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Found 6 results

  1. Newport Naval Station operation all the AI ships went backwards or did not advance at all from their starting positions. 20200224_180851_PGSC106-Nurnberg_s02_Naval_Defense.wowsreplay
  2. I've tried 10 times and it gets worse each time. I tried with a division and that didn't help. I tried coaching people to follow the tips to success and they sail away from the ship! This is not fun. The rewards are out of reach because I'm restricted by the team I have to work with. I can't win if you make it prohibitively difficult unless you are a working with 6 other people in a division.
  3. When playing the Urashima (DD) in the Sunray in the Darkness Halloween event, you have at your disposal the "Anti-Guidance System II" consumable which, as it states, stops enemy ships from firing their main guns at your ship. The enemy DDs, however, seem to not be affected by this consumable at all which seems to me to be a bug. Can anyone else confirm this?
  4. Yeah... We're really getting stomped here. Pretty bad when a New York can shoot down half my Tier 7 Ranger planes. Looking through the damage report, Half my T7 torpedo planes wiped out by T5 and T6 AA. Only 59K damage. Came back in a Scharnhorst.. and pretty much the same thing happened, except this time - I got 5 kills and 106K damage. Both Battles ended the same: Base is destroyed. They don't get into the harbor, but they are focus firing from waaaaayyyyy out. .... Does anybody have a working plan - other than div'ing up... ..... My thoughts: DO NOT bring a carrier. They may do a little spotting, but this takes away desperately needed firepower. I seriously thought I could do well, until half my torpedo planes were eaten on approach to a T5 BB.. got two hits - and those planes were shot down too. All I could manage was manual drops on DDs. DO NOT bring a destroyer. You will be focused and killed first. Will be fighting a LOT of cruisers, and not many battleships... like bringing a knife to a gun battle. DO set your ship up to control and suppress fires. Analysis shows I only got 2 AP hits for 0 damage, and the rest was all HE Spam. Fires happened twice both battles. My CV got a fire on the bot Ranger, and it shows that the bot let it burn until the air was clear. So the AI is on 'Expert' mode here. They also have flags and camo, so your first two salvoes will form perfect circles and wash their decks as the dispersion wears off. After knocking out the AA cruisers, DEFEND the base. To hell with the CV and the funky 'special' targets... Just try not to lose for now. I believe 5 stars is out of reach with random assortments of players.
  5. This was a great patch. Lots of new stuff, finish off the USN CL line. Good times. The Cherry Blossom operations was disappointing. The night time mode is a lot of fun. It does need to be darker, gamma issue wise. It may be an issue with the game engine. But its FAR to short. few minutes in and its day time. That made me rather sad. The operation is FAR to easy as well. 5 start it the 2nd time around. Did 5 stars for fun on 3rd and 4th time. I wish it was harder. The Zao's that just leave.. man if we had to engage them that would be a blast. I love what WG did here. I think overall its good. Just night time was to quick and the mission to easy. Love you WG.. keep making Operations. This is just my criticism.
  6. Hey guys I doubt many will agree with me since their are plenty of long time players who have every ship in every line unlocked but. I am fairly new to the game, and i like the game regardless of people saying the game is being killed etc and all the complainers, i really enjoyed the ultimate frontier once i finally got a group, but being new i only have a German line unlocked, and i've been farming my [edited]of for a hipper. Then to come on the test server and see a weekly ship restricted operation, to be honest it angers me, and im sure their has to be other people out there who agree who probably dont even look at the forums, the casual players who are having trouble leveling their first line of cruisers and go jap or german. Also, i have a graf spee and pensacola for the weekly VI operations, because i enjoy having a break from the normal, a break from pvp, doing something different is fun and a breathe of fresh air. I can understand the mission is an allied Operation, and i understand the historical accuracy, and if the operation was a division only operation with special prizes and rewards for doing it with a clan and division, for the people who have these countries unlocked, i can understand the country restriction and it makes sense to get together with your friends and give it a shot if you have the tools to do so. But what i do not agree with is, is a weekly operation being country restricted and leaving out the newer players who dont have the ship or the correct line for the operation, that is unfair on a large portion of the community who have not been able to unlock multiple countries or had the time free to do so, people who work and have a job, people who play casually. Alienating is not okay. even for "historical" accuracy Just my 2 cents.