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Found 1 result

  1. So I tried the new CVs when the rework came out and didn't care for them, but I also know the tier 4's are junk and that's all I've played on the live server. The grind to 68k with those ships is just too much to contemplate!! I recently used up most of my free XP to purchase Alaska, but I've built my reserve back up to about 110k, so I'm thinking about free XPing one CV line to tier 6 and giving it another go with a "less junk" CV. Hosho and Langley have about 20k exp on them and Hermes is about 10k. So between Ryujo, Ranger and Furious, which would you recommend? I'm fairly confident that if I DO end up enjoying CV play more, I will most likely end up eventually grinding all 3 lines, so I'm more interested in which tier 6 you'd recommend, not the line as a whole. Thanks in advance.