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Found 87 results

  1. @Ahskance Since it has happened before where Operations were left out by accident. You were one of the ones that tried to get them back in. Now that Operations have the 1/2 price sale going on....shouldn't Operations now count for the Conquest of the Mediterranean? I mean, some of the previous concurring missions are now twice as hard as they were just 24 hours ago. So shouldn't Operations now be an option for the missions for the Jager?
  2. Hi all, I am sure this has been discussed before buy it needs to be repeated so WG may notice it. Just got random ops into NARAI. Team hat 1BB (mine), 1CV (!) and mostly DDs Needless to say it was a wipe out :-( WG spent a lot of time and MONEY updating the ops and bringing back the old ones. THANK YOU for this !!!! BUT not letting us pick the right ship for a given Operation is WASTING USER TIME. It is neither fair nor $$ wise smart. Frustrated gamers play LESS and SPEND LESS! SUGGESTION WG: Instead of the current random op make it a "Random of the DAY" so we know what ship to bring. I was so excited when the old ops finally came back but instead of playing more I ended up playing less. :-( CORRECTION !!! I am not talking about random team mates (even newbies who are still earning the op and may screw up) !!! I just want to be able to pick the right ship for a given op; i.e. tell me which random Op is next and let me pick a ship I'm comfortable with. Also allows me to skip the Op altogether if I either do not like it or stink at it.
  3. Operations are painful in part because so many players don't know what they're doing, and in part because there is serious disparity in the performance of ships between specific operation modes. This would be a simple fix to increase the success rate of operations. Failing a PVE mode is not fun. No one enjoys that and it doesn't add any value to the experience. All you need to do is either (1) add a mission selector, or (2) allow players to choose their ships after the op has been selected. Either way would be a serious improvement.
  4. So yesterday I decided to play a few Op's: Ground through Hastuharu, Shiratsuyu, and Akazuki after resetting the line.
  5. So I know most people don't want this reported because it makes the game easier, but in ops where there are enemy CVs (Raptor, TUF, Hermes), they launch planes that just border bounce without attacking, using the same progaming as the Saipan in wolfpack and have been doing so since wolfpack came out. Any estimate on when this bug will be fixed?
  6. Hello Everyone, this is your Ops Guru Lordholland4293, @HyperFish I have completed the cv guide and positioning that you have asked for that covers the Germans, Japanese, Americans, Soviet, and British Carriers. I would like to announce that I am officially pursing an application for the WoWs CC Program, so I can better represent the WoWs Operations Community. I will be streaming twitch tomorrow on April 12, for my birthday and will be hanging in my discord channel if anyone wants to join me and play some ops doing some meme, advance tactics and just have fun. @Ahskance @Boggzy I will be in my discord channel today if you want to talk and want to ask for advice or play some games. https://discord.gg/4xdPdz9v
  7. @GandalfTehGray @YouSatInGum @iDuckman @MidnightPhoenix07 - Use this to revamp your Raptor Rescue Wiki If this is received well, I will plan on doing the rest at some point Color Guide Raptor path is - Red BBs -Orange CAs- Green DDs- Blue CV- Black Friendlies *Purple- BBs *Dark Red- CAs *Yellow-DDs **Grey-Game Over
  8. lordholland4293

    Graf Zeppelin Review Aegis Op

    Like and Subscribe is optional Comment below if you have feedback or want to see a particular ship Take care captains Apologize for my stuttering, I can assure you that the later reviews will be more through and more clear.
  9. lordholland4293

    Youtube Channel Update

    Been a while since I did an update on my channel. I have added videos to upload as far as June now. My main goals for my coming week are to get some new tech lines down. I am sorry it has taken me a while to get the unique captains video out, will try to have that out sometime this next week, more details in the video. I play to release at minimum two Premium ship reviews a month, April and May will have more as I have more videos on "How to Perform In Tier 6 out, mostly in Premium. " Tech lines are being more standardized, 10pt captains, limited modules, and stock and upgraded and un-upgraded ships. The series is being relaunch as a way for new or old players to grind lines from T6-T8 in the most efficient manner as far as credits go. Showcasing how Positioning and tactics impact a battle. Starting early June I have the first "How Not To Preform" coming out-sneak peak HMs Hood review is paired with it also. Second Sneak peak, 1hr long Birthday Review coming on April 12. Since the Raptor rescue spawn points was received well as well as the glitches Aegis Op, I'll make plans make more. Some new Premium ships will like Collosus and the new premium tier 8 Pan America cruiser (when I can pick them up) will be put there three battles in a row and those are used as gameplay so the audience, gets an idea if they want to pick it up (timestamp will be included). I have some new clan battle videos are ready to upload, as well as host of other videos. I am always on the lookout for great replays in any mode whether that be competive or operations. if you have a replay you want shared tag me on the forums, message me or use my email: wowsoperationsreplays@gmail.com You can also message me in Port if you have idea or want something, I usually reply within one business day or less if on the forums or email. If there is something you want to see, I'll get the footage in the ship, let me know if there is a ship you would like to see. If you send me a replay, please let me know if you wanted uploaded sooner or later so I know when to schedule it to upload. I try to upload every 3 days with small videos in between. Sincerely, Lordholland4293 Operations Guru/Proud Member of Bonky
  10. As simply put, Can the Wolf Pack scenario be scheduled to run for a week, every 4-6 weeks? With the release of multiple lines of subs, and a preference for NON-randoms, can the Wolf pack scenario be placed in a rotation, if only every 4-6 weeks, so that players can partake in it without having to find 4-6 div mates? Currently, I don't believe that operation gets much run time, due to the extreme limitation of creating a Div in order to run it. Kindest Regards, Yank
  11. My take on What Wargaming Can Improve On
  12. We were down to three, with less than 30 seconds remaining, and we were facing waves of bots gunning for our low health ships as we raced to the designated area. This was breathtakingly close, and it really made my day! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB3ZCS4x4kA&t=234s Yeah, baby, yeah!
  13. I have a Discord Channel up and running, I have included Three Groups for ops plays, dedicated channels for Tier 6-8, and channels for Testing ship viability in the current op meta and memeing. An a replay channel if you want it uploaded to YouTube, and a channel to share with with. A dockyard grind channel has also been added for when dockyards happen. A randoms and ranked channel are also included for those who want it. Also considering Making A Ops contest, where I post a game of damage in a random ship, (most likely widely available premium or tech ship). An the contest lasts1 month: 1. has to be in ops 2. same ship 3. Damage must excend previous score. 4. High damage wins 🏆 5. Checked on the first of the next month 6.Reward- premium ship Tier 6-8 of your choice from the Armory, will be out of my own pocket, not wg sponsored. 7. Any Damage in a division Must be (only 3 players MAX 8. Damage is only included from player submitting screenshot or replay of the said ship. 9. Must be current and After i post the original post. Goal to promote more operation players @Ahskance @Boggzy https://discord.gg/Ump6Jj3K P.S. If there are any issues, with discord please let me know so I can fix them
  14. Is there a way to record division chat when playing so it is included in a video? Trying to get the audio with my friends included as it it is hilarious.
  15. Latest Video For My Operations Video Channnel, Like and Subscribe and comment for what you would like to see. Videos are scheduled to upload out to April 1st, Special Videos Uploading On the First. Going Out of Town Soon will have videos schedule, more on how to perform in tier 6 and reviews are plays, New series of tech ships is in the works. How to Preform in T7 and T8 are also in the works. https://youtu.be/J3kKr93I2zQ
  16. In Hermes, if there are no player battleships and one of the bot battleships is sunk, then the secondary task of save 3 battleships will fail even though there are 3 battleships remaining. Possible additional requirement is have less than 7 people in the division.
  17. How to snipe CVS in Raptor Rescue, difficult to push off but satisfying when you do it. Like and Subscribe more mini vids and guides on the way. Comment for more info or a ship you would like.
  18. I have completed the kaga review that I have stated on here previously, that I was working on. I have to give a shout out to WOWS players @@locobanshee and @Panzer315 for saving me twice in Ultimate frontier Time stamps included. Amazing team work and very much appreciated a shout out to you guys- amazing players. Again like and Subscribe, comment if you want a specific ship or notice issues. It helps the channel out alot and allows for better videos. A new series how to maximize tier 6s in ops is in the works also along with my personal ships picks for the tier so be on the lookout for those videos I apologize for any fan noise in vidoes i just noticed it this more so new videos shouldnt have that issue Also have created a fb page for more direct feedback on becoming a better ops player link in the kaga description Channel Link Below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9N8DxuyJOmgWQsiW1mbkDA https://www.facebook.com/LordHollandOperationsTacticalHelp?mibextid=ZbWKwL
  19. Defense of Newport: On Newport the main strategy is to damage farm and attack kill targets such as destroyers and battleships. Your team should be able to keep the cruisers at bay but keep an eye on what is going on and assist them where necessary. Average damage from Newport will be around 100k if you are lucky or unlucky sometimes it will be more or less. REMEMBER: Torpedoing DDs does yield more exp. Ultimate Frontier: Ultimate Frontier is an easy one, first your main goal is to help kill the two dds at the start and support any dds you have. Your main damage will come from attacking the BBs and getting that damage stacking on those bbs. After that use your tiny tims on the raptor you can citadel him with rockets usually 10-16k on a good run. If you can kill the cv, you pretty much have the ability to do whatever you want as it is just damage farming. Aegis: On Aegis, focus on preserving your aircraft, launch small attacks on the first wave and do what you can. If you can score 30-40k on the first way that is great. I can not stress this enough, do not attack the second wave of cruisers you will be crippled for the rest of the match. Focus on attacking the escort convoy ships that will be where the bulk of your damage will come from by attacking those ships. If you have dds or battleships left let them take the nagatos, throw everything you have at the amagi and try to get him down as much as you can. Navigate your CV to stay with the convoy, DO NOT BE AFRAID to throw your carrier away to protect the convoy that is more exp if you protect those ships. Narai: On Narai, you have several options, you can either attack the New York and Queen Elizabeth or send in your torpedo planes to attack the transports ships. You have great torpedoes if you can get them on their target while sending those torpedoes on the transports is controversial option, if you are desperate for damage it is an easy choice,. Most of the ships are easily taken out by the rest of your team so focus ships like the La Galissonnière and the Cleveland. After that just go for whatever damage you can get on the ships that are coming to attack. Cherry Blossom: On Cherry Blossom, send your torpedoes and bombers out to attack the four dds coming in to attack. Use your torpedoes on the Myokos, you will take half their health with one strike, attack both to get them moving the bbs will assist as usual. You can attack the two cruisers that come from the north if you know there is no one up there or they are having trouble. The next make step is get your tiny tims on the airfields you can usually hit them and do 15 to 20k per strike plus fire damage. Attack the Atago with torps as it is the best way to kill him. After the Atago is dead you can chose to attack the airfields or help destroy cruiser and DDs in the port. Hermes: Hermes is the hardest operation for a carrier worse if you are using a Saipan/Sanzang since AA is difficult to overcome. Even carriers like Enterprise and Kaga will struggle to do damage, the battleships group and Prinz Eugen group are great areas to get damage but the AA will cost you alot of your strike capability. Best Advice I can give at this moment is be a support carrier as it is the best option for Hermes. Your first Goal on Hermes are to drop a fighter to help kill the enemy scouts as that will make is more difficult for you and your allies, plus your carrier does not have the best AA to defend yourself so it is in your best interest. Your second goal is to support your team with whatever strike you can provide and keeping your air wings intact. The final goal is to assist in Attacking the cv as your tiny time and torpedoes will do decent damage to her though this is best done with a division of players. Simply winning on Hermes in a carrier is pat on the back. I hope you enjoyed my operations attack guide for Saipan/Sanzang - lordholland4293 Please like and subscribe and comment on the forums as it will help my improve my content. Take care captains and good luck on your World of Warships Adventure If you have a great replay in any mode feel free to send it, I would be happy to put it on my channel
  20. Frostbow

    Baltimore in Operations

    Such a beautiful and capable ship, not just in PVP, but also in Operations. I enjoy the Baltimore so much that I assigned her a separate commander for PVE—currently at 17 points, with the Heavy HE, Heavy AP, and Top Grade Gunner skill set.
  21. Frostbow

    Another Aegis Post

    Those Myokos, Ibukis, and Kitakazes really know how to focus fire their firepower on any ship unlucky enough to get in their main battery firing range. And the 3rd wave—those that escort the transports—must have a top speed of nearly 40 knots. That makes Operation Aegis hard if the ship you helm cannot quickly adapt to the lethality that WG has programmed into these bots. For this scenario, I believe DDs are best; and Hsienyang is just perfect for Aegis. Link: https://youtu.be/uZKU7VoOf2E
  22. Frostbow

    Omono in Newport

    Omono in Operations, specifically in Newport. Armor is unsurprisingly thin, citadel is wth, and reload is a bit long. But it can deliver the goods, no doubt about it. I'm trying to get a good feel of the ship before bringing her to PVP; or maybe I'll just stick with the old, reliable 155 Mogami.
  23. Frostbow

    Aegis Z

    For the past few days, I've been playing German Tech Tree destroyers in the hope that I'll get the Tier X Z-52 and the additional Certificate that can then be exchanged for Santa's Mega Gift Containers next update. I've already researched and purchased the Z-52, and now, I find it worthwhile to look back at some of the highlights of the grind, particularly the unexpected number of times Aegis was picked. Link: https://youtu.be/_-gu6LrOy8U?list=PLoBcGuwl8E0ZEpVviESI3KQwylh-0u7W_
  24. Frostbow

    Maass is Lucky in Aegis!

    Them bots tried really hard to slap Maass, but I ain't gonna give it to them for free. Link: https://youtu.be/FUWQ3aIW0FE