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Found 1 result

  1. This topic is meant to inform the potatoe players and common player base about ships deemed OP. First of all they're not. Let's start off with Belfast. Belfast pros: Smoke,Radar,Hydro,HE shells, teir 7 Belfast cons: No torps, big citadel, mediocre AA Everyone agrees this ship is a very good boat, but is by no means overpowered to counter this ship use radar or blind fire into the smoke screen, if you use a spotter plane is certainly much easier to hit them. Kutuzov pros: Smoke,hydro/Def AA, very good AA, decent rudder, good HE shells and good fire chance 8km torps Kutuzov cons: The russian citadel curse, weak to AP shells losses AA mounts very quickly under HE spam. Everyone also agrees that this ship is very good, to counter this ship use the same steps used to counter Belfast. Kronstadt pros: Large fast reloading guns, great concealment for it's tech tree, decent rudder, Russian 12km radar, def AA/spotter plane and good armor/large amount of HP Kronstadt cons: Guns are unpredictable at range with AP, long fire time for a CA, horrible anti-aircraft guns (The worst at her teir), large turning circle, 25mm bow armor which is not a problem in it's self but adding her large size and large bow it's a citadel waiting to happen because even 380mm/15in guns can overmatch it. Kronstadt is a great ship good guns, decent range good reload an amazing amount of HP but then we have the potatoes who miss it a few times and scream it's too good, here are ways to correct that. 1. If you're missing a ship because It's dodging your shells stop firing all your guns at once. Fire them individually at different angles at least one of the shells will hit most of the time. 2. If you're a battleship don't spam HE at it fire AP and use step 1. 3. When at close range fire at its bow or stern (If your a BB with 380mm guns or larger) HE is a noob weapon. Derski: I'm seeing a surprising amount of people complain about this ship because of it's amount of quick reloading torpedoes or when they get obliterated by them. So here the guid to avoid it. 1. What are you doing so close that boat in the first place? 2. Stay more than 4km away from it and you will be fine. 3. It's an ambush ship, that means it's going to be waiting for you around islands or smoke screens, so avoid them. Time to see the salt from this one. Stalingrad pros: large amazing surgical guns (every time someone says railgun for Russian guns should know that real railguns first very slow. Second, are highly inaccurate they land in the square mile you fired at),def AA, 12km radar, better bow armor then most BBs, good HE and great speed. Stalingrad cons: Eats HE spam and fires,long fire time, The russian family citadel curse, weak to torps,no hydro, horrible turning circle and last but not you get spotted from the moon. Stalingrad is a great ship but it's not overpowered.... As you can see there are more cons then pros do all of you going it's overpowered anyway first, it's the player that makes a ship overpowered. Second, what would you rather see if you're in a tier 10 battleship a unicum Zao or Stalingrad? I would take a Stalingrad any day of the week and if you wouldn't you obviously haven't been burned down enough go find yourself a Zao. To counter a Stalingrad just simply get you and all of your teammates and simply start shooting at it.... It's strangely effective. Let me know with the comments if you wish for me to make any more of these guides that probably no one ever reads. If you personally wish to argue with me message me in game I love arguing even if it's a bot, or if you wish for me to teach you or explain something more to you also send me a message! Good luck and fair seas! Disclaimer: not all the aspects of the ships were discussed just the highlights of what people complain about and don't know how to counter.