WG has stated that they might return as an alternate CV lines on even tiers... someday... maybe... possibly... and hopefully. LOL. Nevertheless, the description of Tier VII Operation still shows the CV icon as a possible ship type to play in, since it hasn't been updated. At first, I was going to ask if WG should allow Tier VI CV's into Tier VII Operation... but Tier VI CV's already have Tiet VI Operations to play in, so IMHO, I think it would be only fair to let Tier VIII CV's to enter the Tier VII Operation. As it stands now, the only Tier VII Operation we have left is Narai. Still, I believe having a CV could be a boon for the team. When playing with bunch of random people, how often do we see our team not doing the objectives properly, or too many chase after one objective only to let the transports suffer? I think that the CV's, with their fast planes, would be able to provide a quick reaonse that can hastily react to how the team go about doing the mission, thereby covering for certain shortcomings... sometimes anyway. In case anyone thinks that having Tier VIII CV's in Tier VII Operation might seem too stronk, I would like to remind that we already a Tier Vi Operation where a Tier VI CV is fighting against Tier II and III ships with barely, if any, AA at all. At least for Narai, AFAIK, the kind of ships that the bots get aren't exactly short of AA. If the aforementioned Tier VI Operation is just acceptable, then this should be okay as well, IMO. Plus, CV's are no longer the nuking death machines of the old RTS days with high alpha's and cross drops. IIRC, the reworked CV's have the overall damage output that is more or less in line with other ship types... or so I heard. Please don't quote me on that, thank you. Additionally, this might help those who are... weary (so to speak) to play their Tier VIII CV's in other modes, due to whatever reasons. Operations last long enough and have plenty of targets to go after, on top of having no human beings on the enemy team, so the reworked version of CV's should be able to contribute quite well... when played well, that is. LEL. So there you have it. Should WG allow Tier VIII CV's into Tier VII Operation? I personally say... yes. My 2 doubloons.
  24. ArmoredFrost

    Sunray in the Darkness

    Hello. I tried Sunray in the Darkness on the PTS yesterday. I believe I forgot how to effectively play in this operation. Does anyone know of a proven guide how to play this? Thank you.
  25. My new personal high score on Aegis: 264,325 damage with 17 citadel hits. RNGesus must have liked the thousand virgins I sacrificed for him.