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Found 10 results

  1. In Operation Aegis the bots are going off-route with increasing regularity, some crash into islands and come to a stop, others run off-course and start heading east rather than southeast, then turn south and keep going back and forth, the red bots also sometimes ram the transports thus sink the transports, and it is happening on both the NA and EU servers, it is to the point now that about a third of the time I do Aegis this happens. attached some replay examples from that last two days (there have been many more instances, I have just not saved the replays) 20230112_150829_PBSB108-Monarch_37_Ridge.wowsreplay 20230111_175251_PASC538-Rochester_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  2. When I was doing some research on Renown 44 in the wowsft website, I noticed something about her secondaries, while they have the OEM range of 5.6km, her secondary dispersion narrows down to just 215m compared to the usual 350m seen on most other tier 7 BBs, this is further confirmed by devblog post #383 were her secondaries was improved as well as WG wiki's entry on the ship citing the latter only adding on that her accuracy matches those on the recent german BC line. And based on that is it viable to specced Renown 44 for secondaries for the purpose of solely sailing into ops? yes her 2ndaries are only 113mm in caliber and she doesn't have the german range, but still has the german 2ndary accuracy & I've made a secondary Flandre work extremely well even through it has mostly 100mm guns.
  3. Frostbow

    Gaede Prime

    Operation Aegis has been a topic lately here in PVE. It was suggested that the difficulty of the operation be tweaked to make it easier for non-divisions, to which I respectfully disagree. I am grinding the German DD line to get the Z-52 and the additional Certificate it will give next update for a Mega Gift Container (5 certificates = 1 Mega Gift Container, if memory serves), and I was hoping the grind would give me a few Aegis games. My hopes were granted as soon as I got the Tier VI German Tech Tree DD, Gaede. Here is the link in case your browser does not render the video thumbnail: https://youtu.be/GSv6fhWwFDk In my opinion, defeats in Aegis may continue to happen not because it is difficult (it is definitely not), but because there are no sufficient crossfires to distract the bots, particularly that falsely vaunted 2nd wave of heavy cruisers. Now if one expects teamwork from a random group of players in Aegis, I do not think that would be a solid move. What I would rather do is to be the player that would distract the 2nd wave long enough for the rest of the team to go East and use the middle islands as cover. Thank you.
  4. First off THANK YOU WG for returning the old scenarios and the T6-T8 option !!! I have a minor complaint however; what did you expect WG :-) Having to pick a ship before knowing the Scenario is not ideal. It's like grabbing your carpentry tool to find out at the job site you are expected to paint! How about a different RANDOM OP per day? Or tell us the random op and give us 30 seconds to pick a ship. Example: I tend to take BBs into Narai and Raptor R. but a fast Torp. Cruiser into Killer Whale. What's your thought on this fellow Captains?
  5. Hi all So, in SCENARIOS, many players already know WHERE the next bot wave will spawn. And position themselves there to "EXPLORE" the issue. I don't see it as an exploit or abuse, but a fail in the system itself. There is no rule that says the players cannot be there. Thus, is a valid tactic by the rules. They are just like a CAMPER with sniper rifle in CS, but against bots that have no time to shoot back! But that's breaking OPERATIONS, as these campers will change the game pace, and make the operation MUCH EASIER, as most bots will be torp'd as they spawn. In this example - preserving players names - the AOBA and GALLANT have parked there early in match, and collected 7 easy kills each. They've done half of the kills, in weaker ships. So, how to prevent this from happening, with minimal intervention or new coding: Change all Operations to semi-random spawns. It's already in OPS engine, as used in Raptor Rescue. But the alternating spawns can be closer that in Raptor. Spawn weapons-ready, "alive and shooting" bots. Make bots spawn already able to use torpedos and guns on nearby players. "Surprise MoreSunker!"! Bots spawning near map border should spawn outside map, indestructible and fully "weapons loaded and ready", shooting from outside of map, when they lose invulnerability. Bots spawning inside map, far from borders, should spawn inside a smoke screen, and again "weapons-ready". Create a new concept/code, for adding more bots if the recently spawned bots are dying too fast. And ensure they spawn near to campers, that will be reloading torps. The CAMPERS have a clear advantage: By the way, since we already talking about SCENARIOS/ Operations, two more ideas: I noticed that the ones already available have ALL BOTS FROM SAME NATION. That is half way to "Axis vs Allies". Next, just restrict player ships to opposing sides, and we'll have a sort of "Historically INSPIRED Battles" with Axis vs Allies: Make it become DAILY OPERATION, instead of weekly rotation There two concepts would go very well together...
  6. I've tried 10 times and it gets worse each time. I tried with a division and that didn't help. I tried coaching people to follow the tips to success and they sail away from the ship! This is not fun. The rewards are out of reach because I'm restricted by the team I have to work with. I can't win if you make it prohibitively difficult unless you are a working with 6 other people in a division.
  7. When playing the Urashima (DD) in the Sunray in the Darkness Halloween event, you have at your disposal the "Anti-Guidance System II" consumable which, as it states, stops enemy ships from firing their main guns at your ship. The enemy DDs, however, seem to not be affected by this consumable at all which seems to me to be a bug. Can anyone else confirm this?
  8. Yeah... We're really getting stomped here. Pretty bad when a New York can shoot down half my Tier 7 Ranger planes. Looking through the damage report, Half my T7 torpedo planes wiped out by T5 and T6 AA. Only 59K damage. Came back in a Scharnhorst.. and pretty much the same thing happened, except this time - I got 5 kills and 106K damage. Both Battles ended the same: Base is destroyed. They don't get into the harbor, but they are focus firing from waaaaayyyyy out. .... Does anybody have a working plan - other than div'ing up... ..... My thoughts: DO NOT bring a carrier. They may do a little spotting, but this takes away desperately needed firepower. I seriously thought I could do well, until half my torpedo planes were eaten on approach to a T5 BB.. got two hits - and those planes were shot down too. All I could manage was manual drops on DDs. DO NOT bring a destroyer. You will be focused and killed first. Will be fighting a LOT of cruisers, and not many battleships... like bringing a knife to a gun battle. DO set your ship up to control and suppress fires. Analysis shows I only got 2 AP hits for 0 damage, and the rest was all HE Spam. Fires happened twice both battles. My CV got a fire on the bot Ranger, and it shows that the bot let it burn until the air was clear. So the AI is on 'Expert' mode here. They also have flags and camo, so your first two salvoes will form perfect circles and wash their decks as the dispersion wears off. After knocking out the AA cruisers, DEFEND the base. To hell with the CV and the funky 'special' targets... Just try not to lose for now. I believe 5 stars is out of reach with random assortments of players.
  9. This was a great patch. Lots of new stuff, finish off the USN CL line. Good times. The Cherry Blossom operations was disappointing. The night time mode is a lot of fun. It does need to be darker, gamma issue wise. It may be an issue with the game engine. But its FAR to short. few minutes in and its day time. That made me rather sad. The operation is FAR to easy as well. 5 start it the 2nd time around. Did 5 stars for fun on 3rd and 4th time. I wish it was harder. The Zao's that just leave.. man if we had to engage them that would be a blast. I love what WG did here. I think overall its good. Just night time was to quick and the mission to easy. Love you WG.. keep making Operations. This is just my criticism.
  10. anonym_auUiRfWCi1jI

    Main & Other Gun Operations

    This animation has always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, watching the rudimentary function of a main gun. Though a simple concept to grasp, the actual workings are much more involved, from the communication between top and magazine below, shell selection, power selection, quantities, down to the actual pivot of the turret, elevation of the gun, and fine tuning for adjusted fire. Ordnance being my specialty, the shear quantity of powder stored on a war vessel is mind-boggling, not to mention the tonnage of various shells, from main gun, secondary weapons, small arms, and other ordnance. I'm interested to see other submissions, actual pics, and related material to give this community a greater appreciation for what World of Warships is about. Anti-Aircraft - Rather than create an additional thread, I thought I'd just stick these two images in to show loading of AA clips and where they were distributed from. http://www.navweaps...._Alaska_pic.jpg Crewmen feeding four-round HE-T/SD ammunition clips on USS Alaska CB-1 in 1945 U.S. Historical Center Photograph K-3740 http://www.navweaps....passing_pic.jpg Crewmen passing 40 mm HE-I-T/SD rounds on USS Alaska CB-1 in 1945 The clip that holds the rounds together can just be seen at the base of the cartridges The rounds with green tips directly behind the crewman are HE-T/SD ammunition U.S. Historical Center Photograph 80-G-K-3733 Reference Link http://www.navweaps....4cm-56_mk12.htm Comments? Other submissions?